Boeing’s Mission and Vision Statement- Values Analysis

Boeing Mission & Vision Statement & Values Analysis

Boeing is a multinational corporation that was established by William Boeing more than a century ago in 1916. The company is involved with the designing, manufacturing, and selling of airplanes, missiles, rotorcraft, satellites, and telecommunications equipment all around the world. The company is one of the global leaders in aerospace manufacturing. Today, we’ll know about Boeing’s Mission and Vision Statement.

Boeing is also in the business of providing product support and leasing services. It would not be far-fetched to say that the success of the company is owing to its mission and vision statements. The primary priorities of the company have been to provide top-notch customer service without letting innovation take the backseat. While the mission and vision statements are responsible for the dedication and commitment of the organization to the services they provide and their long-term goals, their core values dictate the company’s endeavor to make those goals a reality. 

Boeing has placed itself as one of the leading corporations in the aerospace industry through its quality service and also by allowing its productions to have a wide range of applications. The mission and vision statements put Boeing in a dependable position with its clients and also promises its stakeholders success by drawing on the power that will allow the company to become a leader in its respective industry.

While the mission statement outlines the strategic aspect of the goals needed to be achieved by the company, the vision statement introduces a long-term goal which is an ideal that needs to be achieved by constant endeavor in the right direction. The mission and vision statements of a company should work together to emphasize the commitment of a company towards its goals and should present complementary rather than contradictory views. The core values need to be analyzed along with the mission and vision statements because they dictate the scale on which the company aims to work to make its vision come true. 

Boeing’s Mission Statement

Boeing’s mission statement is: “People working together as a global enterprise for aerospace industry leadership.”

The company’s mission statement serves the purpose of introducing the corporation’s goals that need to be achieved. Not only does the mission statement distinguish Boeing from its competitors, it also makes clear all the objectives the company has in mind as they provide service in the industry. It can be analyzed by looking into it with respect to the statement’s core components. These are as follows:

  • People working with each other
  • Functioning as a global enterprise
  • Leadership in the Aerospace Industry

Mission Statement Analysis

Even though the components of the mission statement work perfectly well together to emphasize the company’s motives, they need to be studied individually to understand how they factor into the operations of the company. Whether it is the focus on unity within the company or the acknowledgment of their services being international, the end goal is described as the placement of Boeing as a leader in the aerospace industry.

The first core component places the employees and clients as important resources needed for the company’s daily growth. Without networking or teamwork, the smooth functioning of the company would suffer and so would a business. Empowering every individual who is in contact with the company thus becomes an important aspect of the company’s daily operations. People, whether they are employees, clients, researchers, or the board of directors, all are equally important to the success of the company. 

Boeing is a multinational company and is well known by people not only working in the aerospace industry but also by the common public. The company acknowledges its current position as a global corporation and plans to maintain it and improve upon it. Working in different countries, the company can rightly call itself a global service provider. 

Boeing has been one of the leading companies in the aerospace industry since the 1940s and aims at establishing itself as the leader and then remaining so with continual development and growth. With the company’s dedication to innovation and investment in R&D, streamlining and customer service, Boeing is surely going in the right direction. 

The core components can also be expanded to include various other aspects that come under the umbrella of the services Boeing provides and what it means to achieve through them. Through their aim of becoming a global enterprise, not only are they growing their business, but also are making more people privy to their exceptional services, evidently increasing the quality of service that is provided to them and hence improving the entire experience. 

Boeing’s mission statement is a good one because it outlines what needs to be done and underscores what already has been achieved in its century-long run. The company is committed to providing the best service possible to its clients and has already succeeded in expanding its range of services to people around the globe. 

The manufacturing aspect of the company has also been expanded on a global level. With its emphasis on working together, the company underplays the importance of networking which played a huge role in the establishment of the company in a global market. Without constant cooperation with different individuals and companies, Boeing cannot hope to be the leader of the aviation industry and it is well acknowledged in the mission statement. 

Boeing’s Vision Statement

Boeing’s vision statement is “designed to inspire and focus all employees on a shared future and to reaffirm that, together, we can meet the challenges that lie ahead.”

The vision statement is firmly placed in a future where Boeing is an established global leader. Displaying a long-term goal as all vision statements should, Boeing’s aim is not solely to be placed as the leader in the aerospace industry. Along with its main goal, the company also foresees that the support of their employees is essential for any kind of success they aim to attain. We can divide the vision statement into its core elements to analyze it better.

