McDonald’s Interview Questions and Answers- Simple Answers


Mcdonalds is largely known as one of the leading fast-food restaurant chains in the world. This organization has an astounding legacy that records the rendering of food service to over 60 million customers daily in more than 100 countries. Founded in 1948 by the Mcdonald brothers, this fast food service chain has witnessed massive growth. Known for its special and delicious hamburgers, it has scaled the local shores to the international environment. Here are some McDonald’s Interview Questions and Answers.

A closer look into the history of Mcdonalds’ revealed that in 1955, Ray Kroc was fascinated by how a fast food supply chain was able to provide and supply more milkshakes from a small shop. He was impressed by their concept and decided to partner with the Mcdonalds brothers by beginning a franchise store. However, in 1961 he purchased Mcdonalds from its brothers and focused on achieving more. Today, Mcdonald’s has gone through several growth processes that have made it better than what it used to be several years ago and they currently offer a lot of job opportunities to thousands of individuals through their various locations.

If you are interested in beginning a career at Mcdonald’s, you must be well acquainted with the accurate details of what the company represents, its missions and menus, available entry-level job positions, duties, salary, benefits, and interview processes before submitting your application. At Mcdonald’s, when you apply for a Cashier, Crew Chief or Manager, or Shift Manager either online or at a store location, you will be contacted within the space of two weeks at most for an interview.

Hiring managers contact applicants whose application meets their criteria for an interview. The interview process usually entails a period of questions and answers, and it is necessary to get yourself accustomed to these questions before going for an interview at Mcdonald’s.  In this article, we will be going through the common interview questions obtainable at Mcdonald’s and providing sample answers to them.

Before we delve into the interview questions, it is necessary to dress properly and professionally when going for interviews. Be calm, confident, and courteous when providing answers to questions, and most importantly stay truthful. Be sincere to say “No” when you don’t know a thing but display a willingness to learn. Having said that, let’s get started with some of these interview questions.

McDonald’s Interview Questions and Answers

  1. What can you say about the McDonald’s brand and what does it represent?

Sample Answer: McDonald’s is a world-leading fast food supply chain that possesses more than 36,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. They serve customers a variety of healthy meals that range from fruits, hamburgers, salads to yogurts, etc. McDonald’s was founded by the McDonalds Brothers known as Maurice and Richard McDonalds(Dick and Mac) in 1948 and was later purchased by Ray Kroc who contributed to the company’s success on a large scale. It is also known as a corporation that employs over 2 million people in various locations.

Answering this shows that you have done your homework on the company before coming for the interview because it leaves no segment of the company out. 

  1. What inspired your application to McDonald’s? There are different ways to answer this question. 

Sample Answer 1: Mcdonald’s has recorded success on a large scale, so my desire for success motivated me to apply. I believe that being a part of the system would expose me to the secrets of consistency in business.

Sample Answer 2: My love for the restaurant menu and its services since childhood inspired my application.

Sample Answer 3: The enormous job opportunities in various store locations and the privilege of career growth offered at Mcdonald’s caught my interest, so I decided to submit my application to get started.

Sample Answer 4: My passion for community and service and building great relationships on a large scale inspired my application for the job.

Your answers must culminate with the interests of the organization and reflect what the brand represents.

  1. Working at Mcdonald’s will require that you interact with customers daily, how would you welcome them to the store?

Sample Answer: I understand that every customer is important and should be treated fairly, so I will greet them politely with a smile whether in the morning, afternoon, or evening. After the greetings, I will ask them “how I can help them” or “what I can help them with” and keep a friendly tone while processing their order.

Hospitality is key to customer service. So, show them you possess it and will be the best fit for the job.

  1. What is your favorite meal on the menu? And why is it your favorite?

This question is to test your knowledge of the company’s menu. So, if you have not tasted any of the items on the menu, it would be wise to try them out before the interview. If you do, it will give you an experience.

State your favorite menu item, what made you enjoy it, how you enjoy the appropriate mix of recipes and any other delight you got while savoring the item. Be real, avoid lies, if you don’t have any experience with any menu item, please get one and pay attention to the item. Also, hiring managers want to see how well you can sell or convince a customer towards a menu item.

  1. What would you describe as your strengths?

Hiring managers ask questions like these for personal assessment. So, it’s a good time to sell yourself. Showcase the skills that are related to the job you are applying for.

Sample Answer: I excel at professional communications and prioritize building healthy relationships that can generate sales. I am hospitable and enjoy listening and attending to the needs of others. I love to work with teams to generate excellent results. And, I am good at handling multi-tasks and perform excellently well under pressure. I speak well and communicate displeasures appropriately where necessary.

