How Long Is An Orientation At Canes?

Throughout the past few decades, orientations have served as a foundation that an individual builds to get a preview of their work and industry. Plenty of organizations and industries require their new employees to serve an orientation period before beginning their job. Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, founded in 1996, is one such industry. The Rising Cane’s private food chain was founded by Todd Graves and Craig Silvery. Rising Cane’s Chicken Finger is one of the biggest American fast-food restaurant private chains which is popular not only for its myriad range of food products but also for its massive growth throughout the past years. Let us see how long is an orientation at canes.

How Long Is An Orientation At Canes?

How Long Is An Orientation At Canes?

The orientation at Canes is typically about 2-3 hours long. They will start the orientation generally after verifying your Ids and by introducing you to the place along with the general rules and procedures. An individual is also provided with a short and quick overview of the restaurant as well as given a brief about their roles and responsibilities. It can be called a mini-training session where you’ll be reviewing the company’s policies whilst being introduced to the work culture.

There are several arrays of advantages of the orientation program at Rising Cane’s Chicken Fingers. Some of them are enumerated below here: 

  • An introduction to the restaurant
  • Expand knowledge
  • Provides a sense of inclusiveness
  • Results in greater productivity
  • A better understanding of work
  • Provides a sense of security and safety

An Introduction to the Restaurant:

The 2-3 hours long orientation at Rising Canes is not only an introduction to Rising Cane’s but also a warm welcome for the employee to make the new employee feel at ease and comfortable. The introductory part helps the new employee settle in and makes them aware of the rules and regulations of the restaurant. Additionally, it makes a huge impact on the industry as well as the subject/worker by orienting the right direction to an individual’s career along with facilitating the first step of their work/career. 

Expand Knowledge

Rising Cane’s orientation period might not be long enough to provide a certain set of knowledge or skills but it does provide an individual with the fundamental knowledge essential for furnishing the new employee’s new work life. The orientation program at Rising Cane’s Chicken Fingers helps an individual to get started with a strong command over basics and with an apt pace of skills and management. The supportive staff of Rising Cane’s Chicken Fingers helps the new employees with the training hours and other equivalent briefings.

Provides a Sense of Inclusiveness

Although the orientation period is a general overview for the newbie, it helps them connect with the staff and workplace more right at the beginning. The members of Rising Cane’s Chicken Fingers are inclusive with their callow employees. The sense of togetherness is what makes the orientation so special and easy-going at Cane’s. They teach the newcomers how they are supposed to perform their jobs whilst maintaining decorum and integrity.

Results in Greater Productivity

The guidance provided during orientation buttresses new workers’ confidence and enlightens them with fundamental knowledge. The basics learned at orientation help the worker adapt quickly to the new workplace’s atmosphere and job responsibilities. All the guidance results in efficient and effective work quality by improving the basics and eliminating the chances of mistakes. The encouraging, positive, and supportive nature of people at Rising Cane’s Chicken Fingers results in an immense amount of increase in productivity.

A Better Understanding of Work

Effective communication at Rising Cane’s Chicken Fingers helps the employee better understand the workplace as well as the staff. The more an individual is aware of, the sharped their skills will be. The orientation program, though lasts for a few hours, is essential to understand work from a wider perspective to gain better insights and precise as well as accurate details regarding work is fruitful in long term. Rising Cane’s Chicken Fingers helps an individual to adapt and learn faster. With a better grasp of the fundamental knowledge of work, an individual can work efficiently under a heavy workload or immense strain.

Provides a Sense of Security and Safety

When an employee feels safe and secure at their workplace, the employee retention rate significantly increases. Rising Cane’s Chicken Fingers maintains a healthy, optimistic, and happy surrounding which impacts a sense of Safety within the new employees right from the orientation hours. Sometimes the orientation is done in the group at cane’s which might help the new employee meet, interact and bond with the other employees. It simultaneously helps an individual to connect and feel secure.


The orientation at Rising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is an essential part of your work as it is the first and foremost step of working at Rising Cane’s Chicken Fingers. The orientation period is just about 2-3 hours long. During this short period, the worker is provided with a briefing about the company, the company’s policy, rules, regulations, and responsibilities. Also, the individual is taught the work that they would be performing within those few hours.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you get paid for Orientation at Rising Cane’s?

Yes, you get paid for orientation at Rising Cane’s. The orientation at Cane’s might not be longer than a few hours but it provides a lot of information to understand. After orientation, for work, you get paid after every two weeks.

  • Does Rising Cane’s Chicken Fingers provide pay raise?

Yes, Rising Cane’s Chicken Fingers provide a raise usually after every six months. However, it may differ for different individuals. It involves a certain set of requirements to get a raise, which may include your performance, experience, and other things as well.

  • Is there a dress code at Rising Cane’s Chicken fingers?

Yes, Rising Cane’s Chicken fingers provide their workers with two crew shirts and a hat. The employees are asked to wear a shirt, and hat along with solid color jeans, pants, or shorts (given the bottoms shouldn’t be ripped). They are also asked to wear non-slip shoes or crocs and belts. Moreover, the nails have to be properly trimmed, hair kempt, and hair tied if they are long enough.

How Long Is An Orientation At Canes?

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