Menards Mission and Vision Statements- And Values Analysis

Menards Mission and Vision Statements

Menards is the third-largest home improvement retail company in the United States of America. It was founded in 1960 about 61 years ago by a famous billionaire businessman named John Menards Jr. Here, let’s know about Menards Mission and Vision Statements.

The headquarters of Menards is established in Eau Claire, Wisconsin of America. Apart from this, it maintains 335 stores in 15 States:-

Illinois,  Indiana, Iowa,  Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan,  Minnesota, Missouri,   Nebraska, North Dakota,  Ohio, South Dakota,  West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Mission Statement Of Menards:-

The Mission Statement of Menards define that:-

To Service and Quality, and is the way of saving a huge amount of money! On all the home improvements.

Menards retails home development derivatives such as hardware, tools, and paint. Menards is always trying to maintain a low price strategy to bring out attention to middle and upper-income shoppers. Menards demands a low price from its supplier so that it keeps its low price promises to its customer which increase customer loyalty. It is the best retail store to save an ample amount of money.

1. Service:-

Menards has superiority in providing high-quality customer service. First and foremost, Menards gives importance to their customers. They assist their clients and service them before, during, and after they buy. Menards positively resolve issues and have great patience. They help their customers have an easy and enjoyable experience with them.

2. Quality:-

Quality is a reflection of loyalty. Menards always choose high-quality services. It provides quality products like garden supply home appliances, plumbing supply groceries, and automotive-like more. Its quality in-house supply is Masterforce, Mastercraft, DAKOTA, etc. Menards provides entire home appliances at a valuable price and better quality.

The quality of products depends on the physical and functional potentiality of the products like capacity,  reliability, portability, etc. The quality of a product makes the customer trust the Company and repeat purchases. So maintaining product quality is always important.

Vision Statement of Menards:-

The vision statement of Menards is not analyzed specifically. Till now, the vision statement is not given and written by anyone. But the strategic plan of this organization defines that Menards work in a hard way to achieve rank, prosperity, and popularity. 

1. Rank:-

Menards heading in a loyal direction to acquire their goals. Its greatest accomplishments are explained below:-

  • Menards is known as the nation’s third-largest home improvement supply Company.
  • By 1986, Menards was positioned at the 15th rank among the top home improvement lines, with establishment sales from the 34 outlets touching about half of a billion. 
  • In 2016, Menards ranked 37th on Forbes in the list of “American largest private companies with an estimated revenue of US$8.7 million.
  • Another achievement of Menards in 2016, is it ranked 45th position in between 100 top retailers.
  • Menards provides the highest customer service for which it ranked the “highest in customer satisfaction among home improvement retail stores of America, in 2018.

2. Popularity:-

Menards has developed a reputation and status for its lower price and quality in products. Its availability and popularity make it more prosperous, so to support the growing company in the early 1990s opens a large warehouse or distribution center and a manufacturing point. 

Example:-In September 1994 there was about $9 billion home improvement supply like a leader, home depot entered the Chicago market. Nowadays the Menards supply has become more popular and there are 25 outlets or stores in Chicago.

Value Analysis Of Menards:-

Value analysis is an essential tool for Menards retail. Value analysis means how Menard retail influences the individual of its society.

The value analysis of Menards gives an excellent career scope to the societal individual. Menards also provided a wide field of career opportunities. Based on my career, the value analysis of Menards stated that “we are a growing company and we want to grow with you”. Irrespective of race, sex, age, and religion they hire, transform and promote their employee. Menards provides a positive work environment with great pay and benefits.

Menards is a home improvement retailer in the United States. It delivers a broad extent of home supplies like building material, electrical, paint, plumbing, and home decorating on a low budget. Its low price services like building services, installation services, and rebate services impact the lives of individuals to a greater extent. The public of the US benefited from Menards retail and saved a large amount of money.


Among all these benefits, Menards retail also has some controversies. In 2007 the Milwaukee magazine showed that Menards polluted the environment to a large extent. It is Marked that; In Wisconsin, the companies of Menards eliminated hazardous wastes and dumping of chemicals into the water. Therefore, the legal actions were taken by Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources and fined $2 million by the retail industry.


Menards is a successful and developing company. It owns prospective and popularity through its excellent service and quality of products. It has 335 stores in around 15 states and around 45k employees work at these companies. This is a wonderful home improvement company with a low price value analysis and a big money savings retail.

Menards Mission and Vision Statements- And Values Analysis

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