CBP Mission and Vision Statements- Core Values Analysis

CBP Mission and Vision Statements

CBP is a premier law enforcement agency with a rich, proud heritage and a bright future as we continue to secure America’s borders while facilitating the flow of legitimate trade and travel. The CBP strives to keep our country safe by preventing people from smuggling illicit goods into the US, seizing them if necessary. Let’s know about CBP Mission and Vision Statements.

They also regulate America’s import and export laws, including ensuring that items are not dangerous or illegal. These three pieces help to guide how they do their job in service to the American people.

The mission statement

The mission statement is to “protect the American people, safeguard our borders, and enhance the nation’s economic prosperity.” In my review of this statement, the following points were discerned:

  •  Protect citizens of the United States 
  • Create sustainable communities 
  • Enhancing lives 
  • Enhancing communities

 The initial choice to include citizens of the United States as an integral part of its message to the American people (as compared to other federal agencies) is a smart and respectful decision. First of all, the intended audience is the entire population of the United States. 

Secondly, as we have seen in the recent tragedies in California, it is the issue of citizenship, nationality, and security that people are most concerned about. Since CBP is an essential agent of national security, it is critical that its messaging on this issue be very clear.

 What does CBP spend millions of taxpayer dollars on? Unfortunately, these millions of dollars have been ploughed into the police department of the border town of El Paso, Texas, to control the flow of illegals, criminals, and illegal drugs that pour into the US daily through the unsecured border, making the city safer for its citizens and neighboring towns.

Vision statement

The vision statement is “enhancing the nation’s security through innovation, intelligence, collaboration, and trust.” The statement in itself presents CBP’s determination to be the best in everything. It wants to ensure efficiency in performing its works, especially the enforcement of its laws. 

In terms of using advanced technology, CBP looks forward to upgrading the “Intelligence Workforce, Officers, and Centers”. Additionally, CBP wants to improve its “Apprehensions, Search, and Arrests”.

How can CBP improve on their current vision statement?

Two recommendations first, CBP can improve on its current vision statement by highlighting the things it’s doing well. It can also emphasize the areas that need improvement and correct these where appropriate. 

This will lead to the vision statement being more cohesive and fit to their objective. Second, the current vision statement could be improved if CBP can thoroughly explain the purpose of border protection. 

CBP should explain in detail the benefits of border protection and how it can be achieved. This can be especially done with human rights and dignity.

Core values

Here are the exact, precise values mentioned in the CBP website, as stated by the website itself: To Serve and Protect America. We take our mission of “Serving and Protecting America” seriously. Our efforts to protect the nation are guided by the core values which we believe represent the best of our organization and reflect the sacrifices of the American people. 

  • Respect for lawful orders- CBP respects lawful authority and rejects any effort to violate the law. 
  • Integrity- Integrity defines who we are as an organization. As an organization, we strive to honour the trust that has been given to us to protect the people and property of the United States. 
  • Service to Country- We are a nation of immigrants who truly value the contributions of all individuals to our communities.

How do CBP’s core values affect the organization?

In the case of law enforcement: This value is most often used to inculcate patriotism in the career officials of the agency. From beginning to end, CBP goes out of its way to make sure all of its officers are willing to put their lives on the line for their country. 

The agency follows up on how officers handle themselves on and off the job. This insignia shows the words “my responsibility and my honor to my country”, standing for the words “duty, honor, country.” 

Another way the agency illustrates its commitment to duty is by maintaining a standard of excellence in its equipment and buildings. The implementation of values across the board is not something that an agency has to do to achieve success. 

While it can be helpful in one’s overall career development, an agency’s values should be implemented to create and foster a stronger bond with the populace and the agency itself. Through this, employees at all levels can see how the organization and themselves are true to these core values. 

In turn, employees will be better able to do their jobs to the best of their ability and to achieve their goals with greater ease. The benefits of implementing values into an organization extend beyond individual happiness and productivity.


What we can read into this is that the CBP is a human service agency, tasked with ensuring that people’s safety is not compromised whilst maintaining a balanced relationship with the rest of the world.

It may be considering its need to remain up to date with technology, to achieve optimal efficiency, when it creates new policies and strengthens existing ones, thus ensuring that it leads and influences the best border control in the land.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1.) What customs and border agents are looking for to prevent them from entering the country?

Answer- The CBP strives to keep our country safe by preventing people from smuggling illicit goods into the US, seizing them if necessary.

Question 2.) What is the average salary for border patrol?

Answer- The average salary for border patrol is $34,000 per year.

Question 3.) What is the number of CBP officers who have died?

Answer- 123 officers have died since 1904.

Question 4.) How can CBP improve on its current vision statement?

Answer- CBP can improve on its current vision statement by highlighting the things it’s doing well.

CBP Mission and Vision Statements- Core Values Analysis

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