PWC Consultant Salary

PWC is considered one of the largest accounting firms in the world. It has gotten deemed to be one of the top 4 companies excelling in accounting. Along with these achievements, it also gets considered the second-largest professional network worldwide. It has around 300,000 employees as of 2021. To be part of PWC, a multi-billion company, is a dream of many. Let us Know about “PWC Consultant Salary”

PWC Consultant Salary

PWC Consultant Salary

If you are planning to be a consulter for a company or already are and waiting to flourish in your field, then, work at an extinguished company like PVC. Consulting gets considered to be one of the biggest jobs of PVC, and only a selected few get to have the benefits of this prestigious company. It offers a hefty amount of salary that will cover all your expenses and help you in living an extravagant life.  

What Exactly Does It Mean To Be A Consulter At PWC?

A consultant at PWC helps navigate the customer based on their needs. They help come up with the best solutions and provide various ideas for the triumph of their customer’s requests.

The consultants at PWC provide excellent solutions in mergers and acquisitions, operations, customer, sales, and marketing. They also provide answers in human resources and change management, finance, etc. 

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Consulter At PWC?

There are many variants in becoming a consulter at PWC. You can be a consulter in various fields like management, technology, strategy, and risk. 

The responsibilities of each consultant vary depending on what field they are consulting. Here, we will provide you with an overview of the tasks of each of the four consulting fields. 

  • Management Consulting: As a management consultant working at an exquisite company like PWC. You will have the following responsibilities to shoulder: You will assist customers in translating strategy into execution, bridging the gap between ideas and outcomes to transform the company and produce measurable business outcomes. 

PWC Management Consultants is one of the few companies which provides excellent solutions in mergers and acquisitions, operations, customer, sales, and marketing. It also provides answers in human resources and change management, finance, and program and portfolio management.

  • Technology Consulting: In the field of technology, when looking at the consulting aspect, you will be majorly making decisions on the technological view of things. You will look for new methods to assist customers to change their businesses using technology. 

This position compiles you to offer various solutions for cloud computing, maximizing the value of company data and protecting intellectual property and systems from cyber-attacks.

  • Strategy Consulting: A Strategy Consultant looks at the various strategies, and plans that the company can use in developing ad flourishing. This job can be hectic since PWC is one of the top 4 companies in accounting. Nonetheless, it will make you influential personnel within the company, and you will have high regard. 

As a Strategy Consultant, you will assist customers in seizing critical advantages by designing corporate and business unit plans and constructing the differentiated skills required to surpass their competition. These Strategy Consultants offer creative solutions in the areas of corporate and business strategy, people and organizational strategy, etc. 

  • Risk Consulting: A Risk Consultant is also one of the most exciting jobs. You will get to look at tons of data and analyze them and then, provide the client with the most hassle-free and successful way they can do their business. You will assist customers in having a competitive advantage by advising them on how to take and manage risks to become less prone to any dangers.

PWC Risk Consultants offer creative solutions centered on risk considerations across company cultures, improved risk management governance, predictive risk analytics, improved Risk management procedures and controls, monitoring activities, and executive/board reporting.

How To Become A Consultant At PWC?

Of course, we have listed all the responsibilities and tasks that come with being a PWC Consultant. But before you even consider them as tasks of your future job, let us see how you can ensure getting a job at PWC. 

First, let us see how eligible you are for the position of consultant at PWC. 

There are two positions for a consulter: Consultant and Senior Consultant.

Consultant: Consultant position is offered to recent graduates, university graduates, and people who have only started their career as a consultant. 

As a recent graduate, you will get to work full time and gain enough experience to go on and become Senior Consultant. 

The company offers a great environment for someone who is only at the early stage of their career. You will get to meet people of a different kind and be open to new and exciting environments. 

Senior Consultant: This position only gets given to people who have gained at least 3-5 years working as a consultant at the company.  You will be mainly tasked with managerial jobs when you promote to a Senior Consultant. 

You will also be tasked with mentoring Consultants and will get given free courses to refine your management skills. 

Application Process: 

When applying for a job at PWC, the best way is to apply at PWC’s official website. You can select your preferred position, in this case, consultant, and give your necessary credentials.

After your resume and credentials get thoroughly examined, you will most probably be contacted via email and asked to give a small assessment.

Most Interns and recent graduates get asked to give a small assessment which is almost game-like. They will ask you to do a series of tasks that tells them an idea of how much you know about the position and your various skills. 

After you pass the given assessments, you will get asked to give interviews. Most candidates have only two interviews with someone from the senior positions. That can be Senior Manager, Director, etc. You will get tested on your knowledge about the company, its values, your skills, your depth in the position in which you have applied, etc. They might also ask you some behavioral questions to see what type of a person you are ought to be. 

After the interviews have gotten finished, the company will tell you whether you have the job or not. 

