Sears Mission Statement Vision and Values Analysis

Sears, an American retail store that majorly deals with general merchandise, home appliances, tools, automotive parts and other services has like any other corporation a clear mission statement, vision and values that gives the organization a sense of direction. In this article, we are going to see about Sears Mission Statement Vision and Values Analysis.

Sears Mission Statement Vision and Values Analysis

To start us off is Sears mission statement that reads, “A leading integrated retailer focused on seamlessly connecting the digital and physical shopping experiences to serve our members – wherever, whenever and however they want to shop.”

Their vision statement, ” committed to improving the lives of our customers by providing quality services, products and solutions that earn their trust and build lifetime relationships.”

And lastly their values;

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Adherence to the highest ethical standards. 

Sears mission statement analysis

Digital and physical presence

In their mission statement Sears leads with placing focus on merging the online  and physical shopping in a bid to ease their availability to their consumers. In today’s day and age the digital world has taken the World by storm and any level headed company needs to have a digital presence in order to be inclusive of their consumers. Sears knows this hence takes measure to be inclusive enough to cater for all their consumers needs. This not only guarantees their service and brand being able to have representation worldwide but it also means that they cater for people that prefer to physically get services and products from them. 


The second part of their mission statement is more focused on their adaptability and flexibility level. Sears understands all too well the notion of the customer always being right and is willing to go to lengths to make sure that it’s consumers are comfortable and can access them anytime they have a need that can be met. They assure consumers that their needs will be taken care off exactly as they want it. The retail market is a competitive world  hence adaptability and flexibility is greatly required so as to stay afloat amongst all the competition. Hence why Sears goes an extra mile by assuring that their service is accessible at any point in time and at any place and specifically how the consumer wants the service.

Sears vision statement analysis

In the first part of their vision statement, Sears is already trying to win their consumers’ loyalty by assuring them that not only will their service and products improve their lives but also the quality of their service will be worth the coin. Let’s face it, we all seek services in hopes that they will fix a certain aspect of our needs and I for one love a good bargain for something equally as good. By aiming for quality at a sensible price, Sears cracks the code of consumer expectations. 

This brings us to the second part of Sears vision statement that majorly highlights or tells the consumers more about their products. They mention having products that are of high quality and try to explain to the consumers that if they invest in their product a good outcome will come from it leading to a continued business partnership. When quality and need is met a sense of trust will spark from consumer and service provider. Think about it, whenever you order or buy something with expectations that it would fix a certain part of your need and it does a perfect job and exceeds your expectations, it’s more likely for you to go back to the same store because you already trust it’s products. This is clearly important to Sears because they know the power of gaining the trust of people and how that can nurture a really good relationship between them and the consumers. All this in turn guarantees business continuity and guarantees the consumers that their favorite store will always be around. 

Sears values analysis

Sears have three values that they have nit-picked to represent them as a big retail brand and that act as a symbol of what they stand for. 

Granted, Sears values are more intertwined to work together because of how closely they may mean. To start with:

Honesty and integrity

The literal meaning of these words is being truthful and free of deceit. The words have been woven into Sears values to directly translate to being truthful to their consumers, this means that when they handle a consumer they have to let them know exactly how it is and not try to over-promise or twist words just so to sell their services. When a company swears to be honest and have integrity and actually follows through the result will be trustful consumers. Which if you think about it aligns with Sear’s vision of earning the trust of their consumers. 

Adherence to the highest ethical standards

By adhering to the highest standards Sears is expected to only produce products, services and solutions that are of high quality to their consumers. This value retaliates to their vision of providing quality in their brand. This value is a powerful move as it can create a competitive edge over the other retail brands.


Sears is clearly a big company that has put every single thought into their branding. A company’s mission, vision and values is the gateway to what an organization stands for and having a good branding will ensure your relativity in this competitive area. Through this article we would have learnt about Sears Mission Statement Vision and Values Analysis

Frequently asked questions

Is Sears home services going out of business

No. Sears home services is still in business even if there is no local store around or near you. The experts on Sears home services are still around you and available to ensure your appliances are maintained, repaired and provide any services that you may need from them. To access the services just call or click the, “schedule” button to set-up a repair meeting or any other service you may need from Sears. 

How long after an interview from Sears does it take to hear back? 

For some employees it took one week on average but for some it reportedly took about four to six weeks to be called in by Sears. 

How long does it take to get feedback  after applying to Sears? 

It takes about five days to a week to get a response from Sears depending on the number of applicants.

Sears Mission Statement Vision and Values Analysis

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