How Much Does A Fast Food Manager Make?


Fast-food chains, the one thing we all love and enjoy. Who wouldn’t love a juicy Burger or a delicious taco? Fast-food chains are everywhere around us. Of course, small-scale diners and burger joints are plenty, but you get a big-name fast-food chain in almost every street. Many people opt to work in such fast-food joints to either make a quick buck or as a starter job.  Many students choose to work in these chains part-time to make some extra bucks. So, the people looking to make a Career out of these fast-food chains may wonder how much they can take home and is it worth it?. Now In this article, we will see about ‘How Much Does A Fast Food Manager Make?’.

How Much Does A Fast Food Manager Make?

How Much Does A Fast Food Manager Make?

On average, a fast-food employee makes $12.43 an hour. But it is best to note that these wages range from $9 per hour to $17 an hour. And the higher end of the spectrum is only for the top 5% percent of the managers in the industry. Managers’ salaries start at around $13 per hour. Due to the recent surge in people leaving fast-food chains post-pandemic, it is noted that these chains are being desperate to fill in these vacancies, introducing more bonuses, paid time offs, flexible hours, and more. And because of the recent moves for higher minimum wages across the country, working in such chains does seem more viable.

To save you from the hassle of combing through the internet looking for answers, we have acquired our sources from trusted websites and many reviews; simplified them, and have compiled all these into an article that we believe will answer all your queries. This article looks into the top fast-food chains in the US and talks about the salary of shift managers, general managers, etc., and also about the perks, benefits, and genuine reviews of workers.

Wages, work hours, and benefits vary with each company. The tasks of a manager also vary but are usually along the lines of managing the team, front desk, kitchen, crew scheduling, team development, customer satisfaction, etc. A manager is an essential person in the chain of command in any franchisee or any establishment. Certain leadership qualities are expected from applicants for a managerial position. This has been the short answer.

Now for the longer version: How Much Does A Fast Food Manager Make?


McDonald’s is the largest fast-food chain in the US. It has over 14,000 stores across the US. It pays an estimated $11.36 per hour for a manager, $12.19 for a shift manager, and $16.65 per hour for a general manager. Other than pay, all employees also enjoy health insurance, paid time offs, flexible schedules, 401K, and employee discounts. But most people who have worked report that they had to deal with an absurd amount of rude and entitled customers and also that the pay to work ratio is very bad. McDonald’s has a meticulous application procedure on their website and some people have had to wait for close to a month to get a response.


Chick-fil-A pays its employees well as their workers have the highest wage satisfaction throughout our list. A kitchen manager might expect to make an average of $15.98 per hour and a shift manager makes about $15 an hour. This is higher than the national average for their respective titles among restaurants. Unfortunately, most employees report a lack of health insurance benefits, no paid time offs, short breaks, and bad management.  Also, there are no 401K benefits or holiday pay. This would be a better fit for people who are looking for a short-term employment option. You can walk in to apply for a job here.

Taco bell:

Taco Bell employees are paid fair and also, they enjoy some good benefits. A team member is paid $11.87 per hour and a restaurant manager gets paid $15.24. Benefits include health insurance, life insurance, vision insurance, parental leave, flexible schedule, childcare, monthly bonus, and many more. The employees receive monthly and annual bonuses. But there are no paid holidays or vacations. They do not offer short-term disability, long-term disability, 401k, or stock options.

Burger King:

Burger King gives its employees financial perks and insurance benefits. The general manager makes $13.50 per hour while the assistant manager earns $13.14. Cooks get paid around $9.87 per hour. While the cashiers are paid $9.22 per hour, cashier supervisors are paid $12.41. The employees get to enjoy bonus pay, quarterly bonus, and health savings account. They are provided with free lunches. They have a flexible schedule and also are given paid time off although there is no parental leave. It does not offer a 401k plan to its workers. The interview process is pretty simple. It includes filling out forms and answering simple questions.


Subway offers its restaurant manager an average of $14.49 per hour. Its restaurant staff is paid $12.95. A Subway sandwich maker earns $10.03 per hour, while its assistant manager makes around $12.22 per hour. They are also usually given free sandwiches. Subway offers flexible work hours to its employees. It provides an employee mentoring program to its employees. Though it does not offer much of the benefits it provides 3 days of paid sick leave per month. There is no insurance, maternity leave, or 401k plan. The interview process is very simple. The manager asks casual questions and will let you know if you are hired by the end of the interview.

Other Fast-food chains:

  • We have other brands like Wendy’s which reportedly pay $10-$12 an hour for a breakfast manager, which is quite lower than the average. A shift manager’s salary is typically 16$ an hour but may range from 14$ to 19$ an hour depending on the franchisee. The salary satisfaction for this job is low and the benefits are fair.
  • Domino’s pays its store managers $988 per week and an assistant store manager may expect a wage of about $12.64 per hour. The store manager’s pay is high compared to the average salary of the job title in the US. All benefits included. But the common complaint among the people who have worked in Domino’s is excessively long work hours. 
  • The next chain is the Panera Bread chain based in St. Louis, Missouri. It pays assistant managers an average of $17.02 per hour, the shift managers $12.71 per hour, and team leaders $13.33 an hour. It provides good benefits and good employees’ discounts but the main problem seems to be understaffing and lack of raises.
  • Another such chain is Pizza Hut. The delivery driver makes around $15.95 per hour. The shift leader gets $12.11 per hour and the shift manager earns around $11.79 per hour. The baker has an average salary of $11.96 and the barista $10.49. Pizza hut offers employee discounts, insurance, and medical benefits for a full-time employee. For part-time employees, there are not many benefits. The main issue is no proper raises and also the schedule is not as flexible as assured.
  • The last chain we are going to talk about is Chipotle’s, it pays its service managers $14 to $16 an hour. It also provides a vast array of benefits namely, health and dental insurance, 401K, Employee discount, paid time offs, free food in a few franchisees, and a lot more. People who have worked here report that this is perfect for college students due to the long list of provided benefits.


Many trusted sources were deeply studied and corroborated to bring you this article. We genuinely believe that this article has been informative and concise enough to alleviate any questions or issues that you may be presented with while looking for a managerial position in the massive ever-growing industry of fast-food outlets. Some may not be up to your liking and some may be the right one for you, but we have listed a wide range of options for you to pick. Please be wise to look at the benefits and perks of the job too along with the wages if you are looking for a long-term workplace.


Q: How will the payment schedule be in the above-mentioned companies?

A: Most of these chains pay wages biweekly.

Q: What kind of benefits can be expected from such chains?

A: Benefits include health insurance, life insurance, paid time off, employee discount, vacation pay, tuition compensation, risk pay, 401K, annual bonuses, and much more! Please note that these benefits may vary from chain to chain.

Q: How can I apply for these jobs?

A: Applying for jobs may require you to fill out an application online. Some chains have their hiring platform whereas others let you apply through third-party sites like Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, Flex job, and so on. 

Q: Can I work part-time?

A: Many if not all the chains mentioned provide part-time jobs and along with that, flexible hours make it easier for you to balance your work and personal schedule.

Q: What are the minimum qualifications for a manager’s position?

A: High school diploma is a minimum requirement. A beginner-level job like a cashier or a team member requires no prior experience, an applicant for a managerial position may need to have 1-2 years of experience in a fast-food chain

How Much Does A Fast Food Manager Make?

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