After you get selected, you will get invited to the company’s onboarding website, where you will get the necessary information. That will help you in understanding the depth of the company and the job in itself before entering your first day. 

Interview Questions:

We will give you some examples of what type of questions the interviewer at PWC can ask you.

How do you plan your time at university? How do you manage it with your time?

Tell me about a challenging situation you had at one of the institutions you have experience in.

What made you want to join PWC?

What are the things you are knowledgeable in about our company?

What do you think you would have achieved in the span of five years?

What do you consider your most prestigious accomplishment to this day?

Describe your perspective on the function of a graduate at PwC.

What has been your biggest blunder? What did you take away from this blunder?

A day of work as a Consultant/Senior Consultant

We have given you the different responsibilities that a PWC Consultant has to follow. Now we will look at how a typical day in the work is for a Consultant and Senior Consultant at PWC.


Consultants would most likely be assigned a significant amount of back-end research work as well as the odd client visit to gather information. They may also be requested to compile credentials or CVs and perform other menial tasks, as well as watch what the elders do.

They are also tasked with formatting or liaising with back-offices to complete formatting. Consultants are required to devote 90% of their time to delivery tasks.

Senior Consultant: 

Senior Consultants are often utilized to conduct the majority of the delivery work and will be at a client location rather than the firm’s office during the day or week. They also participate in pursuing activities such as proposal preparation, etc. They also look over the Consultants’ work. 

Seniors get expected to devote around 80% of their time to delivery work. They are also required to pursue certifications and learning programs to become experts in their selected sub-service lines or competencies (Ex: IT Advisory, Finance, Human Resources, Strategy, etc.)


After all the information given below for the position of Consultant at PWC, a major component yet to be revealed is the salary. A Consultant position is very high regarding. Hence, it offers a sustainable salary which only increases with your experience. 

The annual compensation for a PwC Consultant is $91,750. PwC consultant salaries range from $8,739 to $2,94,960 per year. When bonuses and other forms of compensation are taken into account, a Consultant at PwC can expect to earn an annual salary of $94,221 on average.

The annual compensation for a PwC Senior Consultant is $1,13,960. PwC Senior Consultant salaries vary from $26,232 to $2,41,994 per year. When bonuses and other forms of compensation get taken into account, a Senior Consultant at PwC can expect to earn an annual salary of $1,20,997.


When looking at any company, one of the most crucial things to note is the benefits offered by the company. That will help sort out the different needs for you and your family.

Hence, let us look at the various benefits provided by PWC for their employees. 

Health Benefits:

Medical Plan

Dental Plan

Vision Care Plan

Health Savings Account

Student Loan Benefit

Off Days:


Firmwide Extended Holidays


Family and Personal Sick Time

Family Related Leave: 

Parental Leave

Phased Return to Work

Family Building Support

Paid Family Care Leave

Family Support:

Nursing Parent Program

Full Circle Program

Mothers’ Room

Childcare Support

Family Sick Days

Disability Caregivers Network

Backup Child Reimbursement Program

Childcare Discounts

For Everyday Flexibility:

Work-life resource and referral

Year-round Flex Days

Teaming Culture

Financial Support:

401(K) Savings Plan

Insurance Program:

Basic Life Insurance

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Supplement Life Insurance

Auto and Home Insurance Program

Employee Mortgage

Legal Plan

Accidents due to any Business Travel

Pet Insurance

Perks Exclusive at PWC:



International SOS Program

Commuter Benefits

Development Awards:

Career Milestone Awards

Credential Bonus Awards Program

Educational Support Plan

CPA Review Course Program

Educational Matching Gift Program


Now we have learnt “PWC Consultant Salary”, As a Consultant, you will get to meet a broad spectrum of people and do various tasks, so the thrill in your work never really ceases. To even enhance your experience, working at such a prestigious company like PWC. They offer a wonderful educational and excellent working environment, so you do your best. They also offer one of the best benefits along with a sufficient salary. They are one of the few companies who make sure their employee is in their best condition with the various bursts of motivation and knowledge they give. Working at such a prestigious company will be the dream of many, and we hope you get this audacious job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Is PWC Interview hard?

Ans: Rated by most employees and applicants, the interview at PWC is not deemed that hard, and you can easily conquer it with enough knowledge.

Q.2. Does PWC experience look good on a resume?

Ans: Yes, it does. Being one of the best companies out there, it has a great influence in the corporate world, and most people would be impressed by your resume. 

Q.3. Does PWC have a dress code?

Ans: The dress code at PWC is mainly just based on dressing business casually. 

Q.4. What should I wear for my PWC interview?

Ans: Looking clean and intellectual is one of the major components when going for an interview at PWC. Hence, wearing something like a suit would be preferred.

Q.5. How many hours do you work as a Consultant at PWC?

 Ans: The standard working time is around 9 hours, but it can vary depending on the project you are working on.

PWC Consultant Salary

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