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Apple Inc. is a popular multinational technology company that is into consumer electronics, software, and online services. Let us know about “How Hard Is It To Get A Job At Apple?”

How Hard Is It To Get A Job At Apple?

With a reputation for high quality and luxury products, it was named the largest technology company globally and recently, the second most valuable company in the world.

Their main products include: Macintosh, iPhone, IPad, wearable, home, and accessories 

Apple should not be an easy fish to catch considering its outstanding reputation, however, the article will try to discover to what extent Apple deemed it difficult to get a job.

Answer: Getting a job at Apple Inc. is not an easy thing. The recruitment process is quite strenuous and requires the best from aspirants. Statistically, only two percent of engineers make it past the interview rounds.

This Can Be Attributed To The Following Reasons:

Outstanding Expectations

The goal of the company Is to build software and hardware products that will give their users the best user experience with highly innovative and advanced technologies. As a result, they are meticulous in their recruitment system, as they desire individuals with high problem-solving skills and abilities to achieve their goals.

The interview process is structured in such a way to assess the individual’s approach to problem-solving, past projects, and programmer portfolio.

Getting An Interview

This is the first milestone to success as an Apple employee aspirant. It, therefore, requires a lot which we will look at immediately. 

Educational qualifications: Apple gives great cognizance to graduate or master’s degree holders from top American universities. Freshers from this category, however, should apply for lower positions like junior developers and entry levels. Candidates aspiring for higher positions will require additional experience and domain mastery. 

Optimized LinkedIn Profile And Resume: A well-optimized LinkedIn profile and resume are very essential for a candidate who wishes to work for an Apple company. Your profile should contain the necessary keywords and information recruiters are looking for. The resume is not left out. It is pertinent your resume speaks of your experience, skill, and past projects with every sense of expertise. It must just be polished, proofread, and coherent. Seek for a professional guide when need be. 

Programmer Portfolio: A strong programmer portfolio is very essential. There’s no better way to show your professional skills and coding capacity than this. Candidates should, therefore, participate in coding challenges to build a good profile and make coder connections. Also, having a portfolio website will be a huge plus. 

Active Within Your Network: The power of connection works here as well. Statistics have shown that out of the thousands working with Apple Inc., only 55% got their job via online application. The rest were through referrals, recruiters, on-campus recruiting, and in-person recruiting.  Staying connected with fellow programmers and former colleagues and other relevant personalities will go a long way to help a candidate get employed with Apple Inc. and other top tech companies

3. Apple’s Tech Interview

Apple tech interview, as we explained earlier is one of the reasons why employment with Apple does not easily come by. It has proven to be the main reason as it is constructed in the best technical and logical way to choose only the best candidate.

The tech interview involves three different processes:

Technical Phone screen interview: This interview is conducted over the phone. A recruiter explains your job role and inquires about your experience, profile, and skill set to ascertain if you are the best candidate for that role. Once you qualify, the coding interview will be rescheduled. 

Coding interview: This is conducted by a technical lead or a hiring manager. The purpose is to assess your problem-solving skills. So, one or two problems are presented for a solution. Additionally, candidate experience and skills are inquired about. 

On-site interview: This is where your programming skill is thoroughly accessed. It comprises 3-4 interview rounds. Candidates are tested on algorithms, core data structures, concepts in design, core data structures, behavioral attributes, and soft skills. Your grade on each level will be used to make your hiring decision. 

Helpful Tips 

The following will help a candidate prepare adequately for the apple interview rounds. 

  • Preparation based on candidate’s position

The different positions à candidate can apply for include: 

Senior position: Designing skills are very paramount in the senior position. Also, Candidates are expected to have a strong portfolio and adequate project exposure as recruiters hold them in high regard. 

Junior position: Candidates here need more coding skills. So, even as they prepare in other areas, like the designing skills, this should be their main focus.  

Managerial position: Candidates are accessed based on their behavioral capabilities, design rounds, professional experience, and project exposure. 

Core DS And Algorithm

Algorithm coding is a key attribute in tech jobs. Candidates are advised to develop extensively their problem-solving skills in coding, and or providing possible solutions from many angles and patterns 

  • Design Concept Familiarity

This is a very important area candidates should be conversant with. Assessment is usually on-site, evaluating their ability to construct scalable systems. 

  • Practice Mock interviews

This involves practicing with professionals. This has proven to help candidates ascertain their ability and areas that need improvement. 

Top Three Apple Interview Questions

What is your favorite Apple device? Why? 

The essence of this question is to understand the candidate’s level of interest in the brand, tech knowledge and product function. The candidate is therefore expected to provide a response that gives sufficient information on them. 

Tell me about a time you completely failed. How did you bounce back? 

This kind of question is channeled to ascertain the candidate’s level of honesty, integrity, resilience, and creativity. Candidates should therefore avoid telling empty stories. They should make sure their narration is geared towards those attributes. 

Tell me about a time you disagreed with your manager. How did you handle it? What was the outcome? 

The information that will be provided regarding this question should highlight the candidate’s level of expertise/professionalism, ability to resolve conflict, and also creativity


Apple Inc. being a reputable technology company will require more than an average candidate to get a job. The requirements, however, differ with different job roles. Nonetheless, candidates with outstanding knowledgeable skills, experience, and capabilities have a high chance of getting a job.

How Hard Is It To Get A Job At Apple? -Know More

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