  • Designed to keep inspiring the employees
  • The focus of the employees on a shared future
  • Reaffirming unity
  • Meeting and overcoming upcoming challenges

Vision Statement Analysis

Unlike the company’s mission statement which focussed on productivity and putting Boeing on the world map as the leader in the aviation industry, the vision statement turns the focus of the company inwards. The employees become a priority and it is explicitly stated that the company policies are ‘designed’ so that their employees are kept involved in the operations and the smooth functioning of the day-to-day operations. 

The factor that the employees would always be inspired can either mean keeping the morale high or keeping the employees invested in the company so that they continue working towards future success. The first core element directly continues to the second one which adds another factor to the ‘design’ the company has for its employees. 

Along with inspiring the employees to stay dedicated to the company mission, they are also encouraged to stay focused. With the mention of a shared future, it is implied that when the company is successful, the employees by default would be successful. The future would not only spell success for the organization but the employees’ focus and inspired work would also be duly rewarded. 

Directly taken from the mission statement, the idea of putting together a united front is reaffirmed in the vision statement. The end goal of working together is the same in both cases and the word ‘reaffirm’ is rightly used. Taken in the larger context of the vision statement, working together becomes important because unless all the employees learn to work together for a shared goal, or a shared future in this case, the company will find it difficult to succeed. 

By first and foremost focus on the employees, Boeing emphasizes just how important their workforce is to them. Understanding that the commitment of the employees should align with the goals of the company, a united front is aimed at, which is exactly what the next core component explains. The idea of a shared future guarantees the investment of all the people involved with the company.

Once the idea of sharing a future is presented, the vision statement jumps to the final core component. Any goal which is of great importance comes with its own set of challenges. In this case, Boeing is a multinational corporation providing services in a number of fields within the industry. The challenges thus become more diversified. Without the support of their workforce, the company knows the obstacles would be difficult to overcome. 

Boeing’s leadership position in the global market would thus only be solidified if every individual involved with the company is equally invested in the company’s success. The vision statement is precise and briefly puts forth just what needs to be achieved at a baser level to attain the position of a global leader. 

Boeing’s Core Values

Boeing’s core values comprise “Integrity, quality, safety, diversity & inclusion, trust & respect, corporate citizenship, and stakeholder success.” 

As mentioned above, the mission and vision statements can be analyzed together to understand the goals of the organization better but without analyzing the core values of the company, one cannot know how the potential the company holds is harnessed in day-to-day operations. The core values can be understood together once we understand how they work individually with respect to the company. 

  • Integrity: As a multinational corporation, Boeing has a reputation to uphold. Getting involved in controversies would only damage the integrity of the company and would adversely impact the future success the company can possibly attain. Maintaining a culture of honesty thus becomes important. 

  • Quality: With providing quality service to their clientele, the company cannot hope to be successful in the long run. Boeing has to make a constant and lasting commitment with the aim to provide quality along with service in whatever they do.

  • Safety: The aviation industry is one in which safety is a factor that cannot be compromised at any cost. Manufacturing products that promise safety, as well as quality, therefore becomes essential. 

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Any company cannot hope to be successful as a global enterprise if they refuse to embrace diversity. The inclusion of individuals from different communities allows for the company to be familiar with different perspectives which can help the company with expansion in the long run.  

  • Trust & Respect: Fostering a culture of trust and respect is important in any organization. If the employees can trust and respect each other, they would be better at collaborating together on projects. Moreover, being trustworthy and respected in the industry is also important for the company as a whole as it would bring in more business. 

  • Corporate Citizenship: Every company has a responsibility towards the society it places itself in. Boeing includes corporate citizenship in its core values to emphasize just how much it aims at improving the quality of life of people and communities that are closely related to the company’s operations.

  • Stakeholder Success: Along with corporate citizenship, the company includes stakeholder success in its core values as a constant reminder that success for the stakeholder is as important to the company as their commitment to the quality of their products.  

The Takeaway

Boeing’s mission statement is a straightforward strategic goal that outlines every important aspect in which the company can move forward. The end goal is for the company to be placed as the leader in the aerospace industry but not without accepting everything that will need to be done for that to happen. Unity is the core component that ties the mission and vision statement together.

The workforce is placed at the center of the vision statement and the unity they need to achieve is specified as important along with their focus to make the company the leader in the aerospace industry. Rather than the establishment as the world leader, the vision statement talks about tickling any difficulties that might arise on the way to the top. The employees and their dedication is put forth as the key in such situations. 

The core values explain the company’s commitment to serving not only their customers but also their employees and their stakeholders as well as the society they are a part of. 

Boeing’s Mission and Vision Statement- Values Analysis

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