John Hopkins University Salary Levels-Know More

Just as it is with every institution, some reimbursement is earned by employees to compensate them for the hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly services rendered to ensure the smooth running of the institution. These reimbursements come in different shades, but it is primarily monetary compensation. These could be other benefits like insurance, yearly bonuses, frequent industrial training, and many others.Let us know about that John Hopkins university salary levels.

John Hopkins University Salary Levels

John Hopkins University has put in place an organized structure for salary payment. This structure places every employee within a salary level in every job. Every job position has about 9 to 10 levels coded as A-J. An academic/clinical/research professionals Level A (ACRP LA) official, for example, is paid an average of 45,560 US dollars per year. In contrast, an ACRP LI official is paid an average of 179,230 US dollars per year. Generally, John Hopkins University Salary compensation is very slightly satisfactory.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about John Hopkins University and its salary levels below.

About John Hopkins University

John Hopkins is a private college established in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1876 by its first inaugurated president, Daniel Coit Gilman, making it the United States’ oldest research university.

John Hopkins University was named after its first sponsor, John Hopkins, an American philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. The university ranks among the best universities globally, with a #9 ranking for best college in the national university.

Departments at John Hopkins University 

John Hopkins University has several job positions that have been infused into about 11 departments. These departments include:

1. Administrative

Jobs here include Liberian III- scholarly communication Librarian , Clinic Program Coordinator, E-resources Library Specialist, Content Production Supervisor, Administrator Clinical, Senior Administrative Manager, Liberian III-Psychology and education, Associate Director of Communication, senior Administrative coordinator, Acquisition Department Manager, Multimedia technicians, Administrative Coordinator (DC), special project manager, CO Collection specialist, Visiting Medical student coordinator, communications associate, senior Medical office coordinator, credit specialist, Day at the Market assistant, Advanced Practise Nursing clinical site coordinator.

2. Development and Alumni Relations 

Assistant Director of University Events, Business project coordinator, Director of development, Carey Business School, assistant director of constituent engagement, development coordinator, executive assistant, foundation relations associates, senior associate director of donor relations, senior associate director of development, assistant director, stewardship and donor engagement, IT project administrator, budget analyst, DAR talent community, Senior financial analyst, Annual Giving business analysts, associate director of development, psychiatry, and behavioral sciences, executive assistant, and development project specialist. 

3. Education/Instruction

Summer employment at Johns Hopkins CTRL, both instructional and non-instructional.

4. Facilities/ Skilled Trades

Energy engineer, associate director of design and construction, senior contracting manager, electrician, inventory and distribution coordinator, electrical shop supervisor, transportation operation specialist, senior architect, associate director of planning and architecture, design and construction project manager, HVAC assistant shop supervisor.

5. Finance

Budget analyst, financial analyst, senior accountant, tax manager, cash management consultant, budget specialist, director of finance, financial manager, accounting specialist, senior internal auditor, senior financial analyst, program administrator, senior accountant, financial resource compliance, budget assistant, investment analyst

6. Grants and Contracts

Grants associate, senior grant and contract analyst, grant and contract analyst, pre-award, grant, and contract analyst post-award, Grants and contracts Manager, senior grants and contract analyst—Restricted research, senior grant associate, senior contract associate, grants and contract specialist.

7. Health care services

Physician assistant, research nurse, nurse practitioner, senior research nurse, ophthalmic technician assistant, substance abuse counselor, co-medical assistant, critical care physician assistant, senior clinical social worker, co-clinical social worker, critical care physician co-clinical nurse, dietician, co-politician, co-medical assistant.

8.    Human Resources

Senior HR Coordinator, human resources coordinator, assistant director of enterprise payroll shared services, HR payroll, and administrative coordinator, 1-9 compliance coordinator, payroll specialist, talent acquisition sourcing consultant, HR manager, HR services senior representative, director of human resources, Human Resources Business Partner, HR generalist, etc.

9.    Information Technology 

Programmer analyst, senior software engineer, software engineer, senior programmer analyst, network security engineer, etc.

10. Information Technology

MRI Technologist, Research Technologist, research program coordinator, clinical research site manager, lab technician, research data manager, etc.

11. Student Services 

Sous chef, fitness coordinator, academic and student success advisor, associate director of student conduct, athletic trainer and assistant athletic trainer, and many other jobs.

John Hopkins University Salary Levels

John Hopkins University has put in place an organized structure for salary payment. It includes sets of salary levels differentiated by employees’ different job roles. This salary range allotment is founded upon the basis of the job’s market value. Therefore, the payment staff at John Hopkins University re-examine these salary levels to guarantee their market competitiveness.

John Hopkins salary levels


Administrative/technical operations (ATO)

Between 16.61 and 40.85 US dollars per hour


Academic/ clinical, research operation role (ACRO)

Between 17.00 and 39.27 US dollars per hour


Administrative, technical professionals (ATP)

Between 51.730 and 178,030 US dollars per year


Academic/ clinical /research professionals(ACRP)

Between 45,560 and 179,230 US dollars per year


Leadership roles (LR)

Between 67,250 and 215,950 US dollars per year


John Hopkins University is very much involved in playing all JHU staff, nothing less than 15 US dollars per hour. That means that no JHU staff will receive less than 15 US dollars per hour. 

This payment is well above the Federal minimum wage, which is 7.25 US dollars per hour, and Maryland’s minimum wage of 11.75 per hour. The district of Columbia’s minimum wage is 15 US dollars per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is John Hopkins University a good institution to work in?

John Hopkins University has an overall average rating of 3.9 out of 5.0 by its employees. This can be graded generally as fairly satisfactory.

2. Is John Hopkins a private employer Of Labour?

Yes, John Hopkins University is a private-sector employer of labor employing tens of thousands of people locally.

3. Why should anyone consider working at John Hopkins University?

John Hopkins University has an active and interesting work environment that exposes its employees not just to salaries after work but to the experiences of learning new and big things each day. An average employee at John Hopkins University can thrive in learning, research, individualized health, global health, and many other areas.

4. How many employees does John Hopkins University currently have?

As of 2019, John Hopkins University reportedly has about 12,207 employees. Among which female workers are 8,794. About 71 percent of John Hopkins University staff are professionals. Currently, JHU has about 27,000 staff.

John Hopkins University Salary Levels-Know More

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