Taco Bell Mission and Vision Statement-And Value Analysis

Taco Bell Mission Statement, Vision & Value Analysis

Are you excited to know the Taco Bell Mission and Vision Statement? This is the article for you. And also we will see its value analysis.

About The Company

Taco Bell is an American-based fast-food restaurant chain. The famous fast-food chain organization was founded in 1962 by Glen Bell. The first location where it operated was in Downey, a city in California. Initially, it started with selling hot dogs in San Bernardino. Later in 1962, Glen Bell desired to expand the business to varieties of fast Mexican cuisines and serve to other parts of the states. 

The tacos that were initially sold in the restaurant were originally pronounced as “tay-kohs. Two years after its first operation, Glen Bell the owner sold his first franchise. By 1967, it became a chain organization with 100 restaurants. Currently, the company is operating in 7,000 locations worldwide and has about 6000 restaurants in the U.S. Taco Bell is now controlled and owned by Yum! brands which is a fast-food corporation. It operates many other brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, etc.

Currently, the company is headquartered in Irvine, California, United States. The key people of this organization are Julie Felss Masino (brand president), and Liz Williams (international president). Along with tacos the restaurant serves a variety of other Mexican food which includes quesadillas, nachos, a variety of value menu items, burritos, etc. Approximately 90% of the locations it serves are independent franchises and licensed operations. The company serves about 42 million customers a week.

The company’s success lies in its mission and vision statement. Therefore, the company stands as a strong competitor in the industry. The reason for the early success of Taco Bell is Glen Bell’s mission and philosophies. Let us learn about these mission & vision statements and their values in detail. 

Mission statement 

The mission statement of Taco Bell is very productive and confident towards customers. This statement shows how the company provides its customers and suppliers with good service and the best products. 

As stated in the mission the company prides itself in serving the best Mexican style fast food items and providing precise, friendly, and speed services. The organization provides an extraordinary work environment due to which the applicants are willing to work for the employers. The team members are given opportunities for career growth, self-development, job satisfaction with a fun and healthy working environment. 

The company is accountable for generating a profit in what they do and provide their shareholders with value enlargement. The mission notifies that the company strives to give its customers the best quality and good service to achieve customer satisfaction. Which in return fulfills the requirement and needs of the stakeholders. They also want to be a choice of each community. In the mission statement there are few crucial characteristics which are:

1: superior quality Mexican fast food

Every cuisine at Taco Bell is Mexican-style-based which includes the dishes they serve and their style services. It prepares the best menu for customers which typically includes Mexican fast food. This is the way the company uses branding strategy to make a unique position in fast food. The food at Taco Bell is given a cultural twist by adding spices and cheese sauce.

It has mastered making the best fast-food Mexican items which helped the restaurant gain huge popularity. The company knows its focus and which aspect to prioritize first. They do not believe in achieving everything at once in average level, instead, focus on one thing and be best at it. A Mexican cultural touch is given to every food in Taco Bell which takes the company a notch higher.

2: Improving Health

This is an important phase of the statement. The company clearly understands the bond between food and health and how it’s related to each other. To make the element of this mission succeed, Taco Bell has improved the standard for food preparation and its services. It serves nutritious and fresh food items to its customers.

For Taco Bell the health and satisfaction of their customers are always their priority. They provide the best quality food for their customers to maintain their good health. This aspect of their mission made a way into customer’s hearts and became a uniform choice for fast-food restaurants worldwide.

3: Communities’ improvement and strengthening 

By applying innovative ideas, the company knows how to achieve its best and make a difference and impact in society. Strengthening the community by relating to the future of tomorrow gives the company a sense of satisfaction. Taco Bell foundation improves the communities by directing the resources to youth development.

Vision Statement

According to the company vision statement, it claims to be the largest Mexican-style fast-food provider. This statement shows how the company’s branches are growing in the fast-food industry not only in the USA but also globally. It describes the following.

1: Be the largest fast-food provider

Being a popular fast-food restaurant does not completely satisfy the company. Their strategy is to grow in size and worth. It doesn’t want to only grow its business in the fast-food sector but also become the best food provider across the world. The target is to always improve the Mexican-style dishes. The company had rapid growth over time which shows its potential for future growth.

2: Controlling and conquering the emerging fast-food industry

The vision statement of the company claims of becoming a global corporation. This company aims to promote and set up more outlets to encourage the users worldwide to avail the experience of the product and services. Elaborating the business to an international franchise led to the rapid growth of the company. 

This goal is encouraged by the mission statement of the company. It desires to grow sustainably and rapidly. Through franchising, the company expanded its business which made the dishes affordable and easily accessible to any people around the globe.

Value Analysis

Taco Bell has an effective and significant core value that encourages its culture. This core volume contributes to the ability of the company to meet its declarations of both statements. Currently, Taco Bell stands high in the fast-food industry because of the effortless interaction of its vision, mission, and core values.

The core value defines customer loyalty, teamwork, good quality, and honesty. The most important aspect specified in this core value is to serve their customers with products that are not only satisfying but also overwhelming. The company is aware that good food is not only the secret behind success. It recognizes the value of unordinary services which determines the company’s growth especially, in the new markets.

Taco Bell has positioned itself in a way where the partners and investors get attracted to their credibility. Due to the value, it placed on its customers, employees, stakeholders, and community Taco Bell succeeded in achieving its goals and targets.

Employee Alignment

· 67% of their employees are motivated by the company’s vision, mission, and values.

· 7% of the employees consider the company’s mission to be the most important thing, other than the pay they get.

· 10% of the employees give the company’s mission the credit for sustaining the company.

· 5% of the employees feel most loyal to the company’s mission and vision.

Revenue of the company 

As per the reports of 2019, the annual revenue generated is approximately 2.08 billion USD.

Taco Bell competitors 

Top competitors of Taco Bell include Wendy’s, Freshly, McDonald’s, Del Taco, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and many more.


The company’s capability of differentiating itself from the corporate statement is the reason behind its rapid expansion into a multibillion organization within 60 years. Glen Bell believed that the person you become is what you create.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the Motto of Taco Bell? 

Answer: Taco Bell introduced a slogan in the year 2012 which says Live Mas, which means live more.

Question 2: What market or age group does Taco Bell target? 

Answer: Taco Bell’s target customers are in the age group between 18 to 34 years old. The company knows that the demography they serve also looks for vegan options.

Question 3: Is the food at Taco Bell healthy?

Answer: Yes, it is, because Taco Bell’s mission statement is to improve the health of its customers. It understands the transparent bond between food and health. Hence to make this statement possible Taco Bell serves fresh and nutritious food items to its customers.

Question 4: What is Taco Bell’s core value?

Answer: The core value of Taco Bell is to serve the best quality, gain customer loyalty, teamwork, and honesty.

Question 5: Taco Bell is based on which country? 

Answer: Taco Bell is a Mexican fast-food restaurant which is based in California, United States. It has about 6000 restaurants in the U.S.

Taco Bell Mission and Vision Statement-And Value Analysis

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