Thank You Speech For Corporate Award


Being an award winner can be overwhelming. You can get overwrought with what to say to accept your Award. As a recipient, you’re expected to give an address to your applauding audience. That is why we’ve written down some examples to help you deliver an acceptance speech, and we know just how curious you might be.

The corporate world is full of verve people. As so, a lot of industries tend to recognize the very best in their team annually, some for being outstanding, some for long years of service, and accepting Awards starts with an overflow of surprise, mixed feelings can come in like a wave of the sea and sweep you off your feet, you might not know what to say, how to react or how to put your ‘thank you’ words together, so to say, be prepared. Look your best. Have a perfect outfit for the event. You have to impress because before you start speaking, eyes will be on you while you walk up that podium, and you have to be deliberate about it. Also, never dismiss off the power of a smile. It is the connection you instantly create with your audience. Whichever Award you’ve been selected/nominated for. Our Corporate Award acceptance speech guide will help you mind-crafting a speech that will leave your audience applauding you. So we will be sharing some tips, and we hope you find them useful. 


  • Prepare for the big day ahead. You must be prepared for any occurrence. Although most nominees for film awards tend to prepare a note beforehand, corporate settings may vary. Either way, keep in mind that you have to avoid stuttering due to a lack of words. It’s not awkward if you have a piece of note, literally a signal that you were ready to win after all. 
  • Take control of the room, it’s your space, and everyone is listening. At that very minute, you’re the center of attention. We’ve had situations where people will not give you listening ears due to being withdrawn from the happenings around them, so you might want to get their attention first. Pull your audience together. It takes little effort to this.
  • Start by appreciating your Firm/Organization for the recognition. Let them understand how grateful you are to be honored, envision most of the things you’d think they’d love you to talk about, be concise about it. 
  • Please talk about the most important experiences that brought you thus far and keep it short and simple. It’s normal to lay bear your struggles, sacrifices, steps, and rejection to your watching audience. They need to hear from you why your Organization chose to award you even if it’s not the center of importance. Shared ideas are like shining lights, and only those who can benefit from them will approach them. Don’t get nervous when people come to meet you later to talk about the ideas they heard you say on stage. This is how you expand your connections. 
  • Give relatable hints on your plans to keep the smart work going. Speak from the aspect of team-work. Make it clear that the Award is just not about you, but about a group of people with oneness. It might not have become possible if It might not have become possible handed down every aspect of work to you, so take a moment to appreciate your colleagues, make mentions if you think it is necessary to. Future goals and vision should be a selling point. Sometimes speeches tend to sell you intellectually. You never know. Someone might walk up to you for a handshake. 
  • It’s okay to lack social dexterity. However, try as much as you can to show gestures. It goes a long way in showing your organizational skills, leadership abilities, and readiness to address many people. Since smartness doesn’t come only in knowledge, the way you portray yourself matters to a fault. It’s an Award, yes, but the people who have their eyes on you are people from various disciplines. Different people looking out for different things.
  • Avoid ambiguity and any form of bigotry. The stage is meant for you to show appreciation, intelligence, worth, and social networking skills. It is not a medium for irrational sentiments. Your words should be perceived as raw, defining, factual and understandable. Nothing has time to think twice about what you said, and if you want to grab attention to yourself, you must avoid bigotry at all costs.
  • Be coordinated. Your decorum only shows how established you have been over the few years of your life. It speaks louder to your audience than any words could. Avoid statements that tend to glorify you. You do not want signs of a proud recipient written all over the faces of your audience. That is why you have to be conscious.
  • Finally, give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has made it possible. Why should you see this as a necessary part of your speech? A lot of consideration went down before you were nominated. Most of the time, people are rooted for you, so a thank you goes a long way in connecting back to them. 

Here Are A Few Examples


I’m indeed elated that I’m found worthy to be awarded the best employee, this will always cross my mind and constantly remind me of how it all started and every effort our team put in to get to where we are now. It gives me so much joy that our efforts are not being overlooked and that each person in this room is the winners themselves. So I want to say thank you all, most importantly (make a few worthy mentions) let this award be a seal of what we can all achieve together.  Thank you. 


