What Major Makes The Most Millionaire?

Making millions of money is everyone’s dream, wish, and desire. And no one can shy away from the fact that he/she needs money. The world system is built around money and it is very important to have it because we all need it every day of our lives. Your parents sent you to school to have a better education so that at the end of your education, you will get a good job and make money. You want to proceed with your masters so that you will earn more money. After that, you proceed for a doctorate because you feel you need to earn more. You realize the money is not enough, and you then decide to learn a skill that generates another source of income. Let us know ‘What Major Makes The Most Millionaire?’.

What Major Makes The Most Millionaire?

What Major Makes The Most Millionaire?

Although becoming a millionaire does not happen overnight and it requires months and years of hard work, persistence, determination, and focus. Although there are so many speculations that most millionaires are entrepreneurs and business owners, one can also be a millionaire by studying some courses within the educational system. Some education majors make you a millionaire if you are determined to succeed. Let’s delve into some of these majors:-

Majors that produce the most millionaires

Entrepreneurship is not the only field that produces millionaires, many fields also produce millionaire

  • Engineering
  • Biochemistry
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Computer science
  • Marketing
  • MBA( Masters of Business Administration)


Engineering is a sector that produces the most millionaires and that is why it tops the list. According to research, most of the world’s billionaires studied engineering in school, this is because engineering deals with the invention of technological innovations that solves the world’s problems. Irrespective of the niche you are in engineering, there is room for you to thrive. Larry Page who co-founded Google studied computer engineering in college. The most amazing aspect of engineering is that it cannot 

There will always be innovations and once it solves a problem, people will surely want it


Biochemistry is another major that produces millionaires. The pharmaceutical industry is a wide industry that needs biochemists to produce therapeutic medicine. Biochemists work in the laboratory and they produce vaccines and immunity medicine for diseases, and outrageous viruses. Biochemistry is applicable in so many medical-related fields, such as; nutrition, dentistry, science laboratory technology, etc


Law is another major that produces millionaires, although it can be challenging when you are starting, as you advance in your career and if you are a very good lawyer, with time, you will become a millionaire. Law is a field that requires good communication skills and memory. However, as a lawyer, you can author books, be a public speaker and diversify the skills you have. Becoming a millionaire requires you to have a stream of income.


Finance is another major that produces the most millionaires. The finance industry deals with money and everybody needs money to live, people make transactions every day and these transactions are made possible due to systems. There are so many job opportunities for people who are starting in this industry, you can be an entrepreneur, and learn the system of money, the chain of business, risk management, and money making. The finance industry includes fin-tech and financial organizations, these organizations provide job opportunities for a graduate to pitch their skills in the field. 

The money you earn in the finance industry solely depends on the skill you have, the more skills you possess, the more money you earn. So, if you are in the finance industry, you should build your portfolio, take online courses, and get certified in courses that can get you better opportunities

Computer science

Computer Science is another major that can make you a multi-millionaire, a computer is a major that keeps advancing and blooming and this is because it is intertwined with almost all other fields. 

There are computers in health, engineering, media, technology, marketing, law, engineering, etc. In summary, the computer is like the mother of all other industries. 

Especially in this 21st century, there has been a lot of advancement and this advancement has not once stopped and it cannot because it is the future. The computer is related to tech, software, programming, coding, design, App development, etc.

Tech; the new oil well

Money runs the world and there has been a lot of innovation in the tech world. Tech is the new oil well because it has made more millionaires than you can ever think or imagine. The advancement of technology in certain countries has made those countries highly developed. The following are the career path in tech that can make you a millionaire over time:-

  • WordPress development
  • Data Analytics
  • UI/UX design
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence

WordPress development

WordPress development deals with the development of websites, creating themes, installing plugins, and offering maintenance services. A WordPress developer can also code and offer some high programming services. You will earn a lot of money building websites for brands

Data Analytics 

This is an aspect of the text that enables you to interpret and analyze data for decision making

UI/UX design

This is an aspect of tech that deals with developing wireframes and prototypes for sites and apps to solve a problem they face. Once you develop those prototypes, users get to test them and give feedback


Cyber security is a tech branch that deals with the security of websites to avoid internet hackers and attacks. As a cyber security expert, your work is to protect brands, companies, and organizations from unauthorized users.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of tech that deals with the stimulation of human intelligence by computer 

Ways to make money in tech

  • Non-fungible Token(NFT)
  • Creating digital products and selling them
  • Becoming an affiliate for a company
  • Selling products online
  • Website design
  • Web developer
  • Freelancing
  • Sharing music or art online
  • Tutoring 


Marketing is the act of pitching your product and service out there for people to see. Marketing is a way of advertising your product and service. From the onset, marketing is an industry that provides money, however, with technological advancement, there are so many ideas and innovations that have made marketers millionaires and billionaires if you know how to play the game. There are so many niches in marketing and everyone can make money as long as they are skilled in what they do. Brands hire content creators that can be the face of their brand, creating videos that will convert. Tech giants and industries hire marketing agencies to provide materials that will pitch their brands.

