List Of Jobs That Start With O   

List of Different jobs start with O, be it collar or casual. Anyone reading this should go through this list and choose the one that suits them or are interested. Let us know ‘List Of Jobs That Start With O’.   

List Of Jobs That Start With O

List Of Jobs That Start With O   


This department has to do with pregnant women who are to give birth. There are several areas of specialization in this particular field, and that is where the following career falls. They are as follows; 

Obstetrician Doctor, Obstetrics Nurse, Obstetrics Physician, Obstetrical Anesthesiologist, Observatory Director, Observer Obstetrical Nurse, Obstetricians, and Gynecologists, Obstetrics and Gynecology Professor, Obstetrics Gynecology Clinical Practitioner, Obstetrics-Gynecology Managing Director, Obstetrics-Gynecology Physician, Obstetrics Nurse, Obstetrics Scrub Nurse, Obstetrics Specialist, Obstetrics Teacher, Obstetrics Technician, Obstetrics-Gynecology Nurse Practitioner.

Occupational health and safety

This department takes responsibility for the workers’ safety and health in similar occupations. Since this department has careers similar to this occupation, the following careers are as follows;

Occupational Analyst, Occupancy Specialist, Occupational Health and Safety Technologist, Occupational Health and Safety Environment Director, Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Consultant, Occupational Safety and Health Inspector, Occupational Safety and Health Manager, Occupational Health Nurse, Occupational Health Nurse Supervisor, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapist Aide, Occupational Therapist Assistants, Occupational Health Physician, Occupational Medicine Officer, Occupational Medicine Physician, Occupational Medicine Specialist, Occupational Rehabilitation Aide, Occupational Nurse, Occupational Physician, Occupational Psychologist, Occupational Therapy Teacher, Occupational Therapist Assistant Teacher, Occupational Therapy Assistant Instructor, Occupational Therapy Co-Director, Occupational Therapy Director, Occupational Therapy Professor, Occupational Therapy Program, Occupational Therapy Department Chair Director, Occupational Therapy Technician, Occupational Work Experience Teacher.   


This department has to do with the study of anything in the ocean. The following careers in this field are as follows;

Ocean Biologist, Ocean Clam Boat Captain, Ocean Freight Customer Relation Specialist, Ocean Freight Forwarder, Ocean Freight Manager, Ocean Lifeguard, Ocean Lifeguard Specialist, Ocean Rescue Lieutenant, Ocean Transportation Intermediary, Oceanic Sciences Professor, Oceanography Professor, Oceanography Teacher, Oceanographic Meteorologist, Oceanologist, Oceanology Teacher, Ocean Export Coordinator, Ocean Export Account Manager, Ocean Import Representative.

Oculist/ ophthalmology

This medicine department specializes in eye problems and deficiency of vision requiring correction. There are diverse careers present in this department. They are as follows;

Ophthalmic Dispenser, Ophthalmic Laboratory Technicians, Ophthalmic Medical Assistant, Ophthalmic Medical Technologist, Ophthalmic Pathologist, Ocular Care Aide, Ocular Pathologist, Ocular Care Technologist, Oculist, Ophthalmic Medical Technician, Ophthalmic Surgeon, Ophthalmic Aide, Ophthalmic Medical Technologists, Ophthalmic Assistant, Ophthalmology Surgical Technician, Ophthalmology Technician.


This field is about duties, positions of responsibility, and services that occur in a particular room or building. It is for consultation and diagnosis. The following careers office jobs are as follows;

Office Administration Instructor, Office Assistance, Office Assistant, Office Automation Secretary, Office Automation Technician, Office Cleaner, Office Clerk, Office Clerks, General Office Communication Professor, Office Helper, Office Helper Clerical, Office Inspector, Office Machine Components Inspector-Adjuster, Office Machine Embossograph Operator, Office Machine Installer, Office Administrator, Office Aide Office and Administrative Support Workers, All Other Office and Artists Materials Sales Representative, Office Machine Mechanic, Office Machine Operators Except Computer, Office Machine Punch Operator, Office Machine Service Supervisor, Office Machine Servicer, Office Machinery or Equipment Installer, Office Machines Sales Representative, Office Machines Teacher, Office Machines Wirer, Office Manager, Office Messenger, Office Messenger Helper, Office Nurse, Office Rental Clerk, Office Secretary, Office Services Specialist, Office Supervisor, Office Support Assistant, Office Support Specialist, Office Coordinator, Office Copy Selector, Office Correspondent, Office Electrician, Office Employee, Office Sweeper, Office System Analyst, Office Systems Coordinator, Office Systems Technology Instructor, Office Technician, Office Technology Instructor, Office Technology Professor, Office Work and Bookkeeper, Office Worker.

