How To Turn Down a Job Offer?

Some circumstances may make you decline a job, not because you intentionally want to decline the job or throw the opportunity away, but because circumstances just warrant you turning down the job offer. Circumstances like getting two offers at the same time and you’ve scrutinized the two offers and obviously, going for the best. So, how do you turn down the other offer without being disrespectful?

How To Turn Down a Job Offer?

To turn down an offer, you have to write a rejection letter to the company, telling them why you won’t be accepting the offer( you can choose not to be specific in this regard), and be grateful to them for allowing you to work with them, and make them know how you can connect with them for future collaboration.

What To Know Before Turning That Job Down?

Before turning that job down, you should have a genuine reason for doing so and not just some emotional issues. You must have a strong “why” because there is a very low percentage of getting the job back after declining it, so, you must be sure of what you’re doing and know what you want and not what you feel you want.

Tips On How To Turn Down An Offer

  • Don’t postpone it
  • Keep it simple and straight to the point
  • Say “thank you”
  • Provide a reason but you don’t have to be specific
  • Consider offering to stay in touch

Don’t postpone it: Once you know you won’t be accepting the offer, don’t procrastinate, reach out to the hiring manager and send him an email, so they would be able to fill the space in time. Some fuss over it for a very long time before you make a decision.

Keep it simple and straight to the point: Keep your message clear, succinct, and direct, don’t use ambiguous words, and don’t pitch yourself so high that you make the employer feel the job is nothing to you. Keep it simple, choose your words carefully and ensure you present yourself in a humble way

Say “thank you”: Appreciate the employer for allowing you to work for the company, and ensure they know it’s a privilege and an honor to have considered your application among many others

Provide a reason but you don’t have to be specific: Provide your reason for not accepting the job offer, your choice of words should be vague and succinct 

Consider offering to stay in touch: You can consider offering to stay in touch. Although, you don’t have to say this because you feel indebted, but because you’d like to expand your network.

How To Turn Down A Job On Grounds Of Getting Another Offer?

Probably you’ve accepted a better offer from an organization, pin down your reason for this, and ensure you don’t compare the two companies in your letter.


From: (Your email)

To: (the email of the company)

Subject: Offer letter- (Your name)

Compose email:

Dear Mr/Mrs ( insert the name of the Hiring Manager)

I am grateful for giving me the privilege to work with (insert the name of company) as (insert the role). I consider this a privilege that I do not take for granted 

Although it was not an easy decision, I have accepted a position with another company.

It was nice talking to you and I appreciate your time during the interview process. Thank you.

How To Turn Down A Job On Grounds Of The Job Is Not A Good Fit?

You might feel the job is not a good fit for you because it does not correlate with your line of interest or you’re not passionate about the job, or probably, you found a purpose you want to channel every of your strength in or you just want to venture into entrepreneurship


Subject: Offer letter- (Your name)

Compose email: 

Hello Mr/ Mrs (insert name of the hiring manager)

I am very blessed to get the role of a (insert name of the role) from a highly reputable company like yours, but, I realize the job does not fit into my career goal presently.

Thank you for taking your time to be detailed about the role in the interview and the offer letter. I sincerely appreciate

I’m open to recommendations on alignment with my career(insert your career goal), thank you so much.

How To Turn Down A Job On Grounds Of Getting A Better Compensation?

You need to be strategic while asking for a raise especially when the company does not offer a counteroffer. Your choice of words will not be like you’re turning down the job.


Subject: offer letter- (your name)

Dear sir/Ma( mention the name of the hiring manager)

I was excited when I got the role I’ve always been aspiring to expand my capability and skills in. Thank you for granting me this privilege to work for the company 

I’d like to know if I can counter the offer and probably get a raise in compensation. Thank you.

In conclusion, when turning down a job offer, you don’t have to act grumpy, ensure you know what you want from life, for life, and in life. Don’t be caught in the web of indecision, so you don’t regret your action of declining the job offer. Ensure you have a great vision. If you want a raise in compensation, state it strategically, and if you feel the job is not a good fit, channel your application where you’d fit in.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How do I turn down a job application?

Write a rejection letter to the company stating your reason

Q2. Should I mention an amount if I want a raise?

Only mention an amount when you’re given a counteroffer in the compensation

Q3. How do I know I am not fit for a job?

You know you’re not fit for a job if it is not your line of interest.

Q4. Should I send an email or contact the Hiring Manager on the phone?

It’s more professional to send an email.

How To Turn Down a Job Offer?

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