Verizon’s Marketing Strategy | What Insights Do They Have?

International trade with American roots, Verizon Communications was established in 1983. It is listed on the main firm that is traded on the Nasdaq and the NY Stock Exchange and has a business aspect of the Common Stock. Let us know What are the ‘Verizon’s Marketing Strategy’.

Verizons Marketing Strategy

Verizon’s Marketing Strategy

One of the major global companies involved in the multimedia and telecommunications sectors is Verizon Communications. The mobile provider of Verizon possesses the importance of being the second-largest telecommunications carrier in the U. S. It is the only publicly listed telecoms firm with multiple stock listings in its country of formation and the second-largest telecommunications corporation in revenue terms.

Verizon is a telecommunications and network business that constructs and maintains strategic partnerships, mobile communications, and data management that guide development growth, and its acquirement.

Verizon’s marketing strategy includes categorization, marketing, and repositioning

Verizon employs regional and behavioural categorization methods to divide the market since it provides both B2C and B2B consumers. As a result, the company can provide services for customers that are tailored to their specific requirements.

Verizon always implements a differentiated targeting approach to assist the same since the IT/ communications and connectivity business completely depends on customization, i.e. as per the needs of the stakeholder /user.

Verizon employs a usage- and product-based positioning approach to project the image of a technically reducing, multinational telecommunications operator.

1. Promotional combination

Verizon is active across a whole number of business categories. The different commercial enterprises, each of which is linked to communications, are divided into four key business groups. The following are Verizon’s following four units (product offerings).

The leading telecommunications provider in the US is Verizon Communications, which offers mobile, text message, and data services for smartphones. As of 2016, Verizon Wireless held a staggering 98% market share, giving it the company’s most visible brand driver. Due to its over 130 million members, Verizon Wireless has a very strong brand image.

Fios and Verizon Web from Verizon – Because America is one of the world’s industrialized countries, Verizon delivers exceptionally fast internet. Verizon provides both metal wire and fibre wire for its customers’ internet and phone and broadband, in addition to small businesses. Although slower than those through fibre, high-speed internet access may still be achieved using copper wires. The fibre wire links were covered by the preview of the well-known company “Verizon Fios,” which has a limited global reach in the US. And classic copper wire internet is still widely used in the US. In addition to providing DSL internet and ordinary telephone and broadband service, it is an element of “Verizon high-speed internet.”

Verizon’s marketing plan includes price

For all of its offerings, Verizon Communications provides a variety of costing schemes. Verizon Fios is a high-quality product that is pricier in comparison to Verizon Wireless, which is competitive and cheap. However, there are noteworthy differences in the worth provided by wifi and Fios.

Therefore, it may be said that Verizon employs value-based pricing. Depending on how much value the product provides the purchaser the price of the product varies. Value-added solutions it may be provided via this pricing approach.

Included within Verizon’s marketing process

Since around 2016, Verizon held 98 percent of the entire US industrial internet, which spoke significantly about the company’s rate of penetration. Similar to this, it does not operate over the television channel in situations where Verizon Fios is being utilized instead of using Verizon Fios solely. Fios is extensive and is found in 9 million US residences.

2. Let us go through Verizon’s SWOT analysis. Verizon’s SWOT analysis

The largest wireless network in the US, Verizon, has the largest market share in the country’s broadband system and smartphone market.

  • Unique business strategy – Verizon Fios has a very interesting strategic plan. Because of the significant increase in data demand, Verizon began to provide Fibre network cables where it could. The Internet service and speeds provided are good even though it is a premium model, and the public seems to adore it.

As the need for speed grows, 4G networks were essential in the US since it is a successful economy. The majority of those who have signed up for Verizon 4G are with the corporation.

The marketing concept of Verizon is flawless, with each business being skilled in what it delivers. There is a good distribution throughout necessary business divisions. Most of the wireless connectivity is handled by Verizon Wireless. Verizon High-Speed Internet offers high-speed internet to homes and businesses, as well as telecommunications services through regular cable, under the Verizon Fios fibre cable connectivity umbrella. Finally, Verizon Enterprises offers business solutions to big businesses.

  • Brand equity – Verizon is rated sixth in the world in 2016 as a result of its Brand equity, which says quite a lot about the efforts that have been made by the brand to create its reputation. Surely, brands are constantly built on strong items. However, Verizon’s marketing techniques, such as “Can you hear me now,” have also been fantastic.

