Boys And Girls Club – Job Description, Duties, Salary

Talking about a boys and girls club, it is one of the best places to aware the new youth of the responsibilities and rules of children. By just enrolling in this program one can acquire the knowledge of working at such a place. The boys and girls club is a perfect job for those students who are looking to gain understanding and as well as experience to work with government or private organisations.

Boys And Girls Club

Boys And Girls Club

It is volunteer work for young people to learn and grow together. Boys and girls club have multiple jobs for adult college-going students too. Being concerned with the rules and responsibilities of the boys and girls club, in this article, we will discuss the job description, duties and salary of the boys and girls club.

Job descriptions

Talking about the employment which has been given by the boys and girls club are several and some of them are mentioned here.

  • Programs for Life Insurance 
  •  Personal days 
  • Health programs
  • Flexible investing plan 
  • Programs related to short-term and long-term disability 
  • Programs related to health and dental

Programs for life insurance

Some programs Run invoice and girls club there is a program which is related to insurance and package coverage as a program to encourage young people to get knowledge of the such field. 

1. Personal days

If a candidate or volunteer wants some personal days or holidays then it is also acceptable here. One can easily get sick leaves and vacations. There is no hectic schedule for the volunteer and anyone can take easy leaves for their reasons.

2. Health programs

Health programs that takes place in the boys and girls club is a great way to educate young people to get the knowledge of basic things related to the health of society and kids. These health programs are organised including monthly health checkups, blood tests and many more. These kinds of health programs are a great way to keep the kids healthy.

3. Flexible investing plan

One can invest their time according to her or his convenience. It is allowed to work part-time or full-time in a boys and girls club. Isn’t it good to have a job with flexible working hours and which is allowing you to enhance your knowledge and ability to work?

4. Programs related to short-term and long-term disability 

Under this program volunteers are required to take good care of teens or kids with long-term or short-term disabilities It is a good way to promote harmony in the youth towards the teens and society.

5. Programs related to health and dental

Well, kids and teens need to have monthly dental check-ups. The main goal of this program is to check up on the health of teens as well as to teach the young people to coordinate their work successfully to implement the program.


  • Provide support to family and students
  • Administration of the program
  • Coordination
  • Establish communication
  • Drive
  • Assistance
  • Supervise
  • Implementation of programs

Provide support to family and students

Not only the coordination of the program is expected from the volunteer, But the support and harmony from the volunteers to the family and kids are expected. It is a great way to connect with the people around you and support them. And in some way, it will reflect in the character of a volunteer.

Administration of program

Proper administration is required for the successful execution of any program. It is expected from the volunteers or youth to take good care of the management related to the program.


Whether it is a normal society program or a company’s party coordination is an integral part of any program. Coordination of every program that takes place in the organisation is the main necessity of this club. 

Establish communication

At the boys and girls club, it is not necessary for people to only do the task provided at the club. Establishing communication between parents and children is a great way to strengthen the bond between the two of them. 


Volunteers are supposed to drive the club’s bus on different occasions like programs, gatherings and social works. One should have driving skills.


Assisting with the project and program running in the club is another responsibility of a young in the club. Assist other people for the betterment of the club and individual harmony. 


Being a volunteer the main thing that is to be done in a club is to supervise everything and maintain the standard of a club in each field. 

Implementation of Programs

Successful implementation of every program is the success of the club. So the execution of every program or function should be implemented in a way that will help the club members and kids to grow and learn new things. 

The salary of young people at the boys and girls club can vary as per their positions or job profile.

  • salary of a youth development professional can range from 32k to 45k per year.
  • Salary of the program director – 56k/year and can vary up to 93k
  • Youth development specialist – 35k/year and can vary up to 50k
  • Unit director – 42k/year and can vary up to 53k
  • program coordinator – 44k/year and can vary up to 46k
  • Program Assistant – 30k/year and can vary up to 35k
  • Program Specialist – 108k/year and can vary up to 144k
  • Director – 39k/year and can vary up to45k
  • site director – 40k/year and can vary up to 45k
  • Administrative assistant – 35k/year and can vary up to39k
  • program Manager – 82k/year and can vary up to89k

Eligibility criteria for the job at boys and girls club

1. The volunteer should be 18 years old or more.

2. Should have work experience in similar organisations

3. Creative, hard-working and ready to tackle every situation.

4. Management skills with demonstration qualities to work with other members

5. Should have a high school diploma, degree or other relevant qualifications.

6. Organised and those who have people skills will work for the betterment of the club’s members and society.

7. Introduce ideas and programs that will help the boys and girls to live together in harmony.

8. Those who have worked on similar projects and programs can work here.


Parents need to have a great bond of communication with their children, only good communication can lead to a successful relationship which is done by the volunteers. Successful administration of the program is the main work of every individual who desires to work in the boys and girls club. A volunteer can work as a mediator between the parents and children. Supervising every program and working efficiently is the essential thing that is required from the volunteer or young people working in a club.

Frequently asked questions

1. What should be the eligibility criteria for the boys and girls club?

The age of the candidate must be more than 18 years.

2. What is the salary of the program manager at the boys and girls club?

82k to 89k

3. What are the responsibilities of young people in the boys and girls club?

Assist, supervise, coordinate, communicate etc.

Boys And Girls Club – Job Description, Duties, Salary

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