You can go on and on, but ensure that you are not blabbing. Maintain eye contact with hiring managers to check if they love what you are saying. Don’t be proud or arrogant, just stay confident.

  1. What would you describe as your weaknesses?

Your interviewer knows that you are not perfect. So, they are asking you to check how sincere you are to yourself. Think of weaknesses that won’t reduce your chances of getting the job. Take a look at this:

Sample Answer 1: I enjoy working and getting tasks done to the extent that I take on more tasks and responsibilities so that the team can achieve more. As a result of this, I overwork myself and don’t know when to rest, which usually leads to burnout most times. However, I’m learning to rest, when I need to and also allow others to do their job.

Sample Answer 2: I am an easy-going person that loves meeting new people and building relationships. I also noticed that my easiness makes them take me for granted, so I’m learning to strike a balance between being easy and being professional.

Sample Answer 3: I love acts of service because it blesses me. And, sometimes, I don’t know when to stop serving, this has led to me being used by people. But, I am seriously learning to know when to serve and when not to serve.

  1. Do you enjoy working alone or working with teams?

McDonald’s believes in teamwork, and they look out for applicants who are good with teams. Here’s what your answer should look like:

Sample Answer: Yes, I enjoy working alone, when tasks demand that I work alone. Also, I enjoy working with teams because I believe that working together with hardworking individuals helps you achieve heights quicker and easier. I strongly believe in the division of labor and collective responsibility, so I do well with teams.

Answering this shows the interviewer that you are not a dependent person and at the same time reveals that you can be trusted with managing teams. This could give you an edge over other applicants.

  1. Give me reasons why I should hire you to fill this position?

Don’t be too humble and also don’t be too proud, but show them the essential values of a worker that you possess.

Sample Answer: I learn quickly, adapt easily, and work hard to give customers the best of service. I am a friendly person that communicates easily and I believe that I would be a great addition to the team because I will help make customers feel welcomed and loved during their visits. I also want to contribute to the community service that Mcdonald’s offers to their local community and ensure that the organization stays successful.

Let your answers reflect the interests of the organization rather than your interests. Also, if you have years of experience, you can state that you believe your experience will help you work differently and blend easily than others who are entirely new to the job position.

  1. Would you be available for a full-time or part-time job?

Your interviewer wants to know your availability. So be as honest as possible.

Sample Answer 1:  I will be available for a full-time job because I want to give my best to the growth of this organization.

Sample Answer 2: I will want to begin with part-time work that offers a lot of flexibility because of my commitment. 

This wouldn’t sell you short, just be explicit with your reasons for needing part-time or full-time work. You can also state the days and hours you will be available for work. Just be you!

  1. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Any plans to further your education?

Interviewers want to know if they are in your long-term plan and how serious you are about the job you are applying for. This would help:

Sample Answer 1: Yes, I plan to further my education for personal development to better contribute to the growth of the company.

Sample Answer 2: I see myself growing into a management position in this great organization.

Ensure that you are wise enough not to give your interviewer the expression that you have plans to leave the organization in a couple of months. Also, inform them that you have plans to continue with your education.

  1. How would you handle an angry customer?

Your interviewer wants to know how good you are with relating with people and possibly managing them. So, be practical in your answer:

Sample Answer: First, I will be calm and polite even if the customer is yelling and making a scene. Second, render apologies and try to pacify the customer. Third, I will commence investigations by asking several questions on how to present a solution. Lastly, If I can’t proffer solutions, I will plead with the customer to be patient with us, while I proceed to report the situation to the management. Also, if the customer is in the wrong, I will respectfully communicate his/her error to them, and also meet their needs.

  1.  What would your reactions be towards a colleague who spends more time on phone calls, chats rather than concentrating on his/her tasks?

Sample Answer: I would call his attention to the reason why they were employed. I will also make them understand that their attitude to work is not in the best interest of the organization and counsel them to change. I will also monitor them to make sure that they change, if they don’t I would inform them about filing a report to the manager and eventually do that.

Interviewers want to know if you are sincere in your relationship with teams.

  1. Would you be willing to take on other tasks outside your job responsibilities?

Sample Answer: I strongly believe in giving my best to ensure that everything works well. So, I am more than willing to perform other tasks to make sure that customers are adequately taken care of.

  1.  Working at McDonald’s you may need to repeat the same line of tasks every day, what would you do to stay motivated on the job?

