How Long Is Orientation At Hollister?

What is a job orientation? How long does it take? Do employers know that employees who have an overall sense of the purpose connected to their job will be content, happier, and choose to remain working with the company? This sense of purpose can only be communicated by explaining to the new hires how their job positions fit into the big picture and about the Hollister orientation. 

How Long is Orientation at Hollister?

Basically, a job orientation is a process of introducing new employees to the workplace, policies, and procedures. It is an onboarding process that gives new hires an overall overview of the organizational culture. These programs usually range from a day to an entire week depending on the type of the job, scope, and size of the company. Once a manager at Hollister calls you for an orientation after you have successfully passed the interview; get excited because you have the job. Next is your preparation for the orientation but the question is; how long does it take?

Orientation Schedule at Hollister

  • Filling Out Paper Work
  • Workers Permit
  • Associates Card
  • Actual Training

Filling Out PaperWork

Most employers make new hires spend a lot of time during the orientation day to fill out forms and it is sometimes boring. Whatever they do during the first day is the impression of how work is being done at the company. At Hollister, new employees are required to bring their Identification Card (ID) and Social Security Number (SSN). Also, they provide their bank account details so that they can be fed into the systems. The company sends a form to the selected employees to fill and bring along with the other documents. 

Workers’ Permit

A workers’ permit is another important aspect when a new employee is onboarding. In the United States, if a new hire is 17 years old and below they need to have a work permit. These permits are for temporary employees, students, and business people. Students can easily get permits from their school and bring them to the employer. This is done prior to the orientation program so that it does not interfere with the schedule. 

Associates Card

Once the new employee is there an employee card is generated from the system based on the ID and SSN given. The card bears the work ID which is a unique number given to the employee. Apart from the work ID, the employee is also given a password. This process takes at least 15 minutes during the day of orientation. Once that is done then the new hire is officially an employee at Hollister. 

Actual Training

The manager takes the new employee to a room to watch a video. Employees are encouraged to watch it several times because after that they are asked questions. Questions on safety and theft issues are asked. This is done on the first day of orientation if the manager decides so or the new employee returns home to wait for a call to start the new role. The actual training is basically on the dress code and how to work at the stores of the company. This may take several days.     

In conclusion, an orientation program is a process that introduces new employees to the company policies and procedures at the workplace. It gives new hires an overview of the organizational culture and the people to work with. It allows them to know the mission of the company and as well as what is expected from them. At Hollister, new recruits are supposed to fill a form and bring along their ID and SSN for generating their work ID. Once they are at the company, the information they provided in the form together with what is in the other two documents is fed in the system and a Work ID is generated – a 15 minutes’ process. After that, the employee is allowed to watch a video as part of the onboarding process. Questions on theft and safety are then asked based on what they have seen. The line manager thereafter may decide to give them the first shift on the same day or call them another day. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

  1. How Long Is Orientation at Hollister?

The orientation program at Hollister ranges from a day to an entire week depending on the scope of the job being offered at the company. 

  1. How Does an Employer Conduct an Orientation at Hollister?

A form is sent to the new recruit to fill in and then bring along ID and SSN documents for generating Work ID. Once this is done, the employee is oriented using different modes including watching a video to get acquitted with the procedures. 

  1. What Is the Purpose of Conducting an Orientation?

The main purpose is to introduce new employees to the workplace, policies, and procedures.

How Long Is Orientation At Hollister?

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