Is Java Developer a Good Career?

Is Java Developer a Good Career

Have you ever been curious about how Twitter, Spotify, Murex, Opera Mini, and other similar applications work? How can we have the luxury of having information, music at our fingertips while sitting anywhere in the world? The show is run by people behind the curtains. They are called Java developers. Java currently being the most prominent language in the software world can be a good career prospect for many.  People who work on java are called java developers. They design and develop applications and games based on the java computing language. Let’s find out more about java developers and find the answer to your question ‘Is Java Developer a Good Career?’.

Is java developer a good career?

The flourishing of one’s career depends upon the person’s ability to understand the demand and skills required for the job. Being a java developer can be a very successful career seeing much demand in the industry for it. After getting the undergrad degree or diploma, anyone can work either independently i.e. freelancing, or work for software firms in their home countries or around the world.  The work of a java developer is to look after the development, run and test the application and deploy it on time. It takes a lot of effort in creating the application and it is certainly not child’s play. Not only one develops the application but is also involved in all the stages starting from development to deployment. Not only that, one learns to work in a team with other professionals such as Web Designers, Web Developers, and Software Engineers. The expected annual salary of a java developer is $101,229, as mentioned by

Let’s look at the procedure to becoming a successful Java Developer. Not only that, but we will also discuss what are the best colleges and career options available for aspiring Java Developers.

How to become a Java Developer?

Every field has educational requirements that one must complete start working. The same rule applies to Java Developers. However, there is no separate degree to become a Java Developer.

Scoring well on  SAT/ ACT

Many times students worry whether they should prepare for the SAT or ACT. Both exams are accepted by the colleges for admission and merit-based scholarship. Scoring high marks in these exams will give you the edge over the others for you to choose your dream college. As MIT no longer accepts SAT scores for college admissions, students planning to apply to MIT need not worry much about it. 

One should start preparing early for their SAT or ACT exams. You can check out various websites to prepare for your SAT exams accordingly.

Pick a school

Various websites are telling you to enroll in their courses rather than spending time in college. However, their passing certificate won’t hold the same weightage a degree would when applying for jobs. According to your preference of state and your financial condition, you should choose a school with top programs.

You can apply to colleges like:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University

All these colleges provide financial-based scholarships so don’t forget to check with them before filling your application form.

If you are looking for affordable education, then you can try applying to:

  • Brooklyn College of the City 
  • University of New York
  • Texas Tech University
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Central Missouri
  • University of Arizona

Pick a Course

Choosing the correct course is highly crucial as it will decide the future outcomes of your career. Most Java Developers pursue Computer Science. However, one can also choose between computer engineering and electrical engineering majors. Aspiring young java developers must put some research before choosing the course.

Apart from that, online websites like Udemy and Coursera have multiple certificate programs for those of you who can’t afford to go to college. These programs are designed for remote studies and you can complete them from the comfort of your home.

Learning the languages

To become a successful Java Developer, one has to learn various computer languages. This will increase your chances of a successful career. People knowing different coding languages are preferred by big tech companies. Some of these languages are Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, and Python. These languages are essential to learning so that you can work with the big corporations in the future as they’re high in demand. Companies like Uber and Sony are well-known to make use of them.

Apart from that, as a programmer familiarize yourself with Git & Github, Linux, Data Structures and Algorithms, HTTP / HTTPS. In a world full of competition, big tech companies are looking for people who have a unique mindset and a not mediocre one. For you to stand out of the crowd, learn and master these skills. It will enhance your chances of a successful career.

Apply for Jobs

The demand for Java developers is all over the market. However, not everyone is going to get it. Few qualifications are necessary for almost all companies looking for Java developers. They are:

  • Certificate or Degree
  • 1-2 years of experience working with Java
  • Experience in database management
  • Able to  developing web application
  • Work with minimal supervision

These are some of the educational qualities required for Java developers. One can gain experience by working with start-ups and learn from them. Don’t directly think of joining big tech companies where there is not much exposure to code and work but only paperwork. 

What do Java Developers do?

Java developers are programmers mainly working on developing and designing applications that we use daily. They not only create the application but also look for bugs or other changes required by the client. They collaborate with software engineers and web designers to develop applications, software, and websites.

Some Java developers choose to develop mobile games as the language is very versatile. Games like Minicraft, Bounce Tales, Contra, Gangster crime city are all products of Java. Other than that, they teach in universities to other aspiring young java developers about the technicality of the software. 

How much do Java developers earn?

It solely depends upon the experience of a person in Java programming. According to the average salary of a java developer is $95,984 as of August 27, 2021. Again like we mentioned, people get paid more or less depending upon their skills, knowledge, and expertise.  Indeed reports that a Senior Java Developer can earn as much as $121,836 per annum. 

What are Java and Javascript? Is there any difference?

Yes. The difference lies in their execution. Java is considered a strong language in comparison to Javascript as the latter is more relaxed and weak. On the other hand, one can run Java anywhere whereas Java script can be run only on browser and js Node. Another difference being is that Javascript is not a standalone language while Java is. While there may be many differences, both languages are used for web and games developments. 

What are other languages similar to Java?

Kotlin, Rust, C, Dart, Go are some of the new languages that are giving competition to Java.  However, it is worth noting that except for C, all other languages are modern languages. Meaning they are not made in the ’90s. They are a by-product of today’s great computer scientists’ minds. And in the changing world, many more are yet to come.

Is Java worth the Effort and Money?

Yes and No. If you are not passionate about pursuing it and merely doing it for the paycheck then NO. However, if you like how the software and language work in an engineering environment, then definitely yes. So one has to decide for themselves whether they will be happy to pursue the course or not. Applying to schools like Harvard and MIT which are some of the top schools around the globe is no joke. So one will be putting a lot of effort and money. So try to analyze by asking your guidance counselors, meeting people working in the profession, etc to know more about it


You can find your dream job if you plan ahead and not last minute. A career is an important part of human life and choosing it wisely is our responsibility. Now you know what are the challenges and requirements to work as Java Developers, you can see if the job suits you. It is important to mention that without having a logical brain and mathematical practice, you can’t succeed as a programmer. But the good news is that these skills can always be learned by anyone. So, if you have decided this is what you want to do, then get going and start preparing.


Q1. Who developed the Java language?

James Gosling is a Canadian scientist who developed java. His nickname is also “Dr. Java.”

Q2. Is java hard to learn?

NO. It can be quite easy if one is familiar with the fundamentals of Java.

Q3. Which are the companies having the highest Java developers?

Mobcoder, Redwerk, Iflexion are some of the most famous companies recruiting Java developers the most. 

Q4. Which place is best suitable for Java developers?

San Francisco is the best place to start a career in Java development.

Q5. What are other uses of Java other than game development?

Java is used for  Distributed Applications, Cloud-based Applications, loT Applications as well.

Is Java Developer a Good Career?

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