Make-A-Wish Mission Statement, Vision & Values Analysis

Make-A-Wish is a nonprofit organisation founded in the United States of America that helps to fulfil the dreams and wishes of children between the ages between 2 and a half and eighteen who are suffering from critical illness. This organisation was founded in 1980 and has been helping fulfil the wishes of children with critical illnesses ever since. It has 59 chapters around the US and also operates in 50 other countries around the world. Make-A-Wish became international in the year 1993, and now grants the wishes of children from over 50 countries through its 40 affiliates. Let us know about that the Make-A-Wish Mission Statement, Vision & Values Analysis.

Make-A-Wish Mission Statement, Vision & Values Analysis

The mission statement, values and vision help this organisation serve their target people better. Their mission is to fulfil the wishes of children with critical illnesses and is always working together with their vision to grant the wishes of these eligible children. The value set that they possess, that is, child focus, integrity, impact, innovation and community is ingrained in them and helps them to fulfil the mission and vision of the company. 


The mission statement of the organisation is to create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. This mission is what makes them work every day and be great at what they do. This mission guides their activities and helps them bring a smile to a child who is going through a really hard time with their disease. This mission makes them creative while trying to fulfil the wishes of every child under them. Their mission statement also makes them make use of the resources they have to the maximum for the children. This is an organisation that took birth when a US Customs Officer Tommy Austin fulfilled the dream of 7-year-old Christopher James Greicius. Chris was being treated for leukaemia when Austin became friends with him and understood that the child wished to be a police officer. In order to make the child happy and uplift his spirits, Austin, along with Frank Shankwitz and the Arizona Department of Public Safety planned his wish for him. As a part of their planning and execution, Chris spent the day as a police officer, rode in a police helicopter, received a custom-tailored police uniform, and was sworn in as the first honorary Public Safety Patrolman in state history. The day made a great impact on the child and even though Chris died soon after, the act of granting his wish and watching how much it affected him became the inspiration for the Make-A-Wish organization. This is the mission and vision that drives the workers and volunteers of this organisation. 


The vision of this organisation is to grant the wishes of every eligible child. Wishes are more than gifts, or anything momentary. It is something that the child wanted to do or has dreamed about for a long time. And at a time when everything around them seems bleak, they get the opportunity to experience something that they never thought they would. It is a great experience for everyone involved in this, the child, the volunteers, the medical professionals, the donors, the sponsors and the communities. The organisation strives to fulfil the wishes of every eligible child because they believe that this life-changing wish is integral to the child’s treatment. When the wish comes true for the child, it gives the child courage to do medical treatments and to keep a positive outlook. Parents of the children feel optimistic seeing the happiness of their child and others realise all they can do to help children. 


The values of an organisation are what make them do what they strive to do every day. The values of Make-A-Wish help them be who they are while coming together to grant the wishes of children in need. The values of Make-A-Wish are listed below: 

  1. Child Focus: The organisation always puts eligible children first.
  2. Integrity: The organisation strives to be honest, transparent and respectful. 
  3. Impact: They deliver life-changing work and hope that they impact the lives of the people they help. 
  4. Innovation: The organisation is bold, creative and imaginative. 
  5. Community: The organisation includes a group of people who are diverse in every other way but work towards a common goal. 

Keeping this mission, vision and values intact this organisation asks a crucial question to every eligible child they meet, “If you wish for anything, what would it be?”. This question then leads the organisation to fulfil the wishes of a child with critical illness, a wish that might be the last one they could achieve in some cases. By fulfilling the wish, the wish-granting organisation brings a smile to the child who has been hit with the harsh realities of the world early on in life.

When granted a wish, the child who is forced to lose a childhood and the parents who have to watch their child undergo a critical disease will have at least a day of not thinking about the illness that plagues their life. They could be free from the disease that rules them and the child could have a normal day like a child of their age. This also empowers them for the future and give them the courage to get through the disease and fight for their life, because they have just started living. Make-A-Wish is an organisation that tries to be the source of hope and courage for children affected by deadly diseases all over the world. And the wish that each child is getting is not just a simple gift but a journey as it is a well-planned experience that has to be suitable with the child’s medical treatment while giving the child hope and strength for the future. 

  1. Where is the headquarters of Make-A-Wish?

Answer: The headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America. 

  1. Is there a Make-A-Wish chapter in Brazil?

Answer: Yes, there is a Make-A-Wish chapter in Brazil. 

Make-A-Wish organisation has kept up with its mission, vision and values to try and fulfil the dreams and wishes of children affected by grave illnesses. They are the largest wish-granting organisation in the world bringing colour to the lives of children who have and are affected by critical illnesses. The organisation has been granting wishes for the last 40 years and has fulfilled the wishes of numerous children. Within these 40 years, with more than 43,000 volunteers this organisation has made more than 520,000 wishes come true. 


  1. Can a child suffering from a deadly disease from Turkey avail a wish from the Make-A-Wish foundation?

Answer: Yes, they can avail a wish at the Turkey chapter of Make-A-Wish. 

  1. Who is the CEO of Make-A-Wish foundation?

Answer: Leslie Motter is the President and CEO of Make-A-Wish organisation. 

Make-A-Wish Mission Statement, Vision & Values Analysis

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