DTLR Job Opportunities, Salary Requirements, Age

In today’s busy life schedule everyone is so determined to look their best for every event they go, every meeting, appointment or even meet ups. Everyone in this world peeks in their self and is focused on own. But in this busy life no one have time for shopping. But if they get all they want under a roof, what then? Shoes, bags, accessories, clothes and everything?. Let us know about ‘DTLR’.


The answer is YES. Everything everyone desires that might be clothes, bags, shoes, and everything. Not just for particular gender but for everyone in the family. The answer is Dtlr. Dtlr is a place where everyone in the family can get everything they have on their mind. Dtlr is quite affordable to every family who is seeking for a place to meet their expectation. Because the store is full of all type of clothes and footwear, not just the regular ones but also the seasonal clothes and requirement of the customers are well understood by the store.

About Dtlr

Dtlr was founded in 1982 by Glenn Gaynor CEO of the store. Dtlr is owned by JD sports fashion Plc. Executive chairman of dtlr is Peter Cowgill. Dtlr was known as Downtown Locker Room. Dtlr is also a place where the military people can claim 10% discount on their purchase. Including stores in Columbia and Annapolis each one and two stores in Glen Burnie Dtlr operates total 247 stores all across the states. Dtlr have brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Puma and The North Face. 

Job opportunities

A person seeking for a part time or full-time job at dtlr must go through a interview. You may also use reference of any your friend or known person who already is working at dtlr. You may apply in dtlr for – Sales Associate Part Timer

  • Associate Buyer
  • Receptionist
  • Fashion expert
  • Freelancing
  • Manager
  • Assistant store manager
  • Full time sales associate
  • Part time sales associate
  • Visual merchandise
  • Sales associate
  • Store associate
  • Cashier
  • Assistant store manager
  • Customer service representative
  • Sales representative

As every store requires candidates who are determined and dedicated for their work dtlr expects the same from the employees. Dtlr expects the employees to have nice and trendy fashion mind which would help the store and the customers to shop. Employees are required to perform their assigned task without any error, and also are expected to help with any other work if assigned. Employees should be in a good physique, as they might be asked to help and should be able to carry up to 50lbs. employees must be good at communicating with the customers and should know everything a customer needs to buy or should be able to answer every query of customer. Employees are expected to have interpersonal skills to handle any urgent problem held. 

Age and salary requirement

Salary: – Salaries of the employees are varied as per their work. Mostly the salaries of the employees are varied from $15 – $45, from part timers to full timers. The salary is counted as per hour. 

Age: – Anyone who is above the age of sixteen years can apply for the jobs available. For some criteria candidate should be eighteen or above. 

Managing at Dtlr

 Managing at dtlr is convenient to all the candidates who have joined the store. The stores expect from the employee to talk out the issue if they are facing any. Employees should immediately report if any kind of bullying is faced. Any negative comment on one’s age, religion, race, colour, or anything. Employees are not supposed to take anything and suffer this may make them to face troubles and this might disturb employee’s mental peace.

After getting selected as dtlr staff employees have to attend the training sessions for a period of time. There they will be getting trained by training managers. Employees will be trained about everything; they will be trained about the storage room to the store. Employees would be getting trained about the displaying the most trending fashion and how to display the face of dtlr store they are supposed to be working at. 

Active time: – Dtlr stores opens at 

Monday – Wednesday       11am – 8pm

Thursday – Saturday          10am – 9pm

Sunday                               11am – 7pm 

Application process

Desired candidates can search for the vacant jobs online and can apply online. For applying or searching job you will have to visit the official business site of dtlr. There you will have to click on the application for job and fill your details. Or you can install apps like LinkedIn, indeed. In these apps you will be directed about the vacancies of the jobs. You will have to just fill in your details once and wait till you get any positive response. After getting response you will have to look for the interview process and get ready for that.   


 Employees at dtlr stores experience many benefits working at stores. They are- 

  • Medical Insurance.
  • Life and AD&D Insurance.
  • Dental insurance with Tuition Reward program.
  • Merchandise Discount.
  • Employee assistance program.
  • Paid time off.
  • 401 [k] Plan with Employer Match.
  • Career Succession Programs.


Dtlr- Downtown Locker Room, is a place where a family would be more than happy to shop. They would get everything their heart desires. And in the last what could be possibly more satisfying than shopping your heart out, all at one place, under same roof. Dtlr stores are very happy and cheerful environment with music all the happy faced employees who are there to help you out with your smallest query. Dtlr stores gives you a range of brands according to your convenience. Dtlr stores offers many benefits to the customers with various offers and also offers benefits to the employees too. Dtlr stores are open for all days in the week. Seasonal cloths are also easily available in the stores. Customers don’t need to think a lot about their choices, employees at the stores are very well trained and have good knowledge about the trending fashion. All they have to think about is clothes they will be needing.

DTLR Job Opportunities, Salary Requirements, Age

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