What To Wear To A Coffee Shop Interview?

Maybe you are looking for a job, and you have decided to work at the nearest coffee shop because the pay is well, and the distance is convenient. You can apply for a job at any coffee shop as a barista and to pass the interview you have to look professional so that you can show the employer that you are always presentable for the customer which is a good quality to have and show during the interview process especially if the employer is looking for this quality in a candidate. Let us know more detail about ‘What To Wear To A Coffee Shop Interview?’.

What To Wear To A Coffee Shop Interview?

What To Wear To A Coffee Shop Interview?

“First impressions are last impressions” although this might not be true in every situation in life, it is true when you are going for an interview and where you are employed. The same rules apply to being a barista, and you have to look at the part to get the part right. Down below are some tips that can help you outshine others that apply for the same job and get hired without a doubt.

The ideal or perfect outfit for a coffee shop interview:

What is ideal for an outfit is the quality of being comfortable and looking professional at the same time. You might have to wear the outfit for long hours. A business casual outfit would be much proffered for a job interview at a coffee shop, you can only dress casually if the environment of the shop is easy and light.

How do you create an outfit?:

▪︎ Pick out dark colors of blazers

▪︎︎ A good dress shirt or Oxford shirt 

▪︎︎ Some nice dress pants that compliment the blazer

▪︎︎ Dress boots or shoes or heels 

Another outfit to consider wearing:

▪︎︎ A nice cardigan

▪︎︎ A plain top or a blouse 

▪︎︎ if you prefer a shirt, you can wear it too

▪︎︎ A pencil skirt or just a plain or patterned skirt

▪︎︎ Put on some nice clean sneakers, or you can wear tall or casual boots.

A few more alternatives:

in casual outfits, you can choose to wear jeans (not worn) or semi casual chinos.

Wearing these outfit would ensure a pace at the coffee shop, especially if you applied for a position that requires directly interacting with customers.

Now that we’ve covered what to wear, Let’s look at some points on what to avoid and what would increase your chances of getting hired for the job and impressing the manager in charge of the hiring process:

1.      Avoid wearing full business outfits : Looking professional for a job interview is necessary, but wearing a business suit at a coffee shop might be called as overdressed. A business suit can be worn for an interview in an office setting which is much more appropriate, but wearing it for a barista position is not. Definitely avoid this one.

2.      Don’t be too casual with your clothes: A little hint of professionalism is necessary for any interview, it’s shows conviction and dedication and how committed you are for the job. Avoid wearing just a large printed t-shirts or jeans which are washed or worn in places. Anything that is too casual belongs outside the interview, not in it. 

3.      Wearing low cut or flashy clothes: wearing outfits such as short black dress or back less tops would not aid you in the process of getting hired, if anything it would take away from your professionalism, and you wouldn’t be taken seriously at work especially by other staff members. 

It also takes away the chances of you getting hired for your qualifications and put more focus on your outfit, which is never a good choice or a reason to get hired.

4.      Wearing clothes that are too tight for your or others comfort: Again, wearing anything that makes your outfit stand out more than who you are and how competent you are for the job is not a great choice and needs to be avoided at every cost. Remember to look presentable wherever you go.

In addition to being a pro at dressing for the interview, there are a few things that you need to remember that may help you before or during the interview and make sure you get the position you are aiming for:

1)      Think positive and bring a happy and confident attitude: sure the great outfits and looking appropriate for the interview may earn you a few points but what makes the difference is how you behave during the interview and what qualities you exhibit with your behavior. Is it confidence, enthusiasm, charm or is it rude, dull and all around negative and nervous? Make sure you go in with the right mind-set and the job is yours.

2)      Being prepared with your coffee making skills: Maybe you have previous experience in making drinks at a coffee shop, and it isn’t much of a hassle for you. Or maybe you don’t have any experience of working in a professional coffee shop and only experimented at your own time and place, 

either way, it’s better to sharpen and practice your skills of drink making as you can be asked to demonstrate to make something on the spot, and you don’t want to look nervous or too inexperienced.

3)      Get to the interview on time: Being on time is a good show of your punctuality and also your seriousness for the job, which is exactly what employers look for, and it isn’t probably right to miss an interview you may have been waiting for.


Final thoughts on what to wear to a coffee shop interview are, to wear something business casual that looks appropriate not too tight for your size and not too revealing and keeps the focus on you. The outfit should also be comfortable because comfortable clothes makes you feel at ease and if they look good cab give you a confidence boost during the interview process. 

Lastly, just go in with a calm mind, positive attitude and remember to flash a smile every now and then can make a good impression.

What To Wear To A Coffee Shop Interview?

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