What Does IG Mean In Text?: How To use It Correctly?

Ever since the evolution of technology, we have come very far from the days of writing a letter sending through the mail and wait till it reaches the person to whom the letter was written to and to wait for them to write back. This concept was in the loop for a while and now it just an idea to romanticize, why you would ask?, Let’s learn about ‘What Does IG Mean In Text?’.

What Does IG Mean In Text?: How To use It Correctly?

What Does IG Mean In Text?: How To use It Correctly?

Texting and internet. These two things first were introduced in 1984 and the other in 1983, January 1st. As soon as both of these were introduced to the public, it changed the world and history as we know it. 

Common texting slang such “IG”: What Does IG Mean In Text?

Now ever since texting has been in the world people all around the world started to connect with each other. Long-lost friends suddenly could talk about all the nostalgia filled memories and reconnect with their life, families no longer had to wait months to hear from their loved ones and if kids moved away to college, now they can talk to them and ask how everything is going and be updated on their well-being.

But texting did not just make it easy to connect and converse, as people started to get comfortable with the technology they started to use some abbreviated word for example at first people used to ask “how are you?”, nowadays, it more “HRU” which when expanded means the same things but just shorter. It made conversations even more convenient and easy, and especially if you are really busy and only have a few minutes to talk to someone. This can be really helpful during a busy day and still help to maintain that connection with the close ones.

What are some of the common texting slang or abbreviations today?

There are thousands of texting abbreviations till dates that are being actively used by everyone in the world and every language has their own which makes it even larger. It’s not entirely possible to cover each of the abbreviations ever created here, but there are a few common ones in the English language that are used globally:

▪︎ TBH – This when abbreviated means to be honest and can be used in a conversation when somebody asks your opinion on a particular topic, or you can use it when you want to give your opinion in a topic as per your choice.

▪︎ BTW This common abbreviations means “By the way” you can use it to tell another person mid-conversation about something that is related to the topic you were conversing about but is really a side point not the main one.

▪︎ IDK – This one means the term “I Don’t know”. It is common to use while texting and can be used when a person asks you about something, maybe your opinion or some form of information, and you are not aware of the information or just unsure about your own opinion. 

▪︎ TTYL – A common abbreviation knows as “Talk to you later”.  It usually comes in to use when you have to cut the conversation short and are really busy and cannot talk to the other person at the moment, you give your reason for not talking a bit longer and type TTYL. 

▪︎ OMW – This translates to “On my way”.  In general sense, it is used to denote the person that is writing this is indicating that he or she is moving towards the decided place for an event or just a meet up and will reach the designated location in due time. 

▪︎ IRL – The translation of this particular abbreviation is “In real life”. It is used to state that the topic or the subject in the conversation exist in real life, meaning outside the digital world of phones and computers, and is physical and can be touched and seen without a screen and doesn’t require an internet connection. 

▪︎ ASAP – ASAP or “As soon as possible”  is yet another one of the many text slangs or generally used abbreviation in today’s text based world. The use of the abbreviation? 

This abbreviation can be used in a formal as well as an informal setting. Such as:-

1.      Hope you have taken my issue seriously and would reach out to me with the required documents ASAP.

2.      I have lived in this town for all of my childhood and when I get my college letter I will get to New York ASAP.

Now to answer the question you have searching for;

What does “IG” mean in texting language?

IG is one of the many used abbreviation in today’s texting world and is used more commonly than you might think and is pretty useful in a conversation like the others abbreviations. 

To translate the slang for you, IG means “I guess” but since technology has evolved a lot more and there have been several social media apps there is one such app for which this abbreviation is being applied to nowadays and that is “Instagram”. People use both the slang to denote both, and the user and the receiver can know the meaning of the text slang through context of the conversation. 

How do you use “IG” in a sentence, and can it be used in a sentence?

First, yes, it can be used in a sentence and very effectively. Secondly, to use the slang first, we need to know how it is used. 

If you are using it denote I guess term that means that you are in agreement of the statement being said by the other person, and you let them know about your understanding of the topic with using this slang.

If you are using it to converse about an Instagram related topic, then it is pretty self-explanatory and is just used in the context of a conversation about the social media app.

Example of “IG” being used in a sentence:

I am drowning in debt and I really need to earn some money to start paying my loans and I should take up a job IG. 

IG it does not really matter how much I eat but what I eat to build more muscle.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘What Does IG Mean In Text?’, You may have found the answer to the question of how to use IG in a sentence and what does it really mean when you use it while texting in the modern world. Hope this helped you out.

What Does IG Mean In Text?: How To use It Correctly?

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