Happiest Jobs In The Medical Field

There are many speculations about jobs in the medical field. Medicine is a broad field that calls for attention, discipline and dedication. Like other stem fields, medical courses take work. So, considering a medical degree, you may need to check what the future has in store for that speciality. Let us know more detail about ‘Happiest Jobs In The Medical Field’.

Happiest Jobs In The Medical Field

Happiest Jobs In The Medical Field

Indeed, doctors are well paid, and money is part of why people like their jobs. However, more is needed to make the job satisfying or happy. Medical experts are trained to love their jobs, but the question remains whether the job is pleasing or if they derive happiness from doing the job. Some people assume doctors to be sadists doing boring jobs; however, this article list out the happiest careers in medicine you don’t know.

The medical field is one of the most aimed career fields in the world, but for some, it is a sad and diluted field where people do the same thing every day. However, you may not know that these experts get to explore as they meet different patients and treat different cases. The happiest medical fields are measured by salary, compensation, employment possibilities and much more.

Although the medical industry can be demanding, doctors find a way to make the job exciting amidst the overbearing task.

Here is a list of the happiest medical jobs you may want to consider:

Intensive Care

Intensive care medicine meets the needs of patients who must be constantly monitored and supported by the equipment to survive and breathe. Although It is challenging for these professionals to regularly care for terminal patients, they receive $306K annually. These doctors are very passionate and find happiness in interacting with their patients, giving them hope for a new day. Furthermore, they receive good compensation with a job satisfaction rate of 54%.


Paediatricians are the happiest and very passionate. They care for children from birth until late adolescence. Given that they are paid significantly less than others, caring for children is one of the things that contribute to their job happiness. With an annual salary of $204K, paediatrics is the speciality with low income but with job satisfaction of 55%.

Speech Language Pathologist

SLPs strive to identify, diagnose, and treat cognitive and speech issues in children and adults. They train to be proficient communicators with patients, families, and other caregivers. They need to comprehend and analyse medical data with technology, particularly computerised therapy programs and assessment tools.

A master’s degree in speech-language pathology from an authorised university is normally required of SLPs. After graduation, they must also undergo a clinical fellowship year (CFY). SLPs are to hold a license or certification from the jurisdiction in which they work. They have an average pay of $2000 – $9000 per month and job satisfaction of 60%.


An ophthalmologist is a doctor who focuses on identifying and managing ocular diseases. Ophthalmologists are qualified to conduct eye tests, write prescriptions, and conduct surgical procedures to treat vision issues. Since their job requires deep attention to detail, they work based on appointment. The field has a job growth of 5% and an average salary of $310,000.

Respiratory Therapist

A respiratory therapist is a medical professional trained in identifying and treating cardiopulmonary diseases.

Respiratory therapists do not only diagnose patients with cardiopulmonary problems, but they instruct patients and their families on how to avoid and treat these conditions.

Respiratory therapists use different strategies to treat cardiopulmonary problems, such as airway clearance therapies, oxygen treatment, mechanical ventilation, and smoking cessation advice. Additionally, some inhalation therapists work with sleep or intensive care unit medicine. They earn $65,000 on average.


The day in the life of a nurse can vary. They include giving administering prescriptions and cleaning the bed. Additionally, nurses are to update patient charts and monitor patients’ medical conditions. Nurses have stressful tasks, but they work in shifts, making it easier, and they are passionate about their jobs. Moreover, they are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that between 2020 and 2030, registered nurses’ employment is expected to increase by 9%.


This field focuses on developing nutrition programs to help people achieve their health objectives. These programs include healing and preventing disorders like diabetes, weight loss, e.t.c. They also prescribe dietary plans for people who are lactose intolerant and gluten sensitive.

The opportunities in this field are endless; this is one of the medical careers with the best work-life balance in the healthcare sector. They may choose to work independently or under an organisation or agency.


Psychiatrists are special doctors that care for mental health patients. They help patients with mental illnesses control their symptoms and give them direct care. They often conduct studies to better our knowledge of mental diseases and their therapies. Additionally, they teach patients and their families about mental diseases, treatments, and coping mechanisms. Psychiatrists doctors have flexible work hours and earn good Salaries.


Dermatology specialities have the happiest doctors and skin and are not only the most satisfied with their pay, an average annual income of $381K. A dermatologist doctor focuses on identifying and treating problems with the skin, hair, and nails. They also treat their patients’ medical and cosmetic desires, which may include shaping the body and so on.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering may seem new, but this field does the impossible in the medical industry. They apply engineering principles to medicine creating new medical gadgets, software to help manage patient data, and surgical materials. Additionally, a biomedical engineer can create artificial organs and prosthetic limbs. A biomedical engineer thinks of ways to improve the medical field, and therefore they have flexible work hours and engage in high-paying projects with an average salary of $62,000.

