Forever 21 Mission Statement , Vision & Values Analysis

 Forever 21 is the Los Angeles, California business of fashion clothing. Fashion 21, which has been subsequently developed into an outfit of XXI store brand Forever, Love 21, Forever 21, and Legacy brand, was created in 1984 and the very first establishment was named much of its clothing is manufactured in China and sold to various Asian nations, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Forever 21 Mission Statement , Vision & Values Analysis , let us know more about it.

Forever 21 Mission Statement , Vision & Values Analysis

Forever 21 has evolved from such a modest retail outlet to a major clothing brand around the globe. Forever 21’s manufacturing models and pricing levels distinguish them from nearly everyone else in the fashion business, such that they keep expanding at an accelerating rate over the past 34 years. Although their excellence cannot be compared, their capacity to mimic the new fashions even fills their stores finest brand consciously.

Background of forever 21 brand 

In the United States and Europe, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Asia the Forever 21 brand and its related line-up run approximately 790 apparel shops. The popularity of Forever 21 is due to the capability to confront leading fashion companies with fast-growing fully prepared styles and patterns while retaining one of the most affordable current pricing. This isn’t just Forever 21 which is now one of the globe’s biggest apparel businesses, but also that it proudly perpetuates its owners’ Christian beliefs. 

This chain, previously called Fashion 21, was aimed at children and young people looking for trendy products at costs further than affordable. The superstore featured primarily fashionable Korean items for the Korean American population in Los Angeles. Many Los Angeles teenagers flocked to the shop and the Chang understood that there was a chance of expansion with their unsurpassed price. The firm recorded around 700,000 USD in revenue in the first year. Its dominance has extended to more than 100 sites seven years later changed to Forever 21.  In 2009, 11 major retailers and stores spread around the United States have launched Forever 21.

Strategic direction 

The business has 3 main elements: business proposition, missions, and vision. They provide the methods to interact with the group’s work teams and to guarantee that the objectives of the company are achieved. The objectives of the Firm are to supply goods of exceptional quality and style at accessible rates. The firm aims to be the biggest fashion accessory brand in the country. The commercial application regarding sustainable development and profits through the firm’s special abilities in procuring, distributing, and retailing items for fashion items.

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Mission statement 

To provide clients with a never-ending choice, always evolving and stylish at an accessible price.

The mission statement from Forever 21 is to dress young ladies in the new styles worldwide.” The firm is devoted to providing the greatest fashions at the single best rates. Forever 21 is unusual in that it has super high quality, leading indicator fashions at affordable cost across countries. The firm is devoted every day to provide the greatest fashions at affordable offers and good deals.

Vision statement analysis 

“To inspire all customers’ shopping experience by providing a captivating and exciting store environment with a never-ending flow of fun, on-trend fashion at a great value.” Is the vision statement.

The vision statement of an organization is its ultimate objective, which it attempts to attain through time. And a precise, clear description of what a firm accomplishes and how it does so is an excellent vision statement. And here’s an instance of an excellent declaration of vision: “The aim is to deliver state-of-the-art goods and services worldwide.

Forever 21 continues to strike a chord by providing approachable fashionable clothes available at cheap costs for ladies, despite guaranteeing that they do not sacrifice the apparel style. Young women with no available funds will surely be invited to acquire expensive clothing from Forever 21. Even ladies who really can financially extend out for luxurious equipment will want to visit and buy fashionable items. Forever 21 has therefore been placed in its target groups its emotions and thoughts.

Core values 

  1. Encourage giving
  2. Helping the poor
  3. Time consciousness

Perhaps one of Forever 21’s fundamental principles is “to urge people to donate, to support those who need it most,” because Forever 21 is a community enterprise. Their services have guaranteed that the people are reached. The fundamental principle is extended with the terms “assist the poor” and “time awareness.” Many organizations contacted and assisted the goods produced by Forever 21. The Share Love, Love to Give brand was officially formed, and 100% of the earnings go to a certain cause.

The hope and confidence in the principles of Christianity also represent those basic characteristics. This Christian worldview that Changs espoused is pursued through the company. Especially John 3:16 was printed on the purchasing bags of this company and showed the devotion and values of the proprietors. Their profound spiritual faith that the family discovered trust in Divine greatest compassion at the beginning of this journey.


Forever 21 also has accessories such as belts, tie, caps, gloves, eyewear, and many others in its clothes department. In addition, the area of its jewelers contains goods such as watches, body gem, pins, brooches, etc.

Forever 21 also provides shoes including loafers, wedges, sandals, boots and heels. Forever 21 maintains its distinctive product selection with a strong commitment to the client.

Forever 21’s marketing goal strategy while the business still needs certain adjustments and changes in quality of product, quality is not resistant. With excellent deals and discounts, forever 21 provides its clients a wide selection of trendy clothing. And this is the attraction for the brand for additional customers.

Forever 21 always remains up to date with developments and favors brand experimentation. Forever 21 is poised to increase the successful upswing in the following year.


By creating and producing trend-speed clothes with remarkable speed, the company has effectively battled leading design businesses. Forever 21 has grown into one of the greatest clothing businesses in the world and became the American Dream that Changs have long looked forward for. as a consumer quick-mode of business

FAQ related to brand of Forever 21 

  1. What is the major reason of forever21 popularity?

Ans. The three major possible explanation why so many individuals in particular have fallen in affection with the thousand-year-old Forever 21 are customer responsiveness, high paced and keeping fashionable items attainable at affordable pricing.

  1. Who are the target audience for this brand?

Ans. The goal of Forever 21 is to engage people of all sizes. Its offerings are developed to meet the fashion and style of ladies mostly from adults to young people.

  1. How many retail stores are there worldwide?

Ans. The business company has been expanding throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and America, from the beginning of its trip from Los Angeles to California. Their brand has more than 600 shops across the globe.

Forever 21 Mission Statement , Vision & Values Analysis

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