What Is Under Armour?-Mission Statement

Under Armour is a well-known American sports equipment brand that began its journey in 1996 and was founded by Kevin Plank. The brand tends to manufacture footwear, sports, and casual apparel. The multiple headquarters of Under Armour shows its reach throughout the world. The company aims to increase its operation among the masses and has net revenue of around 5.27 million dollars. Let us know What Is Under Armour?-Mission Statement

What Is Under Armour?-Mission Statement

Under Armour has set its mission, vision, and core value to encourage employees to give their best. The vision of Under Armour is to define what their future should be like, and the mission tells the everyday steps needed to be taken to fulfill the vision. Also, the set core values help the employees to adhere to business ethics. In this article, you will find the mission, vision, and values set by Under Armour. 

How effective are Under Armour’s mission, vision, and core values?

Under Armour is the biggest sports brand that is ruling its customer heart throughout the world. This year the brand is celebrating its 25th anniversary of serving people effectively around the world. The company believes in providing its customers best quality products by using the best strategies. The mission, vision, and core values of the company help them to achieve their target. 

The mission, vision, and values of Under Armour are correlated to each other and are overall effective when it comes to serving the purpose of the company. All of them prove to be effective as they help the organization to grow and provide the target audience with the best product. Ultimately, all three measures for the company’s growth are effectively followed. 

Mission Statement of Under Armour: 

Under Armour works with a mission of creating the best athletes as mentioned in the mission statement: “to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.” The mission of the company motivates employees to work effectively and serve the customer in the best way. 

Mission Analysis:  

The mission statement has a certain hidden aspect in it, as each company makes the mission after thinking much. The hidden aspects have a certain powerful meaning that is taken into consideration. The mission of Under Armour says that their products help to make each athlete better as the design and various innovations in the products make it easier for athletes to achieve their target. 

Under Armour’s mission statement has various characteristics that are explained below: 

  • Creating better athletes: Since Under Armour is a sports brand, providing equipment to the athletes is their first goal. Irrespective of caste, color, gender, and ethnicity Under Armour provides the best quality sports products to them. The company has a wide range of products under different categories. Through their mission the company is highlighting the focus on their target audience, that is, athletes since they have a collection of sports products and equipment. The company tends to serve athletes and other customers with high-quality products. 
  • Working with the company’s passion: Each product of Under Armour focuses on the passion of the company. Passion becomes an important aspect as it gives the brand authenticity and tends to serve sports players from different backgrounds. Each employee at Under Armour works with passion to build and maintain the dignity of the brand and reach the target audience. Most of the athletes prefer to buy the company’s product because of the best quality served by them. The passion allows the company to think out-of-box and become unique among all its competitors. 
  • Innovating new designs: Each product of Under Armour is unique when it comes to design. The company has given the style to each product in a way that makes it stand out from other brands. The uniqueness of the design gives confidence to the athletes who wear it and they have a sense of pride because of the exceptional design of clothes and other sports accessories they wear. The style and fashionable design make the product unique and the love from the customers gives hope to the company and allows them to innovate. 
  • Encouraging new ideas: With changing time, fashion, and generation Under Armour changes the style of its products. They tend to innovate to excel in the market and make the availability of products to a large audience. The innovation helps the company to design and build products that stand out from other brands. Since its foundation, the company tends to grow and innovate in every aspect, so that customers love the brand all the more. 

Vision Statement of Under Armour: 

Just like every other company and competitor of Under Armour, the brand has a vision too. Under Armour works with a mission “to inspire you with performance solutions you never knew you needed and can’t imagine living without.” This vision helps the company to work in the direction of the goals of Under Armour. The company considers and follows the vision in the long run. 

Vision Analysis: 

The brand has a unique vision as each word in the vision statement is saying something. The vision statement of Under Armour is like a benchmark of the company each employee works to achieve the vision of the company. The vision guides the company to work in the direction of its goals. 

