Hampton Inn Careers-Job Opportunities, Salary

 The hotel industry is a rapidly-expanding business that upholds many job opportunities.  And if you are dreaming of a job where you can be paid well while having a good chance to work in different cities worldwide, then you must apply for a position at Hampton inn. Let us know about that the Hampton Inn Careers-Job Opportunities, Salary.

Hampton Inn Careers-Job Opportunities, Salary

Hampton inn, also now known as Hampton by Hilton, is US based chain of hotels with more than 2500 location word wide. Its headquarter is situated in Memphis Tennessee. This chain is mainly in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific islands.

Job opportunities

Hampton’s Inn offers a variety of job options both in the domestic and international market, from entry-level and in-hotel jobs like guest service agent, van driver, breakfast host /hostess, Laundry attendant, housekeeper, night auditor, maintenance, housekeeping supervisor and front desk supervisor to corporate level carriers such as director of the operation, manager project supply, executive assistant, contract processor, director of digital content, senior management executive of communications, senior director indirect sourcing-Americas and director of architecture and construction project management.

There are more than 1600 jobs in an entry-level position that does not require any specific educational qualification and is available on a full-time, part-time, temporary, contract, and intern basis.

some of the career position, responsibilities, requirement, and their salary is mentioned below-

Guest service representative 

Duties and responsibilities include: 

-greeting visitors and responding to their inquiries

-performing routine tasks like check-in and check-out; 

– coordinating with housekeeping and room service.


– Capable of communicating well

-Ready to work weekends and late-night hours

 -Open to working in a flexible environment

Pay: between $8 and $10 per hour

both full-time and part-time options are available.

 Room Attendant

 Responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of the rooms 

– Focused on the needs of the clients

-Before the guest checks in, ensure the room is equipped with all of the facilities.


As it is an entry-level position, there is no requirement for a degree, but customer service skills and courtesy are essential. 

 With experience, one can expect to earn $12 per hour and those without experience may expect to make the federal minimum wage.

Laundry Attendant

Their duties include

– washing and cleaning soiled clothes, towels, and other items. 

Then dry them in dryers, arranging dried and cleaned items according to the type or identification number

-Press the washed laundry after correctly folding and placing it in the storage container

-machinery maintenance

Physical prerequisites

-Able to lift 50 pounds or more

-Color identification and distinction

-can function in a hot, humid environment.

-standing for extended periods of time

– able to walk long distances  

Earning around $8-$10 per hour


-Cleaning the guest room, bathroom, conference room, and common areas is among the housekeeper’s duties.

-Before check-in, wish guests well and replenish their accommodations.

-After guests check out, replenish toiletries, replace and arrange towels, replace the linens, and dust, vacuum, and rearrangement

-Notify any maintenance problems

A minimum hourly wage can initially be anticipated, but with time and experience, it may increase to $16.00 per hour.

 Night auditor

The duties of a night auditor include 

-reviewing and balancing the day’s financial postings.

-Examine the purchases and payments made with credit cards for products like food, drinks, and other items.

Pay ranges from $8 to $12 per hour.

Director of sales


-Implementing marketing strategies, 

-supervising sales team members, 

-analyzing data to boost sales, 

engaging with clients and other management team members to promote the company

 hiring and training staff.

 $43,000 annual salary.

Assistant Manager 

Duties include-

-In the absence of the general manager, take over as manager

-assists with managerial responsibilities, 

-assigns tasks, and aids in coordinating operations amongst various hotel divisions

Salary: $27,000–$40,000 annually

Hotel Manager

Hotel manager responsibilities include

– managing hotel operations effectively

-oversees the tasks performed by his subordinates.

-Making a work schedule to increase efficiency

-Manage marketing campaigns, evaluate the hotel’s profitability, and record sales data.

-Additionally, they enforce company policies and guarantee that both visitors and staff adhere to them.

-It takes commitment and a certain level of leadership

Pay ranges from $10 to $14 per hour and $60,000 per year.

Supervisor of sales

His duty entails-

-promoting the hotel to mostly corporate people

-event at work

-Present your ideas and reach your quotas.

$12 an hourly wage (plus commissions)


 The duties associated with maintenance include

-upkeep of the pool and neighborhood

-electric wiring and plumbing

-Inform management that lights, heating, and ventilation need significant repairs.


-experience in the hotel industry or a related field

-high school diploma

-Preferable: Trade license (plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc)

Salary is $14 per hour


Duties include

-Serving and preparing drinks as ordered by visitors

 -Providing menus and providing information to assist visitors in choosing drinks

-generating income through the totaling of charges, generating invoices, and handling payments 

-demonstrating a personal dedication while providing exceptional guest service

-$15 an hourly wage

 Security officer

Duties of the position

-Patrol the lobbies, corridors, and public areas, speak with management, interview visitors and employees, and question people to look for violations, look into disruptions, look into thefts, look into damage, etc.

-Patrol public spaces for fires, dangerous situations, and damaged or malfunctioning safety equipment.

-warns or dismisses the troublemaker.

-Notify authorities when people with a bad reputation are present.

-When an emergency arises, be calm and act promptly. 

-be quick to the security alarm and attentive to CCTV

Job requirements

-High school graduation, licence, and certification preferred for security officers.

-the capacity to endure prolonged standing and outdoor weather

Pay is $13.69 per hour

Application procedure

-The applicant must be at least 18 years old to be considered for a position at a Hamptons inn.

-Open every day of the week, 24 hours a day

-To apply, visit the firm website’s online career portal and complete the online application. Visit the website and perform a job search.

Once you are successful to get one, click apply. Now, a web application form will appear on the screen. Verify, that you meet all of the prerequisites for the position, and if you do, fill out the application and upload the required documents.


Since the hotel industry is all about presentation and hospitality, your look and demeanor will be important in the interview along with your qualifications. Since hotel staff typically wears suits and other professional attire to interviews, remember to dress appropriately and make sure you are groomed well.


-Vacation time

 -discounted hotel rates for employees and their families

 -401(k) retirement plans, 

-educational help 

health benefits are a few regular advantages offered to eligible employees.

Benefits provided differ depending on the region.


Hampton Inn provides a variety of rewarding work possibilities with competitive pay and benefits.

The chain places a high priority on selecting employees who can satisfy consumers and boost revenue for the company.

Employees are expected to concentrate on exceeding customer and sales expectations.

So, working here could be lucrative and career-advancing if you can commit to ensuring customer satisfaction and are professional.

Hampton Inn Careers-Job Opportunities, Salary

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