Writers who are good with words can create content, sales copy, and slogan and make good money over time.

MBA( Masters of Business Administration)

If you are in business and finance, it will be very smart of you to pursue a master’s in that field. Master’s takes 1-2 years depending on the institution. In any field, your remuneration will be paid depending on your skills, business and finance are no exception. Due to more knowledge, expertise, and experience, employers prefer to employ skilled people.

The following industries have been discovered to produce the most millionaires

  • Financial service
  • Technology
  • Real estate and construction
  • Food and beverages
  • Health
  • Media and entertainment
  • Renewable energy
Financial service

The financial industry has produced the world’s largest millionaire and it can’t cease to produce millionaires. In the money industry, people make a lot of money because the system is built in a chain-like structure. And the most successful people are people who are skilled in the business of multiplying the little money they have. 

The most successful financial system has a way of managing the money people make and this system can be a bank, a financial institution, insurance, wealth building ng, a loan company, and savings and investing platform. It has been discovered that most people who are successful in their business are people who have mastered the psychology of money, how it works and how to make it work for you. 

Financial organizations build their organization in this way, such that their money works for them and not the other way around.

Most of the world’s economic system is built around the financial industry and economic prosperity can also be traced to the industry.

There are inventions of many fintech services in the world today like Flutterwave, Bamboo,  and so many others, who have made transactions easier for living. There are so many financial apps that are available for download on the Apple Store and Google store that are meant to solve the problem of the masses. 

The financial industry holds a lot of opportunities by providing money for those in it and job opportunities for those looking for jobs in the space.


The tech industry is a vast industry that cuts across so many sectors, and that is why it is coming next on the list. Technology has birthed so many millionaires in the world, it is intertwined with the financial industry because of how close they are. The world would have been in a deep mess if not for the advancement in technology and the invention of more technological services. 

For instance, the Apple iPhone, although it is not the first smartphone its advancement in the tech space has been so amazing.

The most valued companies in the world are mostly tech companies because Tech is not just the future, it is the new oil well of today.

The amazing part of technology is that it cut across many sectors and it is relevant in other industries in the world. The health, agriculture, media, finance, etc. Therefore,  there is a space for everyone to thrive in tech irrespective of their niche.

Real estate and construction

Another industry that has birthed millionaires is real estate and construction. Over the years, it has been discovered that millionaires don’t work for money, either, they build a system that makes the money work for them. One such system is real estate. It is one of the oldest sources of creating wealth and this is because it provides solutions to the basic amenities of life. Most wealthy businesses create their wealth through real estate as one of their streams of income.

Food and beverages

Agriculture is another industry that produces multi-millionaire. The population of the world is over seven billion. Food is one basic necessity of life that humans cannot do without. Agriculture provides vast opportunities for investors. Agriculture has so many branches and regardless of the branch, you can thrive in the industry. So you won’t be wrong if you build a career in the agriculture industry because irrespective of inflation, climate change, or pandemic, human beings must eat to survive.


Health is wealth and therefore if the health system of any country is threatened, every other thing comes crumbling down. The global pharmaceutical industry in the world is worth over a trillion dollars. Everyone needs good health to survive and therefore there is a need for a sophisticated health system and services.

Media and entertainment

Another industry that makes millionaires is the media and entertainment. Despite the competition in the industry, there is still a lot of money to be made as you rise in your career. People always want to be entertained after being worked up at work, they want to get familiar with what is happening around them. Movies, music, video games, and TV are branches of media and entertainment.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy like inverters and solar systems is way cheaper than running generators for powering the house. There is huge money in the marketplace, especially in towns and cities where there is no steady electricity.


In conclusion, becoming a millionaire does not happen overnight, although it takes discipline, hard work, and determination. You need to position yourself to attract wealth by seeking opportunities in different fields. You can choose engineering or technology-related courses or pursue a career where there are wealth opportunities. This will help you as a student to discover your passion and interest. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What course can I study in school that can most likely make me wealthy? 

  • Engineering
  • Biochemistry
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Computer science
  • Marketing
  • MBA( Masters of Business Administration)

Q2. What are some industries that produce millionaires?

  • Financial service
  • Technology
  • Real estate and construction
  • Food and beverages
  • Health
  • Media and entertainment
  • Renewable energy

Q3. What should I do as a student that wants to create wealth?

Position yourself to attract wealth, always be on the lookout for opportunities, read books, and build your inner circles around people of like mind

What Major Makes The Most Millionaire?

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