 Good evening to everyone seated here tonight. On this important night of my life, I’m profoundly honored to be standing here, receiving this award. One thing is to be hardworking, another is to be seen, heard and celebrated. I’m happy and I say a big thank you to all, you all are the reason we are here today. This award is a big picture of what we do, who we are and where we are going and let it remain a constant reminder that good work comes with unbelievable achievements. Thank you.

Example 3 is for people who love to infuse a little humor and trust the fact that being boring on that stage won’t help print your words in the heart of your audience. You don’t have to make it look like you just don’t care, you’ll end up being just another annual awards recipient. 


Wow! It’s unbelievable but this is happening.

Thank you (mention your organization) for exalting this person standing before you, I couldn’t be prouder. Let me use this medium to say a huge thank you to all those who made this possible. When I walked into this company a few years back, I knew I had a mission, and that has helped me do the things I do. Honestly, I never knew this day would come any sooner(light up your face with a smile) I’m above all, speechless, oh my God I’m crying inside (this might act as a relief joke, allow the audience to absorb it) this here (lifting your Award statuette) is for my team just that I’m taking it home(chuckle if need be) thank you to the management, board and every staff seated here today. Thank you. 

Questions like;

What if I make a clumsy joke? Do people apply jokes to Award acceptance speeches?

You do not have to spur your joke on, with lines that seek to target or defame, that is why you have to clearly choose your diction, be bright about it, mistakes are not always forgotten in a snap of a finger. Furthermore, jokes are a part of everything we do, so infusing some elements of polite jokes won’t hurt a fly. I hope example 3 above will help you in drafting an admirable yet precise speech when you are up for an award.

Examples For Healthcare Worker Award


They say being a hero starts with doing something. You have to start a change if you want to see it happen, and once you take that first step, be ready for the outcome. I think my team and I have made that first step, we worked on the opportunity that was given and look at me, holding our reward in my hand. 2020 was a rough year, in and around us, we all experienced a change, no matter how scared we were, it was my job to be outdare, saving lives, doing what I could because it’s what we do, it’s our responsibility to save lives while we can. The road is farther, but that won’t stop us, my team and I have been able to help out in various counties, making sure patients have on-time care as it should be. So when I was nominated, I had butterflies, cause I didn’t know it was possible. Thank you to the community Healthcare board, The Havanna State hospital and most importantly, my team for this honor. Thank you.


It’s a little weird to be standing amidst very great people of my time, but when I look at the bigger picture, I see the importance of this gathering, coming together to honor men and women in the medical field for their services and I’m so honored to be here. There’s just so much to say but time wouldn’t let me, however I wouldn’t bore you with my words. Accept my thank you, I rejoice in this recognition, it tells me that I can carry on what I do and that people see it and this award whispers into my ear to keep fighting. In a time of disastrous health issues, my prayers are that we prevail. Thank you once again to everyone who had a hand in this. 

Award For Best Brand/Company Examples 


When I decided to establish this company, I had just figured out what I wanted to do, and two important visions were my passion to serve and proffer solutions. Over the years, I and these amazing people standing here with me, have been driving those visions. I’m proud to say I am blessed to have these talented, skillful and willing people standing by me. Together we’ve served and proffered lasting solutions to our industry. We are not at our peak yet but this Award clearly states that we are doing something visible and the world is experiencing a touch from it. So thank you to the Award body for finding our brand worthy to be celebrated. I also want to thank the various frontline staff, they’ve worked too hard, too smart and this is for everyone who has supported our brand from day 1. I’m also reminded that you all are the stars and the world is appreciative of your creative minds. Thank you.


Starting a brand, especially one that would affect targeted customers for a positive outcome, has to begin with planning. And to be sincere, we didn’t think our company would do this much, at least for the first few years, but look at us now, helping individuals and supporting small businesses through our Go For Change Initiative. And over the years since its inception, we’ve carried out(talk about your achievements) and this year we promise to do better. When I was informed that our company is this year’s recipient of the Sterling Brands Award, I didn’t believe it, it looked too good to be true. Here we are, accepting this Award and looking on to the next great thing we can achieve together. I appreciate this, I appreciate this recognitory honor. I appreciate my role models in the industry from which these desires sprang up. Thank you so very much.


Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I just want to take a moment to absorb this shock or should I call it a surprise. I was already a winner for being nominated, winning means a lot to me and that’s a whole lot to take in. To my fellow nominees, we did great this year. These brands have stood the test of time, bouncing back stronger each time and doing the very best to serve a growing market. At West Co. Our mission statement has remained the same; to offer services that beat the competition and satisfy the ever booming demand for quality and quantitative products. We just launched our new products into the market and this coincidence is amazing. I’m overjoyed. If I could ever thank you all enough, I wouldn’t mind doing so because this Award came through for me. So let me end by recognizing the impact it will add to our brand. Thank you again and again for showing us so much love. Winning will always be our watchword, as as we go out to the field once more to serve the market, we’d make sure to continue our best practices. 


Each time I was invited here, I’d sit and admire the people who come up here to receive Awards for their hard work. I was triggered, and each time, I tell myself that I needed to continue doing what I do and maybe someday, I might just get to stand here too. Look what God can do(make gestures) cause here I am today, standing in the same spot I’ve admired over the years. It has never been with my efforts alone so I’m not standing here on my behalf but on behalf of everybody I work and associate with who have been very instrumental to the success of this brand. No amount of thank you can quantify how grateful I am. I would never have been able to make it here if I didn’t have these wonderful hands holding me. It’s ours to celebrate and we would do so. Thank you to the organizers, we see what you do in fostering the smoothness of the corporate society, we say thank you.


I wake up every morning, knowing I do not have what it takes to be average, the more challenging what I do becomes, the more I’m pushed to give it another shot. I am not accustomed to receiving accolades, still trying to process this. You don’t know how grateful I am, how much I want to work harder and harder because of this. I’ve long embraced the power of overcoming, that no matter what you do, you face your fears, you overtake, you overcome. I have overcome and I’ll be ready for more. We had put a lot into this year and I wouldn’t have thought anyone would notice and go as far as finding us eligible to take this home. I feel the need to be consistent, be good at it, someone out there is watching. You’re saving lives, you’re providing for lives, you’re feeding lives, whatever it is you are doing, people are watching and they are going to come for you. They are going to say something worse, or praise you for the good you do, it’s up to you to choose and remain at it. The sky is just where we will launch from. Thank you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I Need To Carry A Note?

You don’t necessarily need a note, your words should stay simple and connective, but if you must, words should not only be dependent on what is written alone, try as much as you can to have a grasp of what you have written down prior to the event date.

What Are The Personalities You Must Possess While Accepting An Award?

You must try to show humility without having to say it, be gracious. Highlight on the realities that you’re a loveable person, it’s alright to say you’re not there to make people love you, nevertheless, a well-mannered individual is what the audience is looking out for.

How Do I Handle Stage Freight? 

Let your mind do the talking, be focused on why you’re standing there in the first place and you can relieve yourself with a few nice jokes. It’s earlier mentioned above that being cracked up helps ease tension, especially on those who have stage freight. 

Is There A Time Limit For Every Award Recipient?

Yes. Since it’s a well-organized occasion, the program will have a time limit allotted to recipients to come on stage and receive their awards. 

How Many Minutes Should I Spend On Stage?

2-3 minutes is enough to put your speech together and get the applause you deserve. In as much as nobody is going to walk you out the stage for staying past the time allotted to you, it would be nice to follow specified timing and not end up boring your audience. 

Are There Videos I Can Watch To Help Me Practice?

Yes. YouTube has a lot of videos on Award acceptance that can help you practice, all you have to do is input your query and select the video that best suits your search.


You can also practice at home, if you have a friend or family members who will be interested to watch you practice and put your through mistakes, then do so. This is more fun because you’d be able to express yourself more with familiar faces. 

Consequently, as an Award recipient, these words should come from your heart, words after words will eventually be a reflection of your internal state of mind. So use your podium and let it be a place of careful thoughts. Most of the time, a given timeframe is awarded to each recipient ( of course, nobody wants to sit all day listening to you no matter how mind-gripping your sentences are) so keep it simple, keep your jokes polite, avoid ambiguity and let it be your words. Wishing you the very best.

Thank You Speech For Corporate Award

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