Medical Scientist

Medical scientists study and create strategies for enhancing human health. They include experts in the field, like toxicology, understanding and delaying the ageing process, and cancer prevention. They conduct clinical trials, look into the viability of novel treatments, examine creative data interpretation methods, and create vaccines for diseases like COVID-19. Medical scientists are well-paid, and you will always find them happy to diagnose, research and develop new ways to fight disease.

Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is an expert who focuses on caring for a patient’s teeth and gums. They work with the dentist to administer dental treatment. Additionally, they can impart the importance of dental hygiene to children and adults. They can work either as part of an agency or formally in the hospital.

Animal Therapist                                                             

A pet is more than a companion; medically, it can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels. People who suffer from disorders like dementia, pain, or autism can benefit emotionally, physically, and socially from animal therapy. Animal therapists use only animals as their tools, including dogs, horses, dolphins, and birds. Animal therapy has been effective In children’s hospitals, prison yards and others. Most animal therapists enjoy their jobs, and their job role is less stressful.

What Determines The Happiness Of Medical Jobs?


Money makes people happy and plays a major role when choosing a career path. The happiest fields in medicine listed in this article have high-paying salaries that include compensation, good pensions and other benefits.

Work Balance

people have different perceptions of work-life balance; however, what makes the job happy is when you get leisure hours to do other activities, especially social activities. In other words, the happiest medical jobs are flexible and leave you free time for all your activities.

Employment Opportunities

Although there are many career prospects in the healthcare business, some positions have broader opportunities and job satisfaction. These positions have higher employment development, career satisfaction, and other benefits.


Compensation is another reason why these jobs are the happiest. People love to be inspired to do more in delivering their jobs. And when they are compensated, they can afford to live the lavish life of their dreams while developing more skills to improve their work performance.


The stress level of people in the medical industry cannot be undermined. They work round the clock to help patients. However, the jobs in this article are not without stress but at a minimal rate because jobs with high-stress levels can result in burnout, health problems, unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Why Work In The Medical Field?

Earning potential

Money is a leading factor in any career decision. The goal of financial security is emotional comfort.

According to BLS, the annual wage for healthcare workers, such as registered nurses and doctors, was $69,870.1 in May 2020, which is more than the $41,950.1 salary of other jobs. However, this varies by speciality and role. However, qualified healthcare persons make a respectable income.


Another reason to consider the health industry is your passion. There are different aspects of medicine you may want to drive your love towards. E.g. your love for children can lead you to study medicine and specialise in paediatrics.

Job Security

Job security and demands are two of the main factors that attract people to careers in healthcare. The healthcare industry offers work opportunities and competitive pay in various fields, including patient care, administration, and medical laboratories.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts healthcare professions to grow by 16 per cent between 2020 and 2030, much higher than the labour market growth rate, creating close to 2.6 million new jobs.

Encouraging Workplaces

Healthcare offers the opportunity to meet new people, solve multiple problems and change locations. If you’re the type who enjoys having new and diverse experiences every day, health care may be your next ride. People who enjoy working on their feet in a hectic situation sometimes find that working in a clinic, hospital, or urgent care setting is a fantastic fit.  

Daily Job Satisfaction

No matter what position you hold in the healthcare industry, note that you’re contributing to the well-being of others. You can fulfil your desire to help people while working in the healthcare industry. You may prevent the death of one life or assist in the birth of a new one. Also, Working in healthcare will change lives and impact families, whether you work with patients directly or indirectly.

Furthermore, as a healthcare practitioner, you get to work in a dynamic environment with a flexible schedule. Professionals that operate in this type of atmosphere end each day with a sense of fulfilment.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Happiest Jobs In The Medical Field’, This article has listed all the happiest jobs in the medical field. These professions come with their challenges. However, it comes with flexible work hours that leave you with a sense of fulfilment each day.

So if you are wondering if doctors are ever happy, this article answers your questions. The medical industry requires dedication and commitment, but some medical disciplines are fun.


  • Which Doctors Put In The Shortest Hours?

Notably, doctors specialising in allergy and immunology spend the least time (14.6 hours per week) of any speciality on paperwork and extra duties. For comparison, dermatology, regarded as one of the top lifestyle specialities, is believed to take around the same amount of time.

  • Which Doctors Don’t Perform Surgeries?

Inside medicine When the first symptoms of any illness appear, you should visit your primary care physician. They are among the most prevalent varieties of surgeon-free doctors. There are two types of internal medicine practices: inpatient and outpatient.

  • What Specialty Has The Best Lifestyle?

Family doctors prioritize serving the needs of the entire community. It is one of the most rewarding specialities because it involves working directly with patients, especially if you enjoy dealing with people. Family medicine specialists (particularly male ones) were among the doctors who reported being the happiest. 

Family medicine typically provides regular work hours and a fulfilling social life. You have the option to start your medical practice or work alongside other doctors at an already-established facility.

  • Why Are Doctors Unhappy With Their Job?

 A medical professional’s life is heavily influenced by stress, which has a negative impact on their level of happiness. That is undoubtedly one of the causes for doctors’ relatively low levels of job satisfaction.

Happiest Jobs In The Medical Field

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