Different Types of Marketing Jobs- Know More


What according to you is the most crucial thing for the success of a product? The right answer is effective marketing. Marketing helps the brand and the product get recognition by the masses and helps in the success of the company. A good marketing strategy can help the company in earning millions through a single product. Therefore marketing jobs are in demand nowadays. 

The marketing field is like an ocean and you can choose from a plethora of jobs ranging from social media manager to marketing analyst. If you are someone who feels interested in a marketing career but doesn’t know what all different fields you can explore, then this article is surely for you. Go through this article to understand the different types of marketing jobs that are in demand and the requisites and benefits in those jobs. In the end, you will get great insights into what kind of marketing will suit your interests. 

 Marketing Jobs

List of Jobs that you can explore in the Marketing field:

Chief Marketing Officer: 

Considered as one of the highest posts in marketing, the Chief marketing officer is responsible for managing and overseeing the overall marketing strategy. This means that he will be responsible for: 

  1. Reviewing the Email marketing strategies 
  2. Keeping an eye on Content marketing campaigns 
  3. Product announcement and branding 
  4. Overseeing Social media marketing campaigns launched on the different social media platforms 
  5. electronic and printed advertising,
  6.  Organize meetings for different teams to review the progress
  7. Assist the sales team 
  8. Check if the marketing campaigns are leading to positive results for the company 
  9. Creating the future vision for the company. 

The position of a chief marketing officer is of great responsibility and he has to report directly to the Chief Operating Officer or executive officer. He would be considered responsible for all the marketing plans and the overall brand promotion. 

Marketing specialist: 

Marketing specialist is one of the most popular marketing jobs. The duties of a marketing specialist include

  1.  Creating and laying down the marketing strategy for a product or service of the company. 
  2. Staying well-versed with the new market trends to design an up-to-date marketing strategy 
  3. Understanding the consumer demands and determining which are the most demanded products and services in the market 
  4. Working on sales presentation 
  5. Conduct extensive research on competitors, prevailing prices in the market, the newcomers in the field, the most demanded products, etc. and present it to the senior members as a reasoning for the marketing strategy suggested 

In this way, a marketing specialist is a specialist for laying down an effective marketing strategy for the company by taking into consideration all relevant factors. 

Social Media Manager

The number of Internet users is increasing day by day and so are the users of social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, youtube, etc. Therefore a company can’t afford to ignore social media for its marketing strategy. That’s why the post of a social media manager has become crucial in every business. 

The main duties of a social media manager are: 

  1. Overseeing the social media accounts of the company and the campaigns in operation 
  2. Make sure that the company’s social media is updated regularly so that potential clients don’t lose interest in the company’s social media accounts. 
  3. Managing the posts and the content that will be uploaded on the company’s social media accounts. 
  4. Create strategies for making the brand more visible on social media and help the company in getting more leads. 
  5. Responding to the queries or comments of the followers. 
  6. Collaborating with social media influencers when needed 
  7. Staying updated about the latest trends on social media. For instance, during football tournaments, most of the brands’ social media posts are centered on a football game and its players. 
  8. They have to track the engagement of the company’s social media account and take steps for increasing the engagement statistics. 

In a nutshell, the social media manager takes control of the whole social media marketing of the company and is responsible for its success and failure.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Search engines have become an inseparable part of smartphone users. According to research, Google gets more than one million things are searched on google in a day. Therefore, every brand started investing in optimizing their content according to the Search Engine analytics and this led to the formation of the post of Search engine optimization specialist. 

A search engine specialist is in charge of: 

  1. Monitoring rankings of the brand’s website on search engine 
  2. Make sure that appropriate keywords are present in the content uploaded on the website of the company so that it can get top rank in the search engine. 
  3. Understanding how SEO analytics work and improvising the website according to the changing analytics. 
  4. Use a variety of search engine tactics to improve the ranking of the website like using suitable page titles, adding a proper header, meta, and alt tags, making the website display mobile-friendly, sharable links, etc. 
  5. Making The overall website design user-friendly 
  6. Review the SEO strategy periodically and make necessary changes when required. 

For example, recently Google had changed its search engine analytics. Therefore a primary duty of a search engine specialist, in that case, would be to become thorough with the new analytics and optimize the website accordingly, so that the user experience and the website ranking are not compromised. 

Other names used for referring to a person in charge of the SEO strategy of the company are Paid search manager, SEO manager, director of SEO operations, etc. 

Email Marketing Manager

Most of the official work is done through emails. After the mobile number, Email id has become the next most important medium to reach the clients. Many businesses have also increased their revenue and client base through strategized use of email. All these facts create the need for an email marketing manager in the marketing department of the company. 

An email marketing manager has to perform the following duties: 

  1. When a new product is launched, an email manager might be required to reach out to the existing customers through the mail by offering them schemes like coupon codes, or newsletters. 
  2. Take charge of the overall marketing of product or service done through email and strengthen the company and audience relationship. 
  3. Compiling the content that will be mailed to the clients 
  4. Making a list of email ids for increasing the client base 
  5. Reviewing the progress of email marketing campaigns from time to time and making necessary modifications. 
  6. Coming up with new email marketing strategies based on new trends. 
  7. Review the progress made by email marketing by checking email performance analytics. 
  8. Writing effective emails for the official work of the company is like collaborating with a content team. 