Sample Answer: I will get involved in learning new ways to do the job more intelligently. I will come up with creative ways to make my job less stressful and more interesting. I would also invest in building the teams I work with. I would ensure that I teach others. 

All of these will keep me fulfilled on the job even if I have to repeat the same tasks daily.

  1. How would you manage a conflict with a colleague or a manager?

Conflicts are most times inevitable in most work environments. However, how you manage them shows your emotional intelligence. 

Sample Answer: I will apologize if my actions were wrong and plead for an opportunity to right my wrongs. And, if I am not, I will make my colleague see his/her wrongs respectfully and still apologize for any misinterpretation. 

You can go around this answer, be sincere with your response.

  1. What are your salary expectations?

Before going for an interview, ensure that you research various job positions and their pay, so that you don’t sell yourself short and also don’t sound too high. Ensure that you give them a reasonable pay range. Don’t ask for too much, just be realistic.

  1.  Have you ever gone an extra mile for a customer, what was it like?

Interviewers want to hear your previous experience with customers, so don’t be stingy in sharing it. It will give them a hint into your commitment to customer service.

Sample Answer 1: Yes, I have. One of those days, a customer visited our restaurant and ordered an item that was currently not available on our menu. The customer was in dire need, so I volunteered to get it from another restaurant with the permission of the manager. And, the customer was very grateful that his needs were met.

Sample Answer 2: A customer came in wet as a result of the rain and was shivering cold because he had no raincoat and no winter jacket. I offered him a jacket and a cup of coffee to keep him warm, while he waited for his item to be ready. And he appreciated my hospitality by ordering more items.

Be sincere, stick to your experiences alone.

  1.  Why did you quit your last job?

Interviewers want to know your work history and also check if you lost the job as a result of theft or a bad attitude.

Sample Answer: I left my last job because I had gathered a lot of experience and learned a lot. So, I was looking to try out something different.

You should ensure that you don’t put your past employees in a bad light. So, be as neutral as possible.

  1.  How did punctuality contribute to your success in your previous job?

Punctuality is key to achieving great business success. So they want to know your thoughts on being punctual.

Sample Answer: Showing up or resuming work on time, helps me settle in properly into the day’s activities before customers troop in. It helps me plan and organize my day properly. 

  1. Do you have Customer Service Experience?

Customer Service experience is critical to McDonald’s because the number of people you will be required to attend to is usually much. So, a fast food or customer experience would be an added advantage. So, go ahead and share your experience, if you have one. And if not, be sincere enough to state that.

  1. Do you have any questions you would like to ask us?

At the close of an interview session, the interviewer or employer will like to know if you need clarification on any issue stated. It is also a good avenue to showcase your skills. Your answer could look like this:

Sample Answer 1:  What development plans does Mcdonald’s offer? Is there training or are there any personal development opportunities?

Sample Answer 2: What qualities make you excel as a staff at Mcdonald’s?

Sample Answer 3: How do you measure my success and how many hours would I be expected to work?

Sample Answer 4: What counsel would you give me that will help me perform at my best on the job?

You can use the opportunities to ask questions that give you an insight into the kind of job you will be required to do if you eventually get the job. 

Other interview questions may include;

  • What part of working at Mcdonald’s excites you?
  • Are you good with maths?
  • What contributions would you bring to the team?
  • How would you promote sales?
  • What is your experience with cash handling?
  • How would you manage a conflict between a customer and your colleague?
  • How would you handle a case of theft?

What should carry along to McDonald’s Interview?

After preparing for an interview, it is important to carry the following items along with you:

  1. A means of identification ( e.g school identity cards)
  2. 2-3 copies of your resume.
  3. A pen and a writing pad, in case you may need to note something down.
  4. Your referee contact and mail address.
  5. Directions to interview locations if you are not familiar with the location.


  1. What qualities do hiring managers look out for during interview sessions?
    They look out for individuals who are confident and know how to communicate effectively. They also look at how organized you are during interviews and check if your experience would be an advantage to them.

  2. Is it necessary to answer all questions during an interview?
    Well, if you have answers to all the questions, it would be brilliant to answer them all. However, if you don’t it is expected that you let the interviewer know you don’t have an answer to a question, rather than get stuck in the middle.

  3. How do I dress for an interview?
    When going for an interview at McDonald’s, dress corporately, if you have long hair, it’s advisable to pack it backward. And, if you are applying for an entry-level position, it will be appropriate to wear business casual.
McDonald’s Interview Questions and Answers- Simple Answers

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