Knotts Berry Careers Job Opportunities, Salary

Knott’s berry farm is the most loved and popular farm situated in California. This is one of the most visited theme parks in North America. Having the vision to create a destination that every age can enjoy. Let us know about the ‘Knotts Berry Careers’.

Knotts Berry Careers

The park is under the association of Cedar Fair. To make it the number one family destination it has included many utilities such as providing a stay to Knott’s berry hotel with the lower cost packages and transportation facility and also serving fresh food in their themed restaurant.

It has forty attractions the park such:-

  • Water park
  • Merry farm 
  • Soak City 

It has generated revenue in the range of 100 Million dollars and 500 million US dollars. During the coronavirus outbreak, it lost around 388,000 visitors and had to bear a loss of twenty Million dollars. Working at the amusement parks comes with its set of fun and challenges. 

Job opportunities at knotts berry careers Farm

Knott’s berry farm has various opportunities for employees. The positions that Knott’s berry offers are as follows:-

  • Stitcher:- The key role of the stitcher is to ensure the costuming area is well constructed. He/she will be responsible for character costuming eg. Stitching, cutting, and designing the costume. If the character is not present then Stitcher should be able to fill in. The candidate should be physically fit because this position requires long hours of standing.
  • Sales Associate:- The job is to explain the games to the customers and persuade them to play them by explaining the rules and regulations. The candidate should promote the game at such a level that every customer wants to play it. These jobs have several benefits in store such as getting free passes to the park, getting discounts on various games. 
  • Emergency department:- As the name suggests, be the caretaker to all the customers at the venue. The candidate should have basic medical knowledge so that he/she can address medical emergencies immediately. Besides he/she should also follow health-related protocols to avoid unwanted trouble.
  • Ride Engineer:- This post requires the candidate to safeguard all the rides to avoid any mishap. He/she is responsible for safe ride operations.
  • Sales Assistant:- The key area where the sales Assistant needs to work is attracting the new generation to the amusement park. They market the brand through telephones. Should know how to book tickets online on the system and should achieve their targets in the desired period.

Salary of employees of Knott’s berry farm

The salaries of Knott’s berry farm have been not up to the mark according to the review website. It shows that the employee satisfaction rate is 43% regarding salary. 

Food department

Food Associate:- they are offered 11.18 dollars per hour.

Waiter:- They are offered 11.49 dollars per hour 

Client service department

Client representative:- They are offered 8.49 dollars per hour

Reservation Agent:- they are offered 31,039 dollars per year

Usher:- they are offered 29,000 dollars per year

Greeter:- they are offered 27,000 dollars per year

Retail Department

Cashing agent:- they are offered 10.75 dollars per hour.

 Sales associates:- they are offered 27,000 dollars per year.

Client service associate:- they are offered 11.50 dollars per hour.

Machinery Department

Lighting technician:- They are offered 40,000 dollars per year.

Supervisor:- They are offered 56,000 dollars per year.

Mechanic:- They are offered 61,000 dollars per year 

Electrician:- They are 57,000 dollars per year 

If the salaries per year are considered then the average salary ranges from 15,000 to 98,000 dollars per year and if we talk about hourly rates then the range is between 8.4 dollars and 17.9 dollars per hour.

Knott’s berry farm Employees Benefits

The benefits that are given to employees are as follows:-

  1. Health insurance 
  2. Retirement plan 
  3. Discounts on the food services
  4. Free passes to the amusement park
  5. Flexible working hours.

Application Process for Knott’s berry farm 

Knott’s berry farm management has a preset process for hiring candidates. The hiring process is quick and relatively easy and usually varies from position to position. If it is beginner level then the process is quite simple. First, fill out the online application. The candidate will get a phone call within a week if he/she qualifies then the interview is scheduled. 

Online application process

  • Visit  Knotts berry careers farm website and select the vacancy option.
  • Select the vacancy that the candidate is interested in. With the vacancy, the management has elaborated on what responsibility and expertise the position requires. So candidate before applying can have an overview of what the position requires
  • Create an account on the website. And upload the resume there
  • Fill in the job application form 
  • The selected candidate will get a phone call regarding the interview.

Age of Knott’s berry farm Employees

The management believes hiring fresh and young talent brings a certain amount of newness to the working environment. The job also requires a lot of physical strain so they prefer most ages between 18-20 years.

The employees of having aged 40 or more are among the least recruited employees in Knott’s berry farm. The most recruited age group is 18-20 years they occupy 42% of the total management whereas the employees having 40 plus age occupy a mere 3% of the total management.


1. What degree does an applicant needs to qualify for the interview?

  • The highest percentage of the employees in Knott’s berry farm have a high school diploma. Apart from that, the employees at Knott’s berry are also business majors. Their management comprises of 21.3% graduates, 19.1% associates, 2.4% certificates, and 2.1% postgraduates.
  • Does Knott and berry follow the idea of having ethnicity? 
  • Knott’s berry firmly believes in equality. They hire people from different ethnic groups. The management comprises of 37.1% Latin people, 6.4% Asian origin people, and 6.4% Black American or African.
  • How frequently do employees get increments?
  • Knott’s berry follows the annual increment policy.
Knotts Berry Careers Job Opportunities, Salary

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