Girl Scout Mission and Vision statement- And value analysis

Girl Scout Mission and Vision statement

The Girl Scout is a Juvenile Corporation of the United States of America, which was envisaged on 12 March 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low. This intercontinental movement would put together the girls and make them strong and sturdy to meet their expectations. In this article, we will see the Girl Scout Mission and Vision statement.

Organizational Structure:

Girl Scout Mission and Vision statement
  • Now the Girls Scouts national organisation has its central headquarters in Washington Street of New York City, USA.
  • It is mainly governed by a chief executive officer by the name of Judith Batty and a 40-membered national board of directors, Karen p.Layng.
  • The Girls Scout members are affiliated with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts(WAGGGS).
  • Motto:-“Be prepared for every situation“.
  • Slogan:-“Give a Good turn every day“.

What is the Girl Scout Mission Statement?

Girls Scouts mission statement is:-

“Girls scouts formulate girls of courage, confidence, and character, who design the planet as a far better place.” 

 The main motto of the movement is “Make yourself ready in every situation”. The 1947 Girls Scouts handbook explained that ” A girl’s Scout is ready to help out wherever she is needed. Eagerness to serve is not adequate; it’s essential to know how to do the job well, even in an emergency.”

Mission:-To be a Synergist for girls empowerment

The central goal of the Girls scout mission is enhancing lives in a superior way and improving the expectation of youngsters. Girls scout helps the girls develop their full individual potential, skills and furnish a provocation for a harmonious commitment and subsidize the enhancement of the civilization through their potentiality like administration and coordination.


What are the Promises and Laws of Girls Scout?

Through the nationwide movements, Girls Scouts from all contexts and abilities can’t be acknowledged as they recognize their strength and rise to face new challenges at any instant. Hence the principle of Girls Scouts is to Serve the people of the civilization as their own family.

Girls Scouts promises:

“On my honour, I will attempt to:-

  • Give glory service to God, mankind and the nation.
  • Succour the people at any instant.
  • And obey and live by the Girl Scout’s law.

Girls Scouts Law:

The key point of the Girls Scouts law is to be together and express sisterhood between themselves in every situation.

” I will make my every effort to be 

sincere and equitable, 

amiable and affectionate,

Supportive and sharing

Considerate at and compassionate, 

and in control of my word and action, 

Honour to myself and others, 

Respect the ascendancy, 

Use resources carefully,

Generously build the world,

and be a sister to every member of Girl Scouts.

What are the programs and activities done by a Girls Scout?

Girl Scout Mission and Vision statement

    One of the indigenous and major glamours of Girl Scouts is that girls are motivated as proficient leaders and successful personalities.


  • The main program of a Girls Scout has fashioned a girl of brilliance and confidence, who can distinctly dominate her adventures.
  • She will be energized to find out her talent and passion and together make strategies to bring their dreams into reality.
  • Onward, she will achieve mastery in four areas that strengthen the foundation of the Girls Scout leadership experience:-
  1. Outdoors
  2. Life Skills
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

While she may be in touch with these subjects at schools, in other youngster agendas, or even in her own life, She will experience them in a new way and put herself on a unique path to a lifetime of leadership, mission, and achievement.

  • From 2005-2007, the STEM-related badges exceeded 8.6 million and more. The course of STEM provides them with a Widefield of opportunities to design their career in a better way.
  • Nowadays, Girl Scouts has 127 badges and missions under the STEM category. Recently, in 2020 Girl Scouts publicized the addition of 24 more new badges in STEM, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.


  • The troops of Girl Scouts do service endeavours like:-

. Supervising the flag ceremony

. Accumulating food for food hustles. 

. Looking in on nursing homes.

  • Through the Girl Scouts leadership experience:-a exhibition of fascinating, challenging and fun activities like earning badges, getting on stunning adventures, scrutinizing Science and Technology and doing community service projects.
  • Lending support to others has always been a vital role for Girl Scouts. They work for their friends, family and people from other regions.

What is the Vision Statements Analysis of Girls Scouts?

The vision affidavit of Girls Scout specifies that “It draws up to provide an all-girl and all-girl controlled atmosphere when girls can discover, determine,  paramountly learn and hone their administration Power or leadership skills.”

The above-mentioned statement has two main elements:-

  • All Girl’s friendly climate
  • Discover, learn and hone.

  The Syndicate contemplates on only one sexuality inclined sovereignty that it empowers as an ideal place where girls can realize their leadership aptitudes. Along these lines, the members get an opportunity to achieve a powerful identity and accept the laws and promises of the Girls Scouts. These encourage them to become successful humans.

Core values:

  • The core values of the Girl Scout comprises “Courage, confidence, character, leadership and entrepreneurship.”
  • With these values, the organisation generates an encouraging Framework where every individual is part of the overall unit.


The Girls Scout drags the girl community from the backyard to the backbone of the country. The innermost ideal of Girls scout is to expose,  influence, boost and mold girls into conscientious and vigorous.

The movement targets peculiar features that metamorphose an individual into an administrator. It offers a wide field to learn from experience. It also brings light to their character and career.

Currently, the Girls Scout has become more and more prominent. Their achievement and accomplishment make them more popular. Nowadays, there are 2.5 million Girl Scouts and 1.7 million girl members are taking part in the Scouts, and 890k adult members serving especially as volunteers. Girls from 92 countries take part in the movement of Girl Scouts.

Nowadays, achieving awards and badges make girls more curious about learning and exploring their skills and show the Universe how marvelous she is. The Girls Scout achieved some tremendous awards like-“Bronze cross”, ” Medal of Honor”, “Leadership Torch”, “Community Service Bar”, “Service to Girls Scout Bar”, “Global Action Award”.The greatest award achieved by the Girls Scout is the “Girl Scouts Gold Award”.Which is for carrying leadership on a large scale services project in-service hours. The award they earn symbolizes the highest and excellent degree of prosperity and accomplishment.

Scouts of the USA proceeds with energizing, contesting, and empowering girls ubiquitously.

Girl Scout Mission and Vision statement- And value analysis

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