Kraft Heinz Company Mission And Vision Statement- Value Analysis

Analysis of the Kraft Heinz Company’s Mission, Vision Statements, and Values

The Kraft Heinz Company (KHC), popularly known as Kraft Heinz, is one of the global leaders in the food and beverage industry. Earlier, Kraft Foods and H.J. Heinz became a merger company in 2015. Here, Kraft Heinz Company Mission And Vision Statement.

Home to well-known brands, the Kraft Heinz mission and vision statements and their values embody many of its interests and social responsibilities. However, one may wonder why a set of statements presented by a company matter. What purpose does it have that it requires an analytical write-up? 

When an employee or interviewee approaches any company, they need to know by what ideals the company stands, their goal, and how the company handles any issue. Having an idea of this helps a candidate or employee position themselves appropriately for personal and professional growth.

Mission Statement of the Kraft Heinz Company

“Let’s make life delicious.”

A concise statement that represents the purpose of KHC is to take life a step ahead in all its beautiful aspects, for one and all. The tone and moderation of the statement indicate a feeling of united action, with a general perspective of ‘us’ over ‘we.’

Vision Statement of the Kraft Heinz Company

“To sustainably grow by delighting more consumers globally.“

The very statement here denotes the company’s innate goal of bringing a smile on people’s faces and at the same time highlights their responsible nature towards communities, not just the ones in their home ground, but on a global level. 

Putting a smile on a person’s face ain’t easy. But, being a food and beverage company, the first deciding factor here is the ‘taste’ that loads the consumers’ taste buds which decides whether they will be delighted. With that in mind, KHC promises to deliver smiles by delivering the best products to their customers.

This affirmation adds merit to the company and shows its path ahead in the business and natural world. By growing, as in any company, but in sustainable steps, they are well on track to delight their consumers and employees.

Values Embodied by the Kraft Heinz Company

The values they incorporate are a set of core principles that define the company’s intention and motto. But, without any doubt, they take immense pride in using the word ‘we’ to denote their commitment to the work they do. 

The Values of the Kraft Heinz Company are as follows:

“We are consumer obsessed.”

They invariably place their consumers at the center of all their actions. This value emphasizes that they are concerned about their customers not just for their money but also for their satisfaction.

The company aims at keeping up the loyalty and trust that they’ve garnered throughout the years by fulfilling their demands in providing delicious food and drinks.

“We dare to do better every day.”

It strictly shows that they do not consider their position a permanent place on top, but there is always and always room for improvement. Understanding that they’re on a journey and not at the destination keeps the company in constant motion for striving better than yesterday. 

KHC’s betterment is reflected in their products, meeting customer demands and the ability to unlearn and learn newer things, expanding realms of learning and curiosity, and enabling them to deliver fresh produce each day.

“We champion great people.”

As in the case of any company, KHC too requires talented and well-nurtured people to be their representatives. However, not all companies emphasize their super-skilled workforce as a value they embody.

This value, in particular, strikes a chord with the employees, present and future, to be the best in what they do for a company that aims at being the best in what it does globally. To be enriched with people who enrich themselves with knowledge and passion for driving forward, shows the company’s leadership and pioneering act.

“We demand diversity.”

It understands that the world is diverse, and there is no place for discrimination is one thing. Stating it as a value is another. And the Kraft Heinz Company does precisely that.

It not only says they’re open to all sorts of comments and views from a wide array of backgrounds, but they demand the same from the world. And ‘demand’ here is a solid verb to be used.

“We do the right thing.”

Ah! The sheer confidence in what they do shows how well they do it to the consumers and the employees. They are bold, honest, and emphasize integrity, from creation to communication, from their products to the packaging.

This value makes them step ahead and shows the way for its employees too, who need to be confident and correct in what they do. A significant responsibility, but a more extensive service to the customers.

“We own it.”

It is the company that is responsible for anything that happens. And they know it well, too, stating that being accountable to their customers is a priority for them. The belief and commitment they entrusted with require a great deal of accountability. 

With an ultimate vision of delighting more consumers globally, the company has the need and urge to win their trust and stay answerable for what may come their way in their journey to achieve more significant milestones.

How important is it to have a clear mission, vision statement, and values for a company?

It is essential to have clarity in this because a mission and vision statement are core ideals or principles of the company by which they stand. 

The mission is like a basement and the vision a roof, while the values they incorporate are pillars by which any company stands upright. If any of these is misplaced or goes awry, the entire structure may collapse, which cannot entertain.

Improper understanding or lack of clarity can cause a diverged motion for the employees of a company, who in turn make the company what it is.

Why would a company’s mission and vision mean anything to a commoner?

For a commoner, it could mean a multitude of things. This matters from what they purchase to how beneficial they find a product or service. Or even how it isn’t, but making the company solve their problems and doubts with a thoughtful mind. 

Moreover, the consumer will find a company to embody values and meaning like a person and not an unnatural entity without thoughts or emotions. 

Rather than what it means to a person, it means much more to a company to state openly by what they stand by, giving a personal and emotional being’s picture.


Being a top brand in the food and beverage industry globally, the Kraft Heinz Company knows very well how to place its mission and vision statements and the core values upon which the company held. 

Consumer satisfaction, sustainability, delightful faces, diversity in the workplace, and products are few aspects of the fundamental beliefs on which the company bases itself. So it is no wonder the company remains a customer favorite and on the top for decades, credits to their love for their consumers whose trust they’ve managed to uphold for a very long time.

Kraft Heinz Company Mission And Vision Statement- Value Analysis

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