Oil engineering

This engineering department has to do with oil production. A lot of jobs are in this department, and they are as follows;

Oil Exploration Engineer, Oil Extractor, Oil Field Caser, Oil Field Equipment Mechanic, Oil Field Equipment Mechanic Supervisor, Oil Field Laborer, Oil Field Operator, Oil Field Pumper, Oil Field Rig Builder, Oil Field Roustabout, Oil Field Supplies and Equipment Sales Representative, Oil Field Tester, Oil Field Worker, Oil Filters Inspector, Oil Fire Specialist, Oil Furnace Installer, Oil Gauger, Oil and Shale and Tar Processing Technician, Oil Bay Technician, Oil Boiler, Oil Burner, Oil Burner Installer, Oil Burner Journeyman, Oil Burner Mechanic, Oil Burner Repairer, Oil Burner Servicer and Installer, Oil Burner Servicer and Installer Helper, Oil Burner Technician, Oil Changer, Oil Deliverer, Oil Derrick Operator, Oil Developer, Oil Dipper, Oil Dispatcher, Oil Distributor, Oil Distributor Tender, Oil Driller, Oil Drilling Engineer, Oil Expeller Operator, Oil Expert, Oil Heat Technician, Oil Heater Installer, Oil Heater Operator, Oil Heaterman, Oil House Attendant, Oil Inspector, Oil Laboratory Analyst, Oil Lease Broker, Oil Lease Buyer, Oil Lease Operator, Oil Well Logger, Oil Well Perforator Operator, Oil Well Pumper, Oil Well Service Operator, Oil Well Service Operator Helper, Oil Mixer, Oil Operator, Oil Painter, Oil Pipe Inspector, Oil Pipe Inspector Helper, Oil Pipeline Dispatcher, Oil Pipeline Operator, Oil Pit Attendant, Oil Plant Operator, Oil Process Stillman, Oil Processing Technician, Oil Producer, Oil Program Compliance Specialist, Oil Prospecting Observer, Oil Pumper, Oil Recovery Operator, Oil Recovery Unit Operator, Oil Refiner, Oil Refinery Operator, Oil Refinery Process Technician, Oil Rig Driller, Oil Rig Roughneck, Oil Rigger, Oil Scout, Oil Seal Assembler, Oil Separator, Oil Speculator, Oil Spot Washer, Oil Spraying Machine Operator, Oil Spreader Operator, Oil Tank Car Cleaner, Oil Tanker Captain, Oil Tester, Oil Transport Driver, Oil and Gas Drafter, Oil and Gas Exploration Technician, Oil and Gas Field Technician, Oil and Gas Operations Management Professional, Oil and Gas Operator, Oil and Gas Principal, Oil and Gas Specialist, Oil and Gas Superintendent, Oil Treater, Oil Truck Driver, Oil Well Cable Tool Driller, Oil Well Cable Tool Operator, Oil Well Directional Surveyor, Oil Well Driller, Oil Well Drilling Manager, Oil Well Engineer, Oil Well Fishing Tool Technician, Oil Well Fishing-Tool Technician, Oil Well Gun Perforator Operator, Oil Well Service Unit Operator, Oil Well Services Dispatcher, Oil Well Services Field Supervisor, Oil Well Services Superintendent, Oil Well Services Supervisor and Oil Well Shooter.


This field deals with handling and performing work or labor using machines or physical strength. The careers in this field are; 

Operating Engineer, Operating Engineer Apprentice, Operating Engineers and Other Construction Equipment, Operators, Operating or Equipment Maintenance Marine Engineer, Operating Power Plant Combustion Engineer, Operations Intelligence Superintendent, Operations Label Clerk, Operations Lieutenant, Operations Logistics Analyst, Operations Manager, Operations Manager Assistant, Operations Manager/Coordinator, Operations Officer Afloat,Operations Plant Attendant, Operations Research Analyst, Operations Research Analysts, Operations Research Group Manager, Operations Research Manager, Operations Specialist, Operation Superintendent, Operations Supervisor, Operations Systems Specialist, Operations Technologist, Operations Technician, Operations Vice President, Operation Maintenance and Service Wind Turbine Technician, Operations/Dispatch Operator Operator,Operator and Truck Driver, Operator Engineer, Operator Technician, Operator/Assistant Foreman, Operators School Manager, and Operators Teacher.

