Does Vector Marketing Pay Weekly? -Know More

Vector marketing acts as a local sales arm for Cutco Corporation involved in the direct sale of cutlery products to family, friends and prospects.  The salespeople who work for the company are generally young individuals from college or high school. The sales technique is through direct presentations to prospects. The company is based in the United States of America and Canada. Let us know about “Does Vector Marketing Pay Weekly?”

Does Vector Marketing Pay Weekly?

Do Sales Representatives Get Paid Weekly Or Biweekly?

The sales representatives at Vector marketing are paid weekly and the reps are paid on Mondays via paper check or direct deposit. The weekly orders and timesheets that contains booked appointments are always submitted every Monday by the sales representatives and the payments are always made on the following Monday after submission. The module of operation for the salespeople is through home visits while making sales. The estimated payment is $160.00 weekly. The reps get $17.25 for every appointment booked. 

Business Development Department Pay At Vector Marketing

The business development has three departments comprising of account executive, business development manager and account manager. Their annual salary range is $ 98, 026, $143,979 and $108, 377 respectively. The department is tasked with representing the company at various trade shows as well as providing insights on the marketing strategies. These departments are not paid on a .weekly basis

The Finance Department Pay At vector marketing

The finance department has 5 departments comprising of account manager, senior accountant, accountant, business analyst and financial analyst. Their annual salary range is $96, 348, $90,594, $64,295, $86, 071 and 87,069 respectively. The role of the department is to manage the firm’s funds, budget for the expenditure of funds on different assets as well as acquiring funds for the company. The pay in this department is not weekly

How To Makes Money In Vector Marketing?

In the United States of America, the average amount earned by the sales representative in an hour is $15.09. Each time a qualified prospect is presented to Cutco, the salesperson gets to earn $15-$18 which is assured base pay. The representatives get paid at the end of every week, they also get incentives after concluding the sales. 

Is Vector Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

Critics have been claiming that vector marketing is a pyramid scheme which has turned out to be far from the truth since they deal in selling products like house knives. Cutco Company has been in existence for over70 years and the knives are mainly manufactured in the United States of America.

What Does A Vector Marketing Representative Do?

The marketing representatives are trained on how to identify leads and prospects. The typical daily routine of marketing representatives involves conducting presentations, appointment scheduling with prospects, submitting weekly reports, generating leads as well as booking orders. 


The company mainly recruits young candidates, just from college or high school. The sales are made through direct sales by representatives demonstrating the products to various prospects. The marketing representatives get to earn incentives and commission upon completing the sales. This job is best suited for people who are motivated by incentives as well as having previous experience in sales. The representatives get to earn through introducing Cutco products to a prospect. The job is appealing if you enjoy sales


  • Vector marketing doesn’t pay their recruits during the training period
  • The higher you rise in the organizations, the more commitment you get


  • Vector marketing trains its salespeople on how to perform well in the sales 
  • The recruits get to learn communication techniques
  • The recruits get to be well taught about customer service
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the working hours in the company?

The employees at vector marketing are required to have flexible working hours. They can work on their time. Most of the employees have stated that they work for a period of 8hrs or less and only a few percentages have stated that they work for longer hours like 12hours in a day.

How long is the hiring process at Vector Marketing?

 The candidates who have applied at Vector marketing do get feedback after few days of application.

How is the working culture and environment?

The feedback given by the employees has made it be ranked number 1 in culture and gender scores. Most of the employees at vector marketing have expressed their satisfaction with the working environment. The majority of the college students who work for the firm can work on flexible hours or during summer breaks.

How people get their first interview at vector marketing

Candidates from high school and college get a letter in their email addressing that the company is looking for a sales representative upon making the applications for the advertised jobs through the website.

 The shortlisted candidates are interviewed for 40 minutes by the assistant manager. The candidates get the job if they impress the hiring manager with their presentation skills.

Does Vector Marketing Pay Weekly? -Know More

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