Taco Bell Mission and Vision Statement

Taco Bell Mission and Vision Statement

Taco Bell is the most well-known Mexican cuisine-based restaurant in the United States of America and other parts of the world. The company has been one of the best fast-food restaurants and has widened the impact of Mexican food on the world. It has helped other restaurants pave the way to the business and expand its base to the Mexican ethnicities who could not find many local restaurants to rely on. Taco Bell was first introduced in 1962 by Glen Bell was an entrepreneur who first opened a hot dog stand called Bell’s Drive-in. It was situated in San Bernardino, California. Bell was inspired to open a Mexican Fast food restaurant by a place named Milta Cafe,  which was particularly famous for its hard-shelled tacos, which sold well.

The Cafe owners allowed him to see the processes of making tacos, and this is how he got the idea of making a restaurant for which the main courses included would be Mexican tacos. After the first franchisee opened, Taco Bell received many praises, and business was picking up. In 1970, 300+ locations were opened across the world. This was the basic process of erecting and starting a restaurant and turning it into a worldwide phenomenon. Maintaining a business is one of the hardest things to do, and for that, you will need employees who will stay motivated no matter what you do. That is where the mission and vision statements come in. This helps show that the company has a professional approach to the business and motivates employees to do the same.

The Essentials of a Mission and Vision Statements

One needs to keep in mind a couple of important things while reserving a Mission and Vision statement. First, ethically they should coincide with each other. Second, they should inspire motivation among the readers and brief people on what the company wants to achieve through its mission. They intend to expand social welfare, spreading happiness, helping people, providing affordable food, and giving back to the community is the basic expectation of any mission and vision statement. That is why people need to know the importance of good statements that will inspire motivation and inspiration and keep the employees hooked on what the business is and what is required of them to do.

Let’s Talk About Taco Bell

Taco Bell was founded and is deemed as the most dominant Mexican fast-food restaurant in the world. It has many differences in menus from place to place, mainly country to country but the recipe for most of the products stays the same. They specialize in burritos as well, and they are loaded with essential food components that a human being needs to survive and gives energy. They serve healthy, affordable food. This is why many working individuals, students, and other businessmen stop by occasionally to get food that keeps them going and fits well into their budget. People like the company for its essence, which is its food, but the employees must also be one of the best as they know what goes well with what and what pairs well with burritos and tacos. We will need to remember many things about the given mission statements for the company since they might have different meanings relating to different people. That is why we need to analyze it so that it appeals to the people reading and gives a clear and concise meaning to what it is about.

We will be talking about the various implications that the mission and vision statements will have on the public and the employees because the major consumers of Taco Bell do not know what their mission is. 

Taco Bell Mission Statement

Mexican cuisine needs to have a certain element of kick to it. This is why they only use traditional ingredients. This increases the authenticity of the restaurant in the eyes of the public. And having the support of people is very important for any restaurant.

The mission statement for Taco Bell is as follows, “We take pride in making the best Mexican style fast food providing fast, friendly, & accurate service. We are the employer of choice, offering team members opportunities for growth, advancement, & rewarding careers in a fun, safe working environment. We are accountable for profitability in everything we do, providing our shareholders with value growth.”

This is a pretty big mission statement, but we will take three main elements from it that give us a proper idea of what Taco Bell is like as a company.

Those are elements that will be:

  1. Making the best Mexican style food, along with providing accurate and fast service
  2. Employer offering growth, advancement, and safe working environments to team members
  3. Providing shareholders with value growth

These elements target all of the sectors that any restaurant should look after in the base sense. Let’s discuss the elements:

The First Element

The first element talks about one of the three important aspects of the company. The food and the customers, since their opinions and the liking of food, determine the restaurant’s success. That is why keeping that needs in mind, Taco Bell wants to provide the customers with the best Mexican cuisine so that the people can appreciate the company for the effort and knowledge about the tastes and uniqueness of the cuisine. Providing tasty food is one thing, but it will not be called fast food if the service is not prompt. That is why Taco Bell aims at providing the best food service around. Furthermore, it considers the time it takes to prepare and prepare well for the customers to receive prompt, fresh, and hot food on the go. Keeping all of these essentials in mind, the company has leaped in variable lengths in terms of success and has ushered in a new era of submitting the legacy of Mexican food as one of the best and the most preferred when it comes to fast food.

