How Do You Get A Job At Dave And Busters? – Know More!


Dave and Busters is a famous restaurant brand worth 2.11 billion dollars. They are well known for their full-service restaurant and fully equipped Arcade systems. If you are searching for how do you get a job at dave and busters then this article will help you to know the information about this.

How Do You Get A Job At Dave And Busters?

Dave and Busters have a unique business model. They combine Arcade fun with restaurants targeting young adults. Due to the huge demand for their services, Dave and Busters have over 145 locations in the United States and 2 in Canada. Owing to the net worth of the company, many people desire to be part of the staff. In this article, we will discuss the potential ways to get a job at Dave and Busters.

The first step for the job application procedure for Dave and Busters is to complete the hiring request form online. In this form, you may need to provide some personal details including location and age. Once this is done, Hiring managers at the company should contact you through email or telephone to schedule an interviewer at their preferred locations.


After the first stage of job application, a typical entry-level applicant may need to face several interviews in which the hiring team of Dave and Busters will try to find out about your personality, customer care skills, and most importantly your employment history. Some excellent applicants may get the position within a single interview.

To be prepared for the interview, It is a good idea to know about the brand and its goals. You should be prepared for questions regarding your previous employment place and your relationship with them. You may also be asked about what value you could bring to the company. Be sure to ponder over the questions before answering. The more you know about the company, the higher chance you have to impress the hiring team manager.

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The duration of the application procedure may take time, depending on the role you are applying. If you are an entry-level worker looking for a staff position, you could get the position within a day, on the spot or it may take two weeks. For positions of higher experience like a Bartender or Manager, the application may need to go through a stricter screening process and therefore may take longer to process. These positions require a lot of skill which you could be asked to demonstrate during several interviews. For example, for the bartending job, mixing drinks could be asked.

If you have not received a reply for a long time after your application, it may be a good idea to ask for a follow-up from the hiring manager. Not only does this give you an expected time range for you to expect your result, but it also shows the hiring team that you are persistent to get the position and dedicated to the brand. 

Type of questions to be ready for

  1. How would you welcome a table and make its diners feel comfortable?
  2. How was your previous job experience?
  3. What was your worst mistake at a previous job?
  4. Give an instance where you put one of your co-workers before you.
  5. Your aim/ bucket list.

Comments of an applicant

Marion, an applicant to the company, said that she was told to schedule an interview just a few days after her application. Her Interview consisted of 5 questions after which she was told to go to another room to have an interview with another person and then another. In total, she was interviewed by three people.

Another former employee suggests to applicants to “Be yourself, be professional and confident.”

A previous bartender called the application process smooth and enjoyable. He said that he needed to train for a few weeks before being hired.

Dave and Busters also offer several incentives including health insurance, Occupational accident insurance, life insurance, and much more. Moreover, Dave and Busters are said to have a close-knit community, with a good working environment and free games. Food also has a cut price.


To conclude, getting a job at Dave and Buster’s can be challenging, but the effort can be well worth it. A typical employee at Dave and Busters can earn between $8.24 to $20.50. We hope that this article has helped you get an insight into the application process and you have learned the techniques to have a higher chance of being selected.


1.What games do Dave and Busters offer?

Dave and Busters have a variety of games of different genres. They have Classics like Pac-Man, Skee Ball, and Pop a Shot. And modern games like The Million Dollar Midway. This wide variety of game options means that people of different age groups and tastes can enjoy playing.

2.Is it expensive to play Dave and Buster Games

Most games available at Dave and Buster’s cost between 3 and 10 chips. Only a selected few go out of this range.

How Do You Get A Job At Dave And Busters? – Know More!

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