Krispy Kreme Mission Statement, Vision & Values Analysis 

Today, Krispy Kreme is an international phenomenon and needs no introduction. This small doughnut shop now has over a thousand stores in locations like the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Mexico. Working through local franchises, Krispy Kreme has expanded its business and is still growing.  Krispy Kreme mission and vision statements work towards sharing the joy that is their food to everyone in the world. Both the missions and vision of the company are an excellent testimony to the company’s dedication towards their business and their service to their customers. The core values of the company add to the mission and vision and add uniformity to their daily operations. 

Krispy Kreme Mission

The History

Krispy Kreme began with a recipe of yeast-raised doughnuts. This recipe was traded between a French chef and the company’s founder Vernon Rudolph. Rudolph then opened a doughnut shop in 1937. This doughnut shop in Paducah, Kentucky supplied doughnuts to the neighboring grocery stores. 

Apparently, the smell of the doughnuts wafted from the shop and many people came directly to the shop and asked if they could buy hot doughnuts. For a visionary like Rudolph, this was it. He dropped the supply business and began selling donuts directly to customers rather than through other stores. The following decades (the 1940s and 1950s) saw the business rise to new heights. Many different stores opened in the Carolinas. 

Every store made its own doughnuts from scratch; the same taste could not be found everywhere. To rectify this and to make sure all Krispy Kreme doughnuts tasted the same, Rudolph opened a mixing plant. The purpose of this plant was to mix the dough and deliver it to different shops so that uniformity can be maintained. 

This standardization continued when the green and red bowtie logo was trademarked for the brand. All the stores then were standardized in appearance with heritage signs and green tiles for the roof. Many other stores opened in the 1960s and the brand of Krispy Kreme thus became a well-known entity. 

Krispy Kreme Mission Statement

The mission statement of Krispy Kreme is “to touch and enhance lives through the joy that is Krispy Kreme.” 

The broad elements that can be picked from this mission statement are as follows:

  • To reach more people
  • To improve their lives
  • To share the joy of Krispy Kreme 

Mission Statement Analysis

Based on the three core elements derived from the mission statement, one can easily analyze the approach of the company in their daily to day operations. The mission statement of the company is based on the values the founder began with when he first set up shop in Kentucky. The idea behind the original shop which sold directly to customers was to serve them hot delicious doughnuts. He initially wanted to expand their services which were done by collaborating with local franchises that stocked their doughnuts. 

  1. Reaching more people

The idea of reaching more people is synonymous with the concept in the vision statement which established the company’s intention to be a world leader. Touching the customers’ lives is only possible if their products have different customers across boundaries imposed by states and countries. The other aspect concerns the improvement of the quality of life of the customers which the company probably aims to do through their excellent quality and taste. 

  1. Improvement of lives through Innovation

Mission statements are typically more crisp and targeted which is why the intent of Krispy Kreme to spread joy to all of its customers may seem vague at first glance. But if we understand where their approach to their customers is coming from, we realize that spreading joy through their products simply means fulfilling customer expectations as much as possible. Even their innovation is targeted at making the life of their customers easier. 

The innovation initially included the mixing machine which standardized the dough mixing process. The mixing plant brought a new level of professionalism to the business and everything became standardized. The glaze and the cooking methods were standardized and the quality of the doughnuts across stores improved significantly following this change. 

  1. Creating Joy via Customer Satisfaction

The company also added a menu system that facilitated hassle-free ordering. The most recent addition to the innovation in technology includes the Krispy Kreme app which notifies the user of the best time to order hot doughnuts and beverages along with them. Allowing them to choose and get their favorite treats via an app is something that sets Krispy Kreme apart from other apps. 

Krispy Kreme Vision Statement

The vision statement of Krispy Kreme is “to be the worldwide leader in sharing delicious tastes and creating joy.” 

Based on this vision statement, one can look for certain key elements that might assist us to analyse this company’s vision statement. These are:

  • To be a global leader
  • Sharing good tasting food
  • Creating joyful moments with and for the customers

Vision Statement Analysis

The vision statement of the company is phrased specifically so that each reader and business analyst can see their priorities in the coming years. Vision statements are typically made to highlight the goals of the company which they want to achieve in the coming time. The company has been entertaining a loyal customer base since it first was launched. Since then, the company has seen improvement and has expanded into new markets by collaborating with other businesses. There have been new technologies evolved that help with better customer service. 

  1. Becoming a world leader

The company has been increasing its revenue as time passes. Generating profits each year, the recorded growth in total revenues generated by the Krispy Kreme doughnuts was a total of 11.4% more in the fiscal year 2012 as compared to that of the year 2011. 

As per the core elements of the vision statement, the first one describes the company’s intent to establish itself as a global leader. The process has already begun with their stores opening in international locations. It is only natural that the company would want to expand its business further. The initial difference when given to standardization made the brand of the company more recognizable across borders and has also helped in establishing the business in different locations around the world. 

Apart from establishing themselves as world leaders, the innovation in their approach to providing customer service has taken to new heights. With the decrease in the cost of production and the improvement in their quality of service, the company is on the right track to fulfill its vision. With the introduction of beverages and fresh doughnuts, Krispy Kreme offers something unique which their competitors do not. 

  1. Creating joy with delicious food

The second and third components of the vision statement are tied together. The doughnuts offered at Krispy Kreme are one of a kind and are known for their deliciousness. It was their taste that brought them where they are now. Staying consistent with their tasty offering thus becomes an essential part of their vision. It is also important as the taste should remain the same even if it is served in another country altogether. Along with their standardized branding, it is the taste that binds all stores of Krispy Kreme across the world together. 

Creating Joy among everyone who eats their donuts is a very ambitious goal to have but Krispy Kreme realizes this. They offer their treats to people in hospitals, schools, wholesalers, and convenience stores so that their treats can reach the maximum number of people possible and can create joy in every consumer. Customers can get these treats at any outlet when they might need uplifting and Krispy Kreme thus aims to create joy. This commitment goes further as Krispy Kreme is also in charge of a fundraising program that enables children in need to get uniforms and scholarships. 

Krispy Kreme Core Values

The core values of Krispy Kreme center around their customers. Understanding this is important to understand where the mindset of the company is coming from when they put forth their mission and vision statements. The company’s service to their customers is their focus and the quality of that service also matters. It is because of this dedication to their customers that Krispy Kreme collaborates with other companies if it means that their customers would benefit from it. The collaboration is also beneficial to small businesses and franchises across the world because it translates to more business and profit sharing for them. 

The Takeaway

Krispy Kreme is a company that is highly committed to providing the best food possible to their customers, wherever they might be. The mission, vision, and core values, all combine to promise the growth of the business and the satisfaction of the customers.


  1. How does Krispy Kreme aim to create joy?

Ans. Through their philanthropy. Krispy Kreme frequently donates their doughnuts to schools and hospitals. The Doughforce Donation Program is a part of their initiative to create joy.

  1. How is Krispy Kreme’s mission to ‘enhance lives’ applicable to their daily operations?

Ans. Providing quality food is one way to enhance the quality of life of their customers. On a more literal level, the company takes donation and sponsorship requests and awards them on a merit-based system. 

Krispy Kreme Mission Statement, Vision & Values Analysis 

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