Verizon has a perfect marketing strategy, with each company being expert in what it delivers. The ratio across the vital business is good. Verizon Wireless is primarily in charge of the wireless connectivity. Under the Verizon Fios fibre cable connectivity brand, Verizon High-Speed Internet provides both residential and commercial clients with high-speed internet access in telecommunications services through traditional cable. Last but not least, Verizon Enterprises provides large enterprises with business solutions.

security in a brand As a result of its Brand security, Verizon is ranked sixth globally in 2016, which tells a lot about the efforts the company has done to build its image. Without hesitation, strong products are the foundation of brands.

Opportunities in the SWOT analysis of Verizon’s international growth 

This is a huge problem! Far beyond local markets, it has already secured it, Verizon must consider expanding overseas since that is where the money is. It will be more challenging to defeat it as it increases more aggressively.

With the deployment of fiber cable, Verizon Fios has a steady state itself as a different idea, while it is still far from reaching its full potential. Even Fios TV has big market potential and low market valuation. Accordingly, this industry sector will absolutely grow.

Customer service issues are one of the numerous complaints Verizon receives. One consumer documented how the customer service team contacted the police on her simply for looking for information, and the client even posted the video online. Therefore, it is essential to improve the service where many people are involved and where there are various client touchpoints.

Verizon’s marketing strategy includes promotions

To highlight the brand name, promote brand awareness, build brand equity, and encourage brand loyalty among both new and current consumers, Verizon’s promotions policy has been incorporated into the company’s marketing mix. To increase its market share in the consumer and telecommunications industries, the brand has chosen to devote a significant portion of its income to brand marketing.

Verizon uses a variety of platforms for promoting its brands as part of its marketing strategy.

1. Financial support for sporting activities

The telecommunications company supports USA Squad Volleyball and is a managing partner of the team. It also owns the promotional and advertising rights for the National Hockey Club. In addition to Verizon Centre in Fargo, Hungary, and Verizon Stadium in Northern Little Rock, Texas, the company serves as the stadium’s title sponsor.

2. CSR Initiatives

The Verizon Foundation, the company’s humanitarian arm, is where its CSR initiatives are carried out. It provides an estimated 70 million USD annually to charities with an emphasis on energy conservation, domestic and family violence prevention, and learning.

3. Public Relations

With the use of a Propaganda campaign, the brand promotes its products. To increase brand image among potential clients in the future, it extensively sponsors songs, activities, arts, and enjoyment.

4. Advertising Programs

The marketing manager at Verizon uses several marketing strategies to increase name recognition in the target areas. The most well-known advertisements are “Can You Hear Him Now” (for Verizon Wireless, featuring Paul Marcarelli in the lead), “There’s A Map For That”, “Effective Answers”, and “Inspiring and motivating Your Mind”.

5. Sales Promotion

To bring in new customers and hold onto existing customers, Verizon has employed a sales marketing approach that includes discounts and other exclusive deals. A lot of the time, Verizon Wireless development of measures package deals. To convince customers to subscribe to the product offers, the company uses direct selling in its outlets.

6. Promotion

Verizon uses both commercial media advertising and digital advertising as part of its promotion strategy for all of its products. The company is well-known for moving ahead with some of the top marketing initiatives in the telecom sector, which allow individuals to understand the product better.

In contrast to Verizon Fios, which uses web advertising, billboards, and outdoor advertising in addition to other mediums, Verizon Wireless airs its advertisements on television.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Verizon’s Marketing Strategy’, The four pillars of Verizon’s marketing are business and marketing techniques that have aided in strengthening the brand and reputation among its potential customers. Given that customer loyalty is at an all-time high, the major telecom operators have been a competitor to be reckoned with in the communications industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.1) What data do you utilize for business and marketing insights?

The tool for business and promotional analysis makes use of statistics from:

when you start and how you use it, along with the URLs of the websites you visited, information on the apps you use, and information on the services you use.

The location of your device is checked by the Verizon’s networking team and by apps and sites that you have given the authority to gather this data.

Your Verizon services and products, and the elements of those services and the type of device you use.

  • Q.2) What are insights into business and marketing?

Personal and work-related experiences are merged with precisely recorded and evaluated data to provide commercial insight. If you don’t know what to do with the data you have already had, you won’t be able to do anything useful.

Every stage of the development of an advertising campaign must include effective analysis.

Verizon’s Marketing Strategy | What Insights Do They Have?

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