What Is The Hobby Lobby Math Test?

Have you ever heard about the institutions or departments taking pre-job test? Assessment tests are ok, but math tests for job Naah. And that organization doesn’t relate to math in any way. Yes, there is an art gallery that takes a pre-job maths test. Its name is Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby is an art gallery, it is more famous for its job standards because it inculcates taking a math test before the selection. Want to know what the Hobby Lobby math test is, read this further.let us know about that the What Is The Hobby Lobby Math Test?

What Is The Hobby Lobby Math Test?

A Hobby Lobby math test is a basic math test that includes multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division questions. This test also includes questions related to percentages. All these questions are very basic, but it creates selection criteria for the Hobby Lobby team to select the best candidates. 16 questions will be given to the candidates, and they need to solve about 8 questions to pass the test.

What is a Hobby Lobby math test?

Like some other organizations Hobby Lobby has created a way of selecting the best candidates for their job profile. The only way of selecting the candidates is that they need to appear for a math test. Hobby Lobby doesn’t work on the idea of checking a resume instead they take a maths test. That math test is famously known as the Hobby Lobby maths test. It is a basic math test that includes a variety of questions in it. With the help of this test, the Hobby Lobby team checks the mathematical capacity of the candidate. They allow calculators in math tests. If you pass the math test that means that you can do the calculations at the desk very easily. The math test is not that hard, you can prepare for them easily. The Hobby Lobby math test includes questions from these areas:

  • Multiplication
  • Subtraction
  • Addition
  • Division
  • Percentage 

How to prepare for the Hobby Lobby maths test?

You can easily prepare for the Hobby Lobby math test from the ease of your home. Many platforms provide a guide to the Hobby Lobby math test. They provide you with a set of questions and provide a set of solved answers with it. You can take help from those. You can make an account on these platforms, log in with the credentials, and can purchase the question sets. Some of these platforms also provide free samples of the questions. Some of the platforms are:

  • pdfFillers
  • Quizlets
  • Unibet

What are some Hobby Lobby interview questions?

Once you clear the maths test, you will now move forward to the interview. So, it is the best thing to always prepare at the earliest. You must be wondering what Hobby Lobby interviewers ask from the candidates. Isn’t it the best deal that you know all the questions that they are going to ask you so that you can prepare the answers? So here are some interview questions.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  • Can you throw some light on what Hobby Lobby does?
  • Tell us about the work area of the Hobby Lobby.
  • What will be your work profile after the selection?
  • Tell us the reasons why only you should be selected.
  • How many hours can you devote to this job?
  • Why do you love Hobby Lobby?
  • Tell us the reason why you left your previous job.
  • Why do you want to work with Hobby Lobby only?
  • What was your previous job profile?
  • What are the qualities that make you a better candidate than others?


Hobby Lobby is an art gallery that is truly famous in the United States. It owns about 969 stores in 47 states. You can understand the level of competition that Hobby Lobby has in selecting the best candidates. When the goodwill of the stores is so high, then automatically it becomes their duty to choose the candidates who are ready and willing to uphold the values of the store. Taking a math test is a prerequisite for securing a position in Hobby Lobby. This is a very basic test that you can clear with easy practice.

  1. Do you need a resume to apply to Hobby Lobby?

No, when applying for the job posts in Hobby Lobby you need not have a resume. This art gallery only takes candidates based on passing their math test.

  1. Does Hobby Lobby allow you to use the calculator during the test?

Yes, the team of Hobby Lobby lets you use the calculator during the test time. But during the job, while doing an entry in registers calculators are not allowed.

  1. What is the pay scale in Hobby Lobby?

The candidates who secure a job in Hobby Lobby are paid an average amount of $18.50. 

What Is The Hobby Lobby Math Test?

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