MD Anderson Termination Policy-Know More

MD Anderson is a cancer centre which is located in Houston, Texas.It is not only centre for treatment of cancer but also a degree-granting academic institution; therefore it is also commonly known as The University of Texas MD Anderson which is affiliated with The University of Texas Health Science Centres at Houston.It is considered as the best centre for treating cancer patients across the world. Let us know about that the MD Anderson Termination Policy-Know More.

MD Anderson Termination Policy-Know More

What does Termination means and what rules have to be followed while terminating an employee?

  • Termination means firing an employee from an organization due to any legitimate reasons  whereas termination policy basically is the official document that reflect the grounds on which a company is terminating or firing its employees from a company, there can be various reasons behind termination but reason should be legitimate and up to point, no employee can be violated against labour laws .Legally, in US a hr manager have to give notice period of two week but in worst case minimum of one week. There are four types of termination that are Voluntary termination; it is type of termination in which the worker itself took an initiative to leave the company. Second is involuntary termination which refers to the process in which employer fires employee according to his will. Third is employment at will and last is mutual termination, in which both employer and employee will is included equally and mutually. There can be many reasons of termination that are failure to perform his/her job properly or adequately even after providing with training sessions and webinar, Chronic lateness and increasing rate of absenteeism of an employee may lead to firing as many employees made fake excuses of being sick and so on; an organization being tired of all these have to fire an employee from the company ,Violating company policies and rules by using drugs or alcohol during work at organization, it leads to decrease in productivity.

Termination Policy Followed By MD Anderson

  • An employee who is getting terminating from MD Anderson will get total amount of PTO hours, leaves earned but not used at the last day of you work in MD Anderson.
  • An employee who has been terminating from MD Anderson does not have rights to use accrued but not used PTO hours in order to extend your working days. An employee will only get paid up to his last working day which has been already decided by high authority of MD Anderson.
  • Termination does not mean that an employee does not hold any rights in the organization. He/she can claim if they are not paid for their earned leave as much as they deserve.

Payment of accrued PTO within the employee’s last workday

  • An employee can check on its any unused accrued PTO leave which lies between the 30 days after the employee’s last workday.
  • Lump sum payments will be made to a terminating employee who is calculated using the base salary and last salary rate in case if a bank account of a terminating employee is previously frozen.
  • Lump sum payments will be made of earned leaves before termination and the notice period which is given to an employee of MD Anderson. All earned which lies between it have to be paid by the company to a terminating employee.
  • If in case if a terminating employees dies between its notice period of termination, all is paid time off leave will be paid to his/her estate.

The Procedure of Termination Followed By MD Anderson

As US companies followed a same procedures of termination which is legal first of all the MD Anderson review all the legitimate reasons due to which an employee is being fired. For this purpose, a handbook is being prepared which consists of the potential reasons for termination of any worker and this should be reviewed carefully to avoid legal consequences and the copy of handbook inclusive of outlined consequences is handed over to an employee during their on boarding and after that documents should be prepared in case if a worker violates any policies of company. It is in written form which ensures that it is acknowledged by worker who is being fired from the MD Anderson. Thirdly, an employee who is being terminating from MD Anderson has all its rights to know on which basis or grounds he/she are being fired from the company. Higher authority have to investigate that on the grounds, they are terminating worker is appropriate or not or it is just fabrications of worker’s superior. There is possibility that a superior can fabricate its own story about the workers due to any personal hatred therefore it is important It should be factual not sugar coated so that Grounds on which HR is terminating an employee should be factual and brief, it not be sugar coated or fabricated and after organising everything Hr sits with an employee and makes a healthy discussion in which a manager have to politely sit with worker and making him know the reason of firing. There should be legal basic which is mentioned, misleading grounds should not be encouraged therefore it is necessary to keep the discussion apt and clear. All Certain legal obligations must be fulfilled before termination of an employee and termination letter should be handed over to employee and the last step is to conducting a full and final interview of a terminated worker by Hr of the department. This fits into the separation stage of the employee life cycles. It is process of an employee’s off boarding and it is done to make ensure that all companies’ materials, administrative forms are collected &completed, projects are transferred or documented, and feedback and insights are gathered. Also, it is done to resolve loose ends if any.


Hence, MD Anderson follows a very simple procedure of termination and ensures that all due payments of an employee who is terminating from MD Anderson are made without any consequences and obstacles. It believes in following proper guidelines and policies laid down in US labour laws. No employees have to violate on any basis. This made MD Anderson a nice working place. No employee should be violated against any basis or grounds; it should be polite and clear. Both employee and employer reviews should be taken into consideration and the decisions should be taken wisely.

MD Anderson Termination Policy-Know More

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