The demand for email marketing managers has seen an increase because many brands have started taking the email ids of the users who visit their blog websites. These companies then use it to send information about different products and services. When the customer sees these products and services daily and buys the product or service, the company adds a new customer to its consumer base due to email marketing strategy.

Other job titles for an email marketing manager: Campaign manager, email operations manager, email strategist, email developer, e-commerce marketing analyst, director of email marketing, etc. 

Web Content Writer

From social media to the company’s official website, the need for effective written content is omnipresent. With the coming up of blog pages of different brands, effective and reader-friendly content writing has become even more crucial. This is one of the main reasons why web content writers are in so much demand today. 

The web content writer is given the duty of: 

  1. Writing relevant articles, blogs, or posts and creating content for podcasts, newsletters, and videos for the popularity of the brand 
  2. Create blog posts on the topic provided or might need to choose the topic themselves keeping in mind the need of the business 
  3. Create marketing copies and other content pieces as told by the seniors 
  4. Use SEO strategies (in case of blogs) and proper hashtags (in case of social media post content) to make the content more visible and popular 
  5. Add relevant keywords in their company that can help the consumer identify the brand and connect with the company and contribute to the growth of the business. 
  6. Ensuring that the readers get to know about the positive points of the company and get attracted to its products or services. 
  7. Monitoring the overall quality, tone, and style of the content delivered to the potential customers and keeping a track of the outcome of these strategies. 

Marketing roles similar to web content writer include Content Manager, Content Specialist, Content Director, Content marketing producer or manager, Content strategist, etc. 

Web Producer

Whenever you open a website, you must have seen certain pictures or videos also besides the content. This digital content is provided to the users by a web producer. 

A web producer has to undertake the following responsibilities: 

  1. Work on the digital content that will be added to the company’s website. 
  2. Coordinate with the content writing department to make the digital content relevant to the written content. 
  3. Monitor the graphics, audio, video, and other such technicalities of the digital content 
  4. Make sure that the visitors get a good experience on the website. 

Thus web producer’s role is complementary to the content writing manager’s role and both together design the company’s website and the user experience. 

Product Manager

When the company has dedicated a manager to each marketing aspect, how can it forget to have someone overseeing the overall product which will ultimately decide the revenue of the company? A product manager is hired for the same purpose i.e. to take responsibility for the product right from its inception till its completion. 

The main duties of a product manager include: 

  1. Overseeing the product in every stage 
  2. Come up with new ideas for products based on market demands and industry needs 
  3. Improvise the existing ideas when needed 
  4. Staying in touch with customers for understanding the demand in the market 
  5. Ensuring the timely completion of the product 
  6. Keeping the budget of the product within determined limits 
  7. Take steps for promoting the profits of the company by coming up with new strategies. 

A product manager is not only limited to the success of a new product developed under his guidance, but he is also responsible for the changes in the existing products of the marketing. 

Marketing Analyst

It is correctly said that unless you start analyzing the impact of your efforts, you can’t expect success in the long run. What this means is that the companies need to monitor the impact of their marketing strategies from time to time so that they don’t lag behind their competitors. For the same purpose, the company hires a marketing analyst. 

The main tasks of a marketing analyst are: 

  1. Reviewing the marketing campaigns of the company from time to time to check their suitability to the market demands 
  2. Conduct periodical study for understanding the marketing trends 
  3. Coordinate with the marketing team to come up with up-to-date marketing strategies and campaigns 
  4. Collect information about consumers and their demand patterns to help the marketing team in creating effective marketing plans. 
  5. Through their extensive research, they help the company in knowing which product to manufacture and how to market it, which ultimately decides the annual turnover of the company. 

A marketing analyst can be called the backbone of an effective marketing campaign. Without proper analysis and research about the market trends, the marketing strategy of the company can’t survive for long. 

Advertising Coordinator and Advertising manager: 

Advertising also forms a vital part of the marketing campaign of a brand. For all those potential customers, who don’t have access to social media, traditional advertising like TV ads, billboards, pamphlets, etc. play a pivotal role. Therefore advertising coordinator or advertising manager is a must for effective advertisements of the product. 

An advertising coordinator or manager plays the following vital roles in a company: 

Manage the marketing of the company done in printed and electronic media. 

Coordinate with the overall marketing team and come up with effective advertising campaigns. 

From the beginning of ads to the final promotion stage, they have to ensure that the advertising campaign goes on smoothly 

They are also in charge of preparing a customer base so that targeted ad campaigns can help in the promotion of sales. 

Public Relations Manager (Marketing communications): 

Whenever the marketing strategy is in the final stage and the product is to be launched, it becomes crucial for the company to establish good public relations. For this purpose, marketing communications (Marcom) come into the picture. 

A public relations manager is a part of the Marcom team. He or she helps the company in increasing its visibility and giving a voice to the brand. 

