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It is one of the well-known online companies, and it is available to everyone. It is available in every country. More than 1,40,000 employees are working in this company, and the revenue of the company is $469.8 billion. Amazon has its official website, and there are more than 10,000 products available. You can buy products such as Electronics, household materials, Amazon basic, mobiles, clothing, accessories, etc. You can create your account on amazon, and you can purchase whatever you want. It is an American company, and Andy Jassy is the CEO. The headquarter of the company is in the United States. Here we will see about Amazon Vacation & PTO Policy.

Amazon Vacation & PTO Policy

What is the amazon vacation policy?

For the vacation policy, employees get; 20 to 30 days off a year, and this depends on the working hours of their day. Salaried employees have a specific number of holidays they can take off within a year. After one year of working in this company, the employee gets additional holidays, and whenever an employee takes a holiday, it is added to the holiday list, and the company offers paid vacation and beneficial for the employee to work more. This policy is for each employee, and hourly working employees get holidays during working hours.

What is the paid time off policy?

There are three types of classes in amazon that differs, and they are Class F is for employees working 40 hours per week; Class R is thirty to thirty-nine hours of working per week and Class H is for employees who work twenty to twenty-nine hours per week. The vacation for this employee depends on the hours they work. Employees can take sick leave depending on the state and the location. They can also take a leave of absence, which is for medical leave, and they are given paid holidays from the company.

Does amazon give all employees the same amount of holiday?

No, amazon doesn’t give all the employees the same amount of holiday, and the holiday is based on the hours they work. Amazon has to divide every employee into sub-classes, and it becomes easier for the company to give holidays according to their group. The sub-class is for the working class and their holidays depend on the hours they work. Each employee has a different number of holidays, and employees can even take personal leave for medical reasons this becomes easier for the employee to know when they will have their holiday.

How many holidays do working hours employees get?

There are three classes which are there in the working hours. There are different classes such as Class F gives five days of paid vacation, and they work for 40 hours per week; Class R gives four days of holiday, and they work for 30-39 hours per week, and Class H gives twenty to twenty-nine hours per week, and they get the vacation of three days, and all this applied in the first year of employment at amazon, and they have kept this policy for the advantage of the employees. Employees can make sure to read the policy correctly.

Does amazon gives paid personal time to their employees?

Yes, amazon gives paid personal time to their employees, and it works very differently from paid vacation time. Employees get their time on the last day of their salary and on the first day of the 1st of January. If you work monthly, they will give you will eleven pay periods or five pay periods. The employee can use this paid personal time for their doctor’s appointment, family emergency, medical leave, etc. All this can be included in the paid personal time, and the employee doesn’t need to take unpaid time off.

Does an amazon employee pay more on the holidays?

Yes, amazon gives their employees more payment on the holidays. Amazon pays more just on specific occasions like Christmas, Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and New Year. This holiday is for all the employees of amazon, and it is for every amazon employee. This holiday is for the employee to rest and enjoy this occasion with their family. Employees can take extra leave if they want, and you can enjoy your holiday. They provide you with a competitive salary, and it helps the employee to work more efficiently for their company.

Different types of PTO?

Full-time employee:

The working hour of the employee is 40 hours per week, and for the beginner, the working hours is 80. An employee who has experience of more than one year works for 120 hours, and people who have experience of more than six years can be compensated for their working hours, which is 160 hours. 

Part-time employees:

Employees who work for twenty hours and more a week are known as part-time employees. Employees who have one year’s experience get five days off in their period. Employees who work for 60 hours get approximately eight days of holiday, and employees who work more than 60 hours get ten days of annual part-time off. 

Reduced time employees:

These employees work for thirty to thirty-nine hours per week, and employees working for more than one year get eight days for working 60 hours. Employees who work more than 90 hours get 12 days’ holiday. 

All these details are given in your payment check, and when you get the payment check, you can check your part-time off details, along with the list of holidays mentioned there. All this information will be provided to you, and you can check it when you receive the list of working days. 


The policy of vacation and part-time off is not the same every year, and each year it changes. Every year there is a different policy, and employees have to follow that. Part-time off and vacation are different in every country, and policies differ in the change of location. The employees have a total number of sick days, and they can take leave for medical reasons. Even the employee can take leave for a family emergency. The part-time off and vacation policy is paid for all employees, and this depends on the working hours, location, experience, etc. An employee can even take personal time for them. Through this article we have learned about Amazon Vacation & PTO Policy.

Amazon Vacation & PTO Policy – Know More

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