The Second Element

The second element allows us to look at the employee’s point of view of the company. Any fast food restaurant needs prosperous and experienced employees who know the place and know how to talk with customers. On the other hand, it is good to hire people with lesser experience and people who can guide those who do not. Therefore Taco Bell is a place where they allow everyone so that the responsibility does not fall on just a single person. Taco Bell employees get offered growth, advancement, and promotions in jobs if they do well and many other benefits such as an increase in salary, insurance plans, vacations, paid holidays, and many more days like that, which allow the people to stay in touch with their professional as well as personal lives. They have cultivated an environment where they can happily say that the people who work with each other trust their judgment and depend on teamwork to get the job done. Any company needs to be knowing about the employee’s condition of work, and Taco Bell provides the best benefits for the amount of work the people do. It offers all around the development of culinary and managerial careers.

Third Element

The third element talks about the financial side of things, i.e., the people who have invested their money into the business or the higher-ups or have big stakes in the company, such as the shareholders and stock investors. Investing their money to increase their net worth and get dividends and profits is an important part of a stock investor and a businessman. Taco Bell has proven to be a precious investment on people since it has followed in the footsteps of the most famous of the fast-food companies and has outranked them regarding value and growth. Now the growth of a business depends on the two elements we discussed earlier, that is why Taco Bell has mentioned employees and customers along with investors as a part of their mission statement to show that they care about growth in all three sectors and also to show that the growth of each sector depends on the other. Buying shares of a company means placing the hard-earned money of a person in a company, and Taco Bell as a restaurant and as a stock has not disappointed its investors so far.

Taco Bell Vision Statement

We have looked into the mission of Taco Bell, which is to provide value for all of the three sectors that pertain to and profit their business and fuel it. We will be looking at the vision statement and what the company hopes to achieve in the future with its expansion and the instant it reaches worldwide renown.

The vision statement is as follows, “to grow into the largest fast-food provider of Mexican style cuisine in emerging markets.” There are two main elements we will be analyzing in the vision statements to ensure we can grasp the correct meaning of it to you.

The elements are:

  1. Grow into the largest fast-food provider of Mexican cuisine
  2. Reaching emerging markets

The First Element

The first element tells us about the company thinking of expanding itself into its largest provide rid Mexican style fast food. Since Mexican food is still a little lesser in America due to many restaurants being strong in fast food like fried chicken, pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches, it can be difficult for the company to see an empire. Still, since the company has already established its dominance, it will be easier to expand. Mexican food is all about providing the best food with the freshest ingredients that give spice, tang, and freshness to every menu component. Taco Bell aims to achieve that level of flavor with every one of its menu items to appreciate their style and the Mexican cuisine for its innovation. That is why its main intent is to build a community and a family with a mutual love for Mexican cuisine and a commitment to business advancements.

The Second Element

The second element helps us understand the strategy behind Taco Bell’s rapid expansion and the innovation it has added to the menu for the last couple of years. It aims to get last the United States and other countries that have already established fast-food restaurants for various popular companies. The expansion will not only yield profit but also help in getting more and more regular customers from the other side of the world. Expansion of the restaurants on the other side of the world in countries like India, Korea, Spain, Guatemala, Canada, El Salvador, and the United Kingdom has helped the company get national outreach and develop new concepts specific to the culture of that region. The expansion has helped with their customer base and has allowed them to learn a lot about global markets and how they differ from the place of origin. Reaching emerging markets and establishing dominance while they are still developing is a sound strategy. When they finish developing, the business will be fully equipped and forged to take the developed and functional market load.


This is all you needed to know about the Mission and Vision statements of Taco Bell. Make sure to comment on what you think is the best quality about the company. Have a nice day!

Taco Bell Mission and Vision Statement

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