How Do I Get To Miller Medical School?

When applying to the University of Miami, a lot of benchmarks need to be assessed. Some of the criteria are the enrollment and acceptance rate, the application deadlines, the School requirements, the GPA cut-off,  the tuition fees, and many more. let us know about that the How Do I Get To Miller Medical School?

How Do I Get To Miller Medical School?

About Miller Medical School

Miller Medical was founded in 1952 and it was Florida’s first medical school.

 Miller School of Medicine can boast of 45 centres and institutes, 21 clinical departments, 6 basic science departments, and 23 administrative groups, with 1400 members of faculty and more.

In the Best Graduate School, 2017 edition, published by U.S. News & World Report, Miller Medical School consistently accelerated towards the national rankings of research medical schools at No. 44. In 2019, based on research grants received from the National Institutes of Health, the Miller Medical School then rose to No. 40 out of 147 schools published by the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research.

The Miller Medical School campus has over 500,000 square feet  space. The School Innovation process is currently top-notch as it has unveiled over 1500 current projects. 

The Miller School of Medicine is also affiliated with the University of Miami Hospital, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Anne Bates Leach Eye Hospital, home to the top-ranked Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. 

The school’s major teaching facility which is Jackson Memorial Hospital is also notably one of the largest hospitals in the United States, able to admit over 1,550 patients. 

Miller Medical School Achievements

The school has unleashed some essential projects which are:

The first male fertility microsurgery was performed by Miller Medical School.

The School performed the second most active cochlear implant program in the U.S for adults and children to restore hearing for acute deafness.

   The School identifies genes that regulate optic nerve ability to regenerate.

   The School discovers the gene responsible for multiple sclerosis.

   The school conducted groundbreaking research on curing diabetes through cell transplantation

Miller Medical School Programs

   Miller School of Medicine students from the Class of 2019 specialized in the following fields; Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Dermatology, Anesthesiology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Family Medicine. 

   They also pursued residencies in Radiation Oncology, Plastic Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurology, and Diagnostic Radiology. But notable programs are neurology and dermatology.

   The MD, MD/Ph.D., MD/MPH, MD/MBA, MD/MS, and MD/JD Programs are the available degree programs for Miller  Medical School students.

The Enrollment And Acceptance Rate

    The Miller School of Medicine always accepts not less than 9000 applicants every year.

    The School enrollment rate is 1.1.  Miller School received 9164 applicants and 464 candidates were interviewed and 154 were enrolled in the class of 2003.

    This shows that the school is always choosing the best of the best applicants which sustained the hole in its top-ranking position in research and medical schools.

 NB:  The School requires applicants to take the CAS  Test as part of the Secondary Application process.

The Gpa Cut-off

Average overall GPA: 3.70

Average science GPA: 3.60

Average MCAT percentile: 76th

At least a 3.20 science GPA and a 3.20 overall GPA, 155

 were accepted to medical school out of the 213 Miami students who scored in the 50th percentile or higher on the MCAT.

The Application Deadlines

June: AMCAS application begins

July: Secondary application starts

September: Interviews begin

December: AMCAS application deadline

January: Secondary application deadline

March: Interview period ends

April: Deadline for MD and MD/Ph.D. students accepted to multiple programs

May: 100$ deposit.

Note: the application fee is 90$.

Miller Medical School Requirements

    An undergraduate degree from an accredited higher school of learning must be possessed by an applicant that wants to attend Miller Medical School before his/she can be considered for acceptance into the school.  Although, certain courses are needed to be attained by applicants at the senior college level. Certain course works are Behavioural Science, Biology, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and English. Only Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry must be 1 semester, the rest must be studied for 2 semesters. 68% of students who matriculate at Miller Medical School are majoring in a math or science discipline as undergraduates.

The School Essay

   The secondary essays that students write in medical school are different from writing undergraduate essays. The secondary essays seek to determine how well an applicant matches with an institution’s academics and culture.

   For a student to earn a slot in most medical schools like the University of Miami, he/she needs to make a strong impression if they hope to earn a slot because of thousands of applications received in a year by the school students. 

   When writing an essay, you need to be original, don’t be fake in expressing yourself to show more commitment, avoid wrong spelling because the committee is always concerned about the little mistakes which might lead to loss of life, and avoid repetition of expression or experience. 

The School Interview

    If the Medical School selects you for an interview, be prepared to sit down with a member of the admission committees and you are to have a one-on-one conversation which might take up to one hour. This is to ensure that the applicants are motivated to become a doctor. The interviews are held on Monday and Friday between September and April.

    The following areas to be considered in the interview are; academic preparedness, maturity, decision-making, passion for caring for the patient, personal skills, motivation level, and experience level.

   To impress the admission committees, students need to do absolute research on the institution and program thoroughly. 

The Tuition Fees

The Miller Medical School is one of the ten least expensive medical schools in the country.

Tuition and fees: $47,185 

Other: $25,120

Health insurance: $3,264

The total cost of attendance: $75,569

The average Miami Medical School graduate leaves the school with approximately $144,100 in debt, and 78% of students receive some form of aid.


   It can be concluded that to get into the Miller Medical School, applicants should be able to meet the school requirement, and also be financially ready to pay for the cost of learning at the school.

How Do I Get To Miller Medical School?

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