How To Get A Job At Google Without A Degree?


Google LLC, found in the year 1998, is an American multinational technology company with a wide range of services spread all over the world. Initially, Google began as a search engine based on a groundbreaking algorithm, ‘PageRank’, which turned out to be a massive success. Ever since that, the company has undergone rapid expansion and now has relevance in almost all areas of interest in the IT field – cloud computing, maps and navigation, productivity apps, sound/video technologies, smartphones, and the list goes on and on. With its parent company as Alphabet, Google is a part of the highly esteemed Big Five of the United States, the other members being – Meta (formerly Facebook), Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon. It is a dream for many to be working at Google LLC someday. Let us know ‘How To Get A Job At Google Without A Degree?’.

How To Get A Job At Google Without A Degree?

Google does not require a formal four-year college degree to be eligible to apply for a position at the company. In the hiring process, Google puts its focus on the candidates’ skills, interests, past achievements, and personality – none of which is determined by the college degree which one possesses. 

Tips and to-dos to get a job at Google:

In this article, we shall be taking a look at how someone can get placed at Google LLC even without having a recognized degree. We take a look at some of the most important criteria to be kept in mind if one has to succeed in getting a job at Google without having a degree. 

  1. Try to be an expert in the subject: 
  • It is recommended that one should be a master in any one of these languages – C, C++, Java, Python, or Ruby, while the candidate will also be expected to be fluent with the others. 
  • It is also a must to have mastery over the subject – Data Structures and Algorithms. 

Programming problems need to be practiced, and platforms such as Leetcode and Hackerrank can prove to be of good help. 

  1. Take advice from an expert/master: 
  • Finding the right role model may require some effort but if you manage to do so, it would prove to be of great help to your preparation process. This role model can be a former/present employee at Google or any other MNC, some family member, or even a role model from another field who simply never fails to inspire you. 
  • Almost all of the successful candidates at such interviews have spoken of how they always have had a role model, and how that had a positive impact upon them.
  1. Clear the fundamentals: 
  • This is an important step that simply can’t be forgotten. As you do not have a formal college degree, it may happen that you know about all the practical stuff of a process, but might not know some basics about the task. 
  1. Be ready to explain your concepts: 
  • While conducting the interviews, Google LLC undertakes an approach which they term to be – an “open-ended discussion” about concepts and ideas. 
  • Google knows that to be a successful employee working at their organization, simply having technical ideas won’t be enough – it would also be necessary to have good communication and interpersonal skills as people would have to work in groups at all times. 
  • They also try to know how an employee aims to be implementing his ideas, or how good they are while working with teams.
  1. Be confident: 
  • This is the most crucial thing to be kept in mind. No matter how your preparation is, you need to sound confident during the entire interview process. 
  • Being a person who does not have a formal CS degree, it would also be smart of them to mention what led to your choice of Computer Science as your area of interest and how you maintain your motivation to continue to contribute to the IT field daily.
  • Be sure to listen carefully to what is being asked of you during the interviews and answer accordingly. Interviewers prefer concise, to-the-point answers rather than long, explanative ones. 
  • Make sure to get proper sleep on the night before the interviews and take proper care of self-hygiene. 

How to apply for a job at Google?

One can simply head over to the Careers section on the Google website and apply for any vacant job. The hiring managers at Google would contact you within a few weeks if they find your profile to be suitable for the job, after which the appropriate interview procedures would follow. It is suggested that one should move on and look for a job elsewhere if there has been no response for two months.

Important criteria to get a job at Google without a degree:

In this section, we will take a look at the most important things which a candidate needs to do to stand a chance of being offered a job at Google without a degree LLC.

  1. Interning/Work experience: A past project or previous work experience would come in handy to prove your expertise in the matter and how you had made use of the programming languages to accomplish your project. A letter of recommendation from the previous employer also helps to highlight your willingness in a project and gives the interviewer an exact idea of what to expect from you.
  2. Networking: Proper networking also goes a long way in helping you land your dream job. You can talk with these people and get to know more about their interview process and what to expect from the job at Google. 

You can utilize your network to get a valuable referral as well. It has been reported in multiple surveys that applicants have got a higher chance of getting called in for an interview if they are able to get a referral from someone who is working at Google or any prestigious position in another IT company of the same stature.

  1. Taking certified courses: There are a host of online programs being offered online. Leading institutes all around the world have decided that an effort needs to be made to further spread education, and they offer these courses at nominal prices. A candidate is encouraged to undertake these courses and get certified. These certificates have great significance, and can greatly boost your chances of getting the job.


Thus, we can see that it is not a must to have a college degree or for that instance, any degree in Computer Science to get a job at Google. If one is qualified enough, knowing the intricacies of programming languages, and being able to come up with unique solutions to any problem faced, all he/she needs to do is to have a firm belief in his/her vision and the ultimate goal to work for a tech giant like Google is. They need to have good interpersonal skills as well, which goes a long way in laying strong foundations for a job in any company in the world. Educational degrees will never prove to be a bar to gauge someone’s success – not only in Google but also, any other tech company in the US.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We looked up the most asked questions on the web about working at Google and have compiled them together in this section, along with the appropriate answers.

Can I get a job at Google without any experience?

The answer is Yes. One can get a job at Google even without having any experience working for a professional IT company. One way to get a job assured is to try and get an internship at Google and excel in it, which may force the company into handing you an offer letter. It is a must to master the concepts in coding and also, it would suit you if you are able to get in direct contact with a Google recruiter – and showcase to them your professional skills and past projects. You need to be confident in yourself and be able to communicate your ideas properly to the recruiters.

How much do Google jobs pay?

According to surveys conducted by Glassdoor, Google LLC is the fifth-highest salary paying company in the United States. The average estimated salary is assumed to be somewhere around the $133,000 per year mark while the median salary is around $134,200. This comes down to rates of about $64/hour, which is almost 10 times high than the minimum salary recommended in the US. In addition to the compensation packages, Google also provides a host of facilities to its employees, including life insurances, health plans, future plans, etc. 

What percent of Google employees do not have a recognized degree?

According to multiple survey reports, Google (and the other members of the Big Five) end up hiring about 25% of their employees who do not have a formal college degree. That is quite a high number but it should be kept in mind that these people are either highly experienced in their field or have considerable expertise in the specified subjects which might be required for a position. However, it has been suggested by experts that getting a formal college degree might be the easiest and simplest way to get a prestigious job that pays highly.

How To Get A Job At Google Without A Degree?

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