Who are the male models for American eagle- Know More

This is a generation in which career prospects are widening, or it should be said that the prospects were already there and now they are growing at a fast pace. You can have a career in any kind of field now if you work a little hard. Modeling is one such career. It may need a lot of hard work but the fruits that you reap after that are the sweetest.  Some great examples of this are the models that do modeling for the American Eagle company. American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. Or simply known as American Eagle, is a fashion brand with its headquarters in Pennsylvania, but it was founded in Michigan in 1977. In this article we shall see who are the male models for American eagle.

Who are the male models for American eagle

The brand mainly targets the age group of 15 to 25-year-old customers but people older than that are also no stranger to them. The company chooses its models keeping that in mind. The company not only works with models but also includes athletes, actors, influencers, and personalities from other professions too in their shoots. Models like Chad Johnson, Thaddeus Coates, actors like Chase Stokes, Caleb McLaughlin, Michael Evans Behling, musician, and actor Joshua Bassett, and artists like John Gentry have modeled for their various ads and campaigns.

Male Models For American Eagle – 

Chad Johnson –

Chad Johnson is a model from New York but also works in London, Chicago, Hamburg, and Los Angeles. He is from Brooklyn. Along with being a model, he is also a photographer and an author of a photography-related book titled Hellcat Volume One, which was published in 2022. He modeled for the Future Together Jeans Forever Campaign for American Eagle.

Thaddeus Coates – 

Thaddeus Coates is a black, queer, plus-size model from Brooklyn. Before being a model, he was an award-winning artist, or more specifically speaking, an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator. He is also an influencer and holds a great social media presence with the username Hippy Potter on Instagram. He has worked with American Eagle on various occasions in campaigns like True You Sizing and jeans. 

Bonner Bolton – 

Bonner Bolton, who was born in Texas, is a fashion model. Before his modeling career, he was a professional rodeo cowboy, specializing in bull riding, but had to stop because of a neck injury. Now he is a model and has also acted in films, as well as was a celebrity contestant on the show Dancing With The Stars. He was one of the new faces for the American Eagle collection The New American Jean.

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Neels Visser – 

Neels Visser is a model based out of Los Angeles but was born in Phoenix, Arizona. He also is an actor, as well as an internet star with a great presence on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. He modeled for the American Eagles We All Can campaign.

Michael Lockley – 

Michael Lockley is a model from New York, but he also works in Paris, Milan, London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Apart from modeling, he also enjoys Basketball and photography. He modeled for American Eagle in their We All Can campaign.

Landon McNamara – 

London McNamara is a model born in Oahu, Hawaii. He is also a talented songwriter and singer, as well as a pro surfer. He modeled in an ad for American Eagle  Outfitters. He was also one of the faces of the American Eagles We All Can campaign.

Other models – 

American Eagle likes to work with a diverse group of people. The personalities that have modeled for the company come from various professions. Actors Chase Stokes and Caleb McLaughlin modeled for their Back to School 21 Future Together.  Jeans Forever campaign. Dancer and actor John Gentry modeled for their Back to School 20 campaign.  Actor and musician Joshua Bassett and actor Michael Evans Behling worked for their Spring’22 Members Always campaign.

Actor and model Cameron Dallas, actor, model, and Youtuber Troye Sivan, actor Cody Christian, singer, and songwriter Raury, model and photographer Michael Lockley, musician, surfer, and model Landon McNamara also modeled for their We All Can campaign. Brandon Ingram, the basketball player and rapper Joey Bada$$ modeled for The New American Jean campaign of American Eagles.

Conclusion – 

American eagle is a famous fashion brand. Many male models like Chad Johnson, Thaddeus Coates, Bonner Bolton, and Neels Visser have worked for the brand. Many actors, athletes, artists, as well as people from other fields, have also modeled for the company. Some examples of that are actors Chase Stokes, Caleb McLaughlin, John Gentry, Joshua Bassett, Michael Evan Behling, Cameron Dallas, Cody Christian, as well as, Basketball player Brandon Ingram, rapper Joey Bada$$, and singer Raury. 

Frequently Asked Questions:– 

1) How can you become an American Eagle  Outfitters model?

Answer – You can become an American Eagle Outfitters model by registering on the website thehub.youthmarketing.com. 

2) How much money do you make if you are an American Eagle Outfitters model?

Answer – The average pay is $26 per hour for an American Eagle Outfitters model.

Who are the male models for American eagle- Know More

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