Is Getting Into Google Really That Hard In 2023?

Do you want to get into google? Do you think it is hard to get a job at google? This blog will help you to understand all about life in google and how you can get into it. Let us know about ‘Is Getting Into Google Really That Hard In 2023?’.

Is Getting Into Google Really That Hard In 2023?

Is Google your aim?

I take you as ambitious enough. I believe you must be wondering how? I know the standard of google is so high that it actually creates a dilemma in young minds. Okay, no matter how impossible it sounds it definitely is possible but yes tough. Don’t worry life is tough, and so are you folks. 

Is Getting Into Google Really That Hard In 2023?

There are 2 billion people all over the world that want to associate their name with google. Out of which in all sectors google only chooses and interviews 2000 people. Yes, you heard me right. It is as hard as getting into Oxford and Harvard. But where is the fun if there is no competition right? It is just the little effort that you have to make to shine through other applicants. 

So, answering the question, yes, it is difficult to get into google at any role because the interview process and application selection are very particular and specific. You just have to find ways to shine at your interview and have all the required knowledge for the role that you have applied for. 

See, it’s not easy until we think it is. It is definitely not impossible because many people do work with google so it is obviously not rocket science guys. We can make our way through google, so yes, it is possible.

Is Google picky?

I know now that with so much hype around Google jobs, and google choosing just a few makes us think is google picky? 

Imagine this, you have a 1.7 trillion USD company and you are hiring. I am sure you will not go on hiring every other person who is willing to work with you. You will be picky too. You will go through all the applications, see the qualifications, set an interview, and then choose amongst them. 

So yes, google is picky and it has every right to be picky.

Why should I work with google? 

Let me ask a counter question. Why will you not work with Google? Now that you know how picky google is, you must be thinking why should I even put so much effort. Oh well! Reconsider, please. It will be a lifetime experience with learning as well as earning. 

There are so many perks as a google employee you can’t even imagine of. Some of them are listed below 

  • Paid time off 
  • Paid sick leaves 
  • Amazing workplace 
  • Fun learning and working 
  • Game room 
  • Meals 
  • A remote working opportunity
  • Medical advocacy programs for transgender employees 
  • Onsite wellness center
  • Focus on mental health 
  • Educational Reimbursement 
  • Baby bonding leave 
  • Caretaking leave
  • Ally support 

Honestly, I can go on and on but the list would never end. There are so many benefits and getting associated with the brand google is in itself a huge achievement. Not only financially but socially also it will lift you up high. 

Does google ask for a specific qualification?

Initially yes it does. But Google has always mentioned in their job description that they need this specific or equivalent degree. So, it is not specific but yes google does look for passionate employees. 

If you really are passionate about working with google then be passionate in whatever you do and make sure your fit in the role that you are applying for.

What roles can you apply for at Google?

There are various roles that google offers. It is a huge company and therefore it requires to fill in various roles. Yes, Sundar Pichai needs human resources. 

  • Software engineer 
  • Field Manager 
  • Field sales representative 
  • Group analytics manager 
  • Research scientist 
  • Operation Specialist 

There are so many that are impossible to list out here. You can directly go to the Job site in Google and look into all the career options.

Now let’s get into the best part. 

How can one get into Google? 

Yes, it is difficult, not impossible. It is worth giving a try and let’s say try our luck. 

  • Have a well-made resume 
  • Start Networking 
  • Keep checking Job descriptions 
  • Keep a tab on qualifications 
  • Do not give up 
  • Keep your social media optimized 
  • Have a fair knowledge of data structure and system design knowledge 
  • Let’s deep dive into each one of them one by one. 

1. Have a well-made resume:

C’mon, you are applying at Google, you got to have a tailor made resume that portrays you the best. Add the specific qualifications, add a good profile picture and make sure educational qualifications are clearly mentioned. 

Never forget to add extra curricular because that will make your resume shine more and show how you perfectly fit the position. Game up a little, because you are going to Harvard graduates and other some talented competitors. 

2. Start Networking: 

This is the most crucial thing that you should do. Start making a connection to people working for google, with google, and have been former employees of google to know all the tips and tricks to get into google. And who knows you found someone who can actually pitch in for you. 

Well, someone pitching for you is a long shot but making connections will help you understand how to get into google better. 

3. Keep checking the Job description:

 In the career tab of google, there are lined up job roles. Take a look at it and see which one best suits you. Make a note of all the qualifications that are required to keep a check on how you fit into it or what all you lack so that you can work on it. 

4. Keep a tab on qualifications:

Some specific or equivalent qualification lists google mentions on every job description. Make sure that when you pick up your role and you are making notes of qualifications. 

If you lack few qualifications, make sure you take courses and grow yourself more so that you are up to mark for the job google offers. 

5. Do not give up:

 See, JK Rowling was rejected 12 times before publishers accepted her. Google might reject you okay. But do not take it as a gone case. Google has an opening every 6 months, so if you are really passionate and want to work for and with google no matter what, then let’s try again. 

Rejection is a path to success, so instead of feeling down try to hone your skills and work on what you lacked earlier. Next time, give google no reason to say no to your services. 

6. Keep your social media optimized:

Social Media, the scope of social media is so huge that you cannot imagine the number of leads you can get from there. If you use Instagram or LinkedIn or Facebook, make sure you make valuable connections through those sites.

Remember the point about Networking, social media is where you will create networks. So, if that is well made and you connect to resourceful people your job becomes easier. 

7. Have a fair knowledge of data structure and system design knowledge:

 The data structure is a kind of storage that helps you in storing, retrieving, and organizing your data. Design knowledge is something that is a skill. These are a few skillsets that Google keeps looking for in their employees, so if you are already up to date about it, then you are in a win situation. 

You probably can mention that on your resume or CV which will result in higher chances of you getting into google. 

Now that you have all the tips and tricks, make sure you implement them to have added advantage over others. No matter what it won’t be actually easy to get into one and only Google. Once you get in just imagine the life you will have. It will uplift your standard of living and all the pain will be worth it. 

Pro – tip 

Okay, too much motivation? Well, we have a pro tip for you. Not only intelligence but creativity and passion matter at Google. They do not simply hire someone who got top grades. They see the experience and relevant skills. 

Here are a few skills sets you can own to add to your CV when you apply for Google. 

  • Graphic designer 
  • Data mining 
  • Data analysis 
  • Cloud Computing 
  • SQL 
  • Computer languages 
  • Illustrator 
  • Python 
  • Customer service 
  • Product management 

Apart from having creativity and problem-solving skills, you should learn these skills online and earn certificates to add to your resume which will make it look so much better and you will gain the extra skill to show off. Win!


So, now you must have understood that getting into google may sound tough but is actually very smart and easy. It is not a piece of cake for everyone but neither is it rocket science. Let’s get this straight, you have the perfect skills and all the knowledge that is required, you have that pinch of creativity and curiosity in you, then you are ready. 

Be confident in the interview, it might be tough but nothing that you don’t know (we have done all the practice remember). Just manifest your google work life and work towards your aim with resilience and focus. 

So, to sum up, getting into google is tough but not unachievable. The standard is high but nothing that you can’t reach. Google is waiting for you. 

Is Getting Into Google Really That Hard In 2023?

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