How Long Is Orientation At The Finish Line?

Finish line Inc is an American retail chain that sells athletic or sports shoes and all related accessories to athletes. JD Sports is a parent company of Finish Line. Their store is located in more than 600 places, it is owned by Clayton Griffith. Its headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana, US and approx 1000+ employees are working here. Let us know How Long Is Orientation At The Finish Line?

How Long Is Orientation At The Finish Line?

What does orientation mean and why a company tends to do it?

Orientation is a process of introducing a new employee to the organization, its roles and responsibilities. Induction and orientation is considered as a similar thing but only the difference is that orientation may last longer than orientation. In the process of orientation, new comers to Finish Line Company are being introduced to their various roles and responsibility at their job, co-workers, and workplace. Often many companies tend to do it to increase sense of belongingness of newcomers and to build healthy relationships among employees. The effective orientation training process can help newcomers to perform their roles at duty well and also to feel comfortable in their surroundings. It  is important as they makes them aware about the company expectations and policies which will make them to understand what to do and what not.

Orientation lasts at Finish Line Inc.

Finish line stores probably hire employees who have prior experience in the same field of job and possess such skills to do same. Therefore, their orientation does not last very long. Employees undergo one to two weeks of training and orientation in most cases. It is believed that orientation should start and end as early as possible. It should not be time-consuming otherwise it may lead to a downfall in achieving the targets of the company

Depending on the needs of an employee, orientation may last. It one week model is adopted than the following is the procedure of orientation at Finish Line Inc

  • At very first day, they are made aware about their cabins, location of canteen, washrooms and so on, it means first they are well versed with the infrastructure of the stores.
  • Next 2 days, they are versed with the important policies of the company so that they cannot do what they are not supposed to do and vice versa. It is very important for new comers to know what policies are being followed by the First Line since years, it will reduce the possibility of mischief as they are already aware about rules and regulations
  • And at further  4th  and 5th day all paperwork should be done , all funds should be appropriately place and their allowances should be fixed, remuneration is already decided but basic allowances like house rent and other should be decided according to laws of labour welfare and income tax acts. All safety measures and all other important measures which is necessity for new comers to  aware with should be made understand in brief
  • At last day of orientation, they are no more considered as new comers instead they become employee of the organization. They have to work as all other employees do but in case of any hindrances, they can seek help from co workers or others.

Two week module is basically preferred for high authority jobs as first they have to undergo on the job training and might have to work under the guidance of employees holding same position prior to them. It is doing so as a job of high authority is difficult to perform, they need guidance to understand their roles and responsibilities at his/her job so that they can perform it better.

Guidelines for effective orientation

  • An effective orientation should be realistic and factual; it must include realistic information and the culture of the organization.
  • Effective orientation termed to be that which provides general support and reassurance to new comers.
  • An organization should be well prepared for the first day of orientation, it must include fun and games with colleagues of newcomers
  • It should be consistent and a company should keep it short as much as it can possible because an employee is filled with joy and enthusiasm at few days of joining, they learn everything more efficiently and effectively. Long orientation can prove to be boring.


Orientation is considered as most important part of training as it is very essential for new joiners. Orientation training should be small and apt so that an employee does not lose their interest towards training. Induction training can be adopted for important positions that have high authority whereas for general employees it should not exceed one week, it should lasts for only 2-3 days

  • What are the disadvantages of orientation?
  1. It is costly and time consuming process, sometimes all other essential matters are kept ignored due to orientation. Also can lead to decrease in the production of company due to distribution interest of other employees in organizing orientation.
  2. It is repeated process, for every new comers orientation have to prepare which can proved to be wastage or resources and can lead to failure in achieving targets of the company
  3. The limit information is provided to the new employees and neglect many such information which is essential for the organization structure  
  • What is procedure to apply in Finish Line Inc.

You can apply for a job in the Finish line by visiting their official website and there you can apply on their careers website and after creating your profile you can apply to their job and can fill necessary information needed, also you have to mention on which shifts you will be available to work, you can choose more than one positions too. After you apply online you will receive a call from them after screening of your application. If you fulfil their basic requirements and satisfy them you will be called for final interview where your aptitude, intelligence, proficiency, interest and personality test will be held. If you satisfy them and clear their all tests, they will give you offer letter of joining.

How Long Is Orientation At The Finish Line?

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