They have to work in association with content writers, digital marketing managers, web producers, research analysts, etc. to make the brand visible to not only customers but also investors. 

The major duties include: 

  1. Working on interesting pitches 
  2. Keep a note of the analyst briefings 
  3. Stay in touch with advertisers and try to establish good relations with the press 

Similar job titles include corporate communication assistant, public relations intern, publicity assistant, media relations coordinator, director of communications, marketing communications specialist, etc. 

Brand Manager

Brand in simple language refers to a logo, fonts, and unique company name. But it plays a huge role in the overall development of the company. The brand is what defines a product and helps the customer to get attached to the products of the company. Therefore the companies try to create a unique brand value and hire brand managers for managing this work. 

The main responsibilities of a brand manager include: 

  1. Ensuring that the message of the company is reflected in the design of its products 
  2. Helping the company in coming up with such techniques will create a long-lasting impact on customers and the sales can be increased through the goodwill of the company in the market. 

Brand managers may be called by different names in different companies like brand activation manager, director of the brand strategy, brand strategist, director of brand marketing, etc. 

Digital Marketing Manager or director: 

Digital marketing refers to the overall online marketing of the company. Given the boom in the number of internet users, no company can imagine a robust marketing strategy without effective digital marketing. To keep the overall digital marketing in sync, a digital marketing manager or a digital marketing director is hired. 

A digital marketing manager has to oversee the departments working on a specialized branch of digital marketing. So the overall duties of a digital marketing manager include: 

  1. Reviewing the social media marketing strategy, 
  2. Checking the progress of blogs and digital content,
  3.  search engine optimization, 
  4. Monitoring the online advertisements etc. 
  5. Possess thorough knowledge of digital analytics and trends, 
  6. Improvise digital marketing strategy from time to time so that the content does not become outdated. 
  7. Analyze the impact on overall sales and revenue so that the success of the digital campaign can be measured. 

In some small companies, where there are no specialized departments for different branches of digital marketing, a digital marketing manager or director has to evolve a marketing strategy for each digital platform. 

A digital marketing manager can also be called a digital marketing specialist, digital strategist, and web marketing director, internet marketing specialist, a web marketing manager. 

Other Marketing Jobs: 

The list for a marketing career is endless. Besides the above-mentioned marketing jobs, you can also become an advertising director, art director, copywriter, creative assistant or director, territory manager, sales representative, business development director, Public relations director, corporate communication member, media relation manager, market research interviewer, E-commerce specialist, online product manager, e-commerce fulfillment specialist, affiliate marketing coordinator, digital marketing representative, E-Commerce Manager, Sales Director, Account executive or account planner, etc. 

All these job roles are an extension of the above-mentioned marketing careers and differ slightly based on job roles. 

General requirements for getting a marketing job: 

For getting a marketing job, you must have a bachelor’s degree in business leadership or a digital marketing degree. You can also join marketing programs for learning advanced marketing skills. A person pursuing a degree in marketing or business gets an option to take different courses based on your choice. 

For instance, if you are interested in pursuing a career as a marketing analyst, you can take up a quantitative analysis or consumer behavior course. If you want to become a general marketing specialist you can take up a strategic management course and so on. 

In addition to appropriate educational qualifications and experience, the recruiter will also look for certain interpersonal skills in you, like: 

  1. Ability to stay up to date with the market trends 
  2. Leadership and team management skills 
  3. Effective communication skills (both written and spoken) to demonstrate your marketing idea 
  4. Ability to think out of the box (creativity) 
  5. Active listening skills to understand the demand of your seniors 
  6. Energetic and intuitive 

Rounding up: 

Marketing jobs can be a great career for passionate and creative people who want to bring a change in the overall branding strategy. The marketing field is filled with opportunities and you can choose a specialized field according to your preference. Go through the different types of marketing jobs and assess the job roles. Based on these job responsibilities you can understand which field would suit you and you can accordingly choose your educational course. 

FAQs (Frequently asked questions) 

Ques 1: What are the different terms that one must be familiar with for getting a good command over marketing? 

Ans: In the marketing field some of the most intrinsic terms are public relations, sales strategy, advertising strategy, media planning, consumer behavior, research of the market, analyzing competition, etc. 

Ques 2: What are the marketing careers in partner marketing? 

Ans: Partner marketing based on the collaboration of certain brands or individuals include affiliate marketing manager, director of influencer marketing, channel marketing director, corporate partnership marketing, partnership marketing director, Partnership marketing advisor, etc. 

Ques 3: What is the approximate salary of a topmost marketing employee? 

Ans: A topmost marketing employee like a marketing manager can earn around 1,35,900 USD in a year. 

Ques 4: What are the different types of marketing strategies? 

Ans: There are mainly two types of marketing strategies, which are: 

  1. Inbound marketing (like blog posts, content writing, social media content, newsletter, etc.) 
  2. Outbound marketing (like paid advertising, traditional advertising, billboards, banners, ads, etc.) 
Different Types of Marketing Jobs- Know More

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