  • The perfect solution to customers’ needs: As said the vision gives direction to the employees to achieve the mission of the company. Through this phrase, the company believes to innovate further to give unique products to customers. The company hates to repeat the same idea or concept in the products, so they try to innovate and come up with new ideas. The advanced technology allows the company to innovate and make different types of stylish products for the customers. 
  • Creating products beyond expectations: Every sports person knows the technicalities of their games, so they want their sports equipment to be designed in a way that increases their performance. Under Armour has a different range of products according to different sports, so the products are designed according to their respective sports. The brand creates sports equipment that is beyond athletes’ expectations and understanding. Before customers give any suggestion to the company, you should have developed the products in the same way beforehand. 
  • People can’t imagine their lives without Under Armour: The products manufactured at Under Armour are such that makes the customers feel dependable on them. The high-quality standards set by the brand makes the athletes and other audience buy from them and does not choose any other competitor over them. The company has made the customers so addicted to their products that they can’t imagine their lives without these products. 

Core Values adopted by Under Armour:  

Certainly being a famous brand serving around the world, they have got certain values which they take into consideration while serving people. As per Under Armour’s values they enclose various basic values like “love athletes, stand for equality, fight on together, create fearlessly, always connect, stay true, think beyond, and celebrate the wins.” These values are followed by each employee at Under Armour to make the company and themselves successful. 

Values Analysis: 

Any company can succeed only when the subordinates and others higher in the post will follow the general code of conduct and the values that the company has. Under Armours, values include many factors that are explained below: 

  • Working for Athletes: The target audience of Under Armour are athletes, so as an employee of the company one should have respect and love for athletes in their hearts. Also, the products of the company are related to sports and many sports people prefer to buy products from Under Armour because of the high-quality standards maintained by the company. 
  • Stand for equality: As mentioned in Under Armour’s mission, the company treats everyone equally whether it is an athlete from a different background or any other customer. As an employee, you should not discriminate against customers on any basis. You have to stand together with athletes and extend their support to them. 
  • Creating products fearlessly: The innovation and creation of products should not be stopped. The company wishes to create endlessly and fearlessly for the customer and are designed as per their need. To provide customers with the best products, the company needs to create those products without any fear. 
  • Always Look Forward to Connecting: Under Armour aims at connecting with the world and prefers to always stay connected with them. The company tries to bring the world together and communicate with the athletes and employees to serve effectively. One should try to communicate and make a stronger bond with customers for the productivity of the company. 
  • Stay True: In every sense, Under Armour wishes to stay loyal and true to their customers. They mention the true details of the product and do not provide fake details and information related to the product to sell them. You need not lie about the quality or anything related to the company. 
  • Working exceptionally and celebrating success: Every employee working at Under Armour thinks beyond the level to serve the customers effectively. The company encourages employees to think exceptionally and celebrate every small achievement. 

Why do companies have a mission, vision, and core values?

Every company has a certain mission, vision, and values to help the employees with functioning effectively. Each company needs a mission, vision, and value statement to show the world their credibility and give their employees constant direction to move forward. Also, the day-to-day functioning of the company depends on the mission, vision, and values. As based on a vision statement, the mission is formed and core values are the additional support to achieve the vision. 

 The mission and vision tell the purpose of the company while showing them constant direction to move towards. It becomes a clear guide for the employees and is like a focal point of the point. They tend to serve as a goal for the company, and without a mission or vision, the company cannot run. So, for better functioning and working of the company, these three pillars become necessary. 


Under Armour is a sports equipment brand that has its main headquarters set up in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The brand was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank. Since its foundation, the company is growing and is aiming to grow more. The company is serving throughout the world and has multiple stores in different locations. Under Armour deals in sports products like footwear, sportswear, clothing, toiletries, and much more. 

The mission, vision, and values of the company also give a glimpse of the hard work of employees that pays off in terms of building athletes. The three pillars of the company, that is, mission, vision, and values help and give constant direction to the employees. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Ques. 1: How are employees at Under Armour benefitted from the mission and vision?

Ans. 1: The mission and vision help the employees to think and work in a particular direction. The mission and vision set by the company allows employees to create products as per company norms and customers need. The idea of confusion vanishes. 

Ques. 2: What is the meaning of Under Armour’s logo?

Ans. 2: There is no hidden meaning of the logo of Under Armour it is just the initial of the brand name that is U and A. Both the alphabets are put together to make the logo look more elegant, royal, and expensive.

Ques. 3: How are the mission, vision, and values of Under Armour interrelated to each other?

Ans. 3: The mission, vision, and values of Under Armour are created in a way that achieves the goal of the company. They are considered to be the three pillars of the company as the company functions. All of them focus on the growth of the company and tend to bring the company closer to its customers. The vision of the company is set which can be achieved with the help of proper mission and core values. 

What Is Under Armour?-Mission Statement

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