Audi Mission and Vision statement-Value Analysis

Audi Mission Statement, Vision & Value Analysis

Audi AG is globally known as Audi. Audi is an automotive manufacturing company that produces luxury vehicles. Audi company headquarter is situated in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. August Horch is the founder of Audi AG. The company name is the Latin translation of the surname of August Horch that is “Horch” means “listen” in German. However, it becomes “Audi” in Latin. Audi came into existence on 16th July 1909 in Zwickau, Germany. In this article, we will see the Audi Mission and Vision statement and its Value Analysis

The competitors of the Audi are

BMW Group

Chairman and CEO: Oliver Zipse.

Employee working: 120,726.

Revenue: $138.9 billion.


Chairman: Ola Kalienius.

Employee working: 176,499.

Revenue: $121.1 billion.


President: Akio Toyoda.

Employee working: 366,283.

Revenue: $275.9 billion


President and CEO: Toshihiro Mibe.

Employee working: 211,374.

Revenue: $131.8 billion.


President and CEO: Won Hee Lee.

Employee working: 284,114.

Revenue: $99 billion.


President and CEO: James D Farley.

Employee working: 199,000.

Revenue: $136.4 billion.


President and CEO: Makoto Uchida.

Employee working: 136,134.

Revenue: $78.6 billion.

General Motors (GM)

Chairman and CEO: Mary T. Barra.

Employee working: 173,000.

Revenue: $139.6 billion.


Co-founder & CEO: Elon R. Musk.

Employee working: 48,817.

Revenue: $41.9 billion.


President: Martin Weissburg.

Employee working: 2,500.

Revenue: $3 billion.

However, the present CEO of Audi is Markus Duesmann. More than 87,000 employees are working in the Audi Company. Audi has annual revenue of around $73.1billion.

So, the above-listed companies are the competitors for Audi. Because all of these automotive brands reach all over the world as Audi does. This creates challenges & competition for Audi.

 Audi’s Mission

Audi has its mission statement as “Consistently Audi.”

The statement is itself a unique saying, same as the versatility of the company. And this statement has stayed as a mission for the company from the year since it came into existence.

“Consistently Audi” means the company is very consistent towards their goals, imagination, & dream. The company says this is not just for the sake of providing its self-mission statement, and they stood on it for the past 100 years.

Audi made its presence so strong that the world-level famous automotive companies are still competing with it, irrespective of whichever country it belongs to. This states that the reach Audi Company got in the automobile world is impeccable.

So, this all became possible for Audi because of the consistent effort towards serving the unique kind of automotive products with new & advanced services. Consistency in providing the various types of unique designs, services, sleekness, & many more. These made the company reach the level it stood as of now by following these missions.

Audi’s Vision

The company has the vision statement as “Audi – the premium brand.”

The statement’s saying reflects the goal and the desire of the company. The motive of the organization is leaning forward can be understood with the help of the vision statement.  

“Audi – the premium brands” statement can be divided into two parts such as “Audi” & “the premium brand.”

The first part – Audi, from the above statement, says that the organization wants to stand different from the other automobile corporations. In this manner, companies want to lead in the automotive industry by surpassing the list of other leading companies available in the market. Audi wants to stand in the position of top 1 in the world automobile industry.

The second part of the statement is “the premium brand.” It states that the company wants to lead the industry by achieving the supreme level position in the industry. The company wants to stay superior to the other brands. It wants to stay unique from the other available brands in the market.

So, at last, the overall statement states that Audi has a vision of gaining success & staying as a premium brand globally.

Audi’s Values

The thing that makes the brands unique is the values that the brand manufacturer follows.

Audi’s Values – “digitalization, sustainability, urbanization, integrity, respect, & cooperation.”

As of the present scenario, an organization that doesn’t use technology will always stay back in the race of success. Audi has realized this so early that it transformed the lessons to the values of the corporation.

Audi took digitalization, sustainability & urbanization a one step forward for the employees. And most importantly for the customers. The company uses digitalization to make things simpler for the employees as well as customers. It is constantly trying to urbanize or enhance the products. So, the technology should get used to making things simpler for the customers.

For all of these, integrity, respect & cooperation between the employees of the company & the customers is a must.

So, these all are the values that an organization follows for the growth of the self.   


Audi made its presence in the global market because of the consistent effort put in by the company & its employees. The company’s constant growth from the beginning to the present position made it learn various lessons.

An organization made those lessons into the stepping stone for growth. By transforming challenges into the mission, vision & values for the company. The company will follow it till the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the motive of Audi?

Answer: Audi is striving with a purpose in the automobile industry. The motive is to make people’s life easier by using technology. And this will directly impact the society to live hassle-free & better.

2. Who is the founder of Audi?

Answer: Audi came into existence in the year 1909. August Horch was the founder of Audi. And Audi is the Latin word of the meaning of Horch which means listen. 

Audi Mission and Vision statement-Value Analysis

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