Operating Room Assistant, Operating Room Nurse, Operating Room Orderly, Operating Room Registered Nurse, Operating Room Surgical Technician, Operating Room Surgical Technologist, Operating Room Technician, Operating Room Technician, Operating Room Technologist, Operating System Designer, Operating System Programmer, Operating Systems Specialist, Operating Table Assembler, Operation Specialist, Operation Supervisor, Operational Communication Chief, Operational Intelligence Analyst, Operational Intelligence Officer (Analyst) Operational Intelligence Officer (General), Operational Intelligence Officer (Management), Operational Meteorologist, Operational Review Sergeant, Operational Risk Analyst, Operational Risk Consultant, Operational Risk Manager, Operational Test Mechanic, Operations Administrator, Operations and Intelligence Assistant, Operations and Maintenance Manager, Operations and Maintenance Specialist, Operations and Maintenance Supervisor, Operations and Maintenance Technicians, Operations and Maintenance Technician, Operations and Maintenance Technician, Operations Assistant, Operations Boardman, Operations Clerk, Operations Control Center Briefing Officer, Operations Coordinator, Operations Director, Operations Dispatcher, Operations Engineer, Operations Forester, Operations Inspector and Operations Intelligence.


This department is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention or correction of disorders of bones associated with muscles and joints. There are different careers related to this department. They are as follows;

Ortho/Prosthetic Aide, Orthodontic Assistant, Orthopedic Mechanic, Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner, Orthopedic Physical Therapist, Orthopedic Podiatrist, Orthopedic Shoe Fitter, Orthopedic Shoe Maker, Orthopedic Shoes Salesperson, Orthopedic Surgeon, Orthopedic Technician, Orthopedically Impaired Teacher, Orthopedics Teacher, Orthopedist, Orthophoto Tech/Draftsman, Orthophotography Technician, Orthodontic Band Maker, Orthodontic Laboratory Technician, Orthodontic Technician, Orthodontic Technician Assistant, Orthodontist, Orthodontist Assistant, Orthodontist Small Business Owner, Orthodontist Vice President, Orthodontists Orthopaedic Doctor, Orthopaedic Physician Assistant, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Orthopaedic Surgeon Director of Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Orthopaedic Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgeon Sports Medicine Specialist, Orthopaedic Technologist, Orthopedic Assistant, Orthopedic Boot and Shoe Designer and Maker, Orthopedic Brace Maker, Orthopedic Cast Specialist, Orthopedic Designer.

There are other List of jobs that start with O. These jobs are well-known jobs with good salary packages. They are listed below:

Ordnance Artificer, Ordnance Artificer Helper, Ordnance Engineer, Ordnance Engineering Technician, Ordnance Equipment Worker, Ordnance Handler, Ordnance Keeper, Ordnance Mechanic, Ordnance Officer, Ordnance Truck Installation Mechanic, Ordnance Truck Installation Supervisor, Organ Installer, Organ Pipe Voicer, Organ Teacher, Organ Tuner, Organic Chemistry Professor, Organic Chemistry Teacher, Organic Extractions Technician, Organic Gardening Teacher, Organic Preparation Analyst, Organic Preparation Technician, Organic Section Technical Lead, Oriental Rug Stretcher, Orientation & Mobility Specialist, Orientation and Mobility Instructor, Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Orientation and Mobility Therapist for the Blind Origination Specialist, Ornament Setter, Ornament Stitcher, Ornamental Iron Erector, Ornamental Iron Worker, Ornamental Iron Worker Apprentice, Ornamental Ironworker, Ornamental Ironworker Helper, Ore Bridge Operator, Ore Buyer, Ore Charger, Ore Crusher, Ore Crushing Dust Collector, Ore Digger, Ore Dressing Engineer, Ore Dryer, Ore Feeder, Ore Fielder, Ore Grader, Ore Miner,Ore MinerBlasting, Ore Mixer, Ore Puncher, Ore Roaster, Ore Sampler, Ore Smelter, Ore Storage Drier, Ore Tester, Ore Trimmer, Ore Washer, Oreman, Organ Assembler, Organ Builder, Organ Fixer, Organ Grinder, Ornamental Ironworking Supervisor, Ornamental Machine Operator, Ornamental Metal Erector, Ornamental Metal Worker, Ornamental Metal Worker.


If people are wondering what career they should choose, they can search above and look at the job of their choice. There are different fields where they can work.

List Of Jobs That Start With O   

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