Best-Paying Jobs In The Basic Industries


It is a known fact that basic industries are the foundation of any country’s economy because they produce and supply numerous goods and services that form a base for other industries. The basic industries have a higher profit margin compared to other sectors due to having low production costs. The basic industry provides a wide range of raw materials for the manufacturing industries because they are more labor-intensive than others. Let us know about ‘Best-Paying Jobs In The Basic Industries’.

Best-Paying Jobs In The Basic Industries

Although in the basic industries, jobs require a minimum educational qualification, recently they now have some of the highest-paying jobs in the wholesale trade, manufacturing, food services, horticulture, and retail business with jobs like Truck driving, steel fabrication, drilling engineers, agronomist, petroleum geologist, horticulturist.

The Basic Industries:

When you think of the basic industries, you think of production, development, and job creation for a large part of society and employment opportunities for fresh graduates and individuals who wish to change careers. These industries offer raw materials and other products to other industries. The basic industries could be your best chance if you are looking for a flexible job with career stability and steady earnings, days, and hours off. Basic Industry’s average hourly pay is $54. While hourly wage ranges from $47 – $63 for employees and this varies according to individual skills and experience.

Best-Paying Jobs In The Basic Industry:

If you are wondering what the best-paying jobs in the basic industries are then you should remember that the demand for workers in this industry is always high because the job they do is required for your daily life. Below are some of the high-paying jobs in the basic industry.

  • PETROLEUM GEOLOGIST: As a petroleum geologist, you use geological indicators to study the earth’s surface and inform companies where it needs to be drilled. Your job is to find, drill, and extract petroleum from the early stages using frameworks for oil boring and production. As reported by the US Bureau of Statistics in May 2021, the median wage for a geologist was $83,680. 
  • HEALTH AND SAFETY OFFICER: You are responsible for guaranteeing that the fundamental industries are operating smoothly and safely by regulating the administration of equipment used such as cranes, and forklifts while making sure all staff has the adequate information they need to work properly. Health and safety officers also ensure that vehicle operators have the necessary skills required to operate these machines. The average annual wage for a health and safety officer is $108,000
  • METALLURGISTS: A Metallurgist should possess an in-depth understanding of metals, chemistry, and safety abilities in the extraction of metals from ores and also oversee the testing and development of the extraction process. Metallurgists work alongside miners and visit the mining processing plants frequently. Metallurgy also deals with alloy and casting of materials to produce metal products for commercial use. The average annual pay for a metallurgist is $87,237.
  • SYNTHETIC CHEMIST: As a synthetic chemist, you design and develop new and valuable compounds that are used for specific purposes. The chemical, synthetic materials, and fuel produced are used across industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture. A successful Synthetic Chemist must have some knowledge of chemistry and mathematics to apply models effectively. The average annual pay for a Synthetic Chemist is $85,220.
  • TRUCK DRIVER: Truck drivers are vital in the basic industries because the transportation of goods and services from one place to another is key to growth. To be a truck driver, you need a commercial driver’s license or Class A CDL because the job includes cataloging, sorting, and delivery, and not just driving alone. The average annual pay of a truck driver is $77,525.
  • VICE PRESIDENT, MINING OPERATIONS, MACHINERY, AND EQUIPMENT: As one of the most sought-after positions in any industry and even more fundamental in the basic industries, the VP in Mining operations is accountable for the maintenance of mines, assessments, due diligence, and supporting the company’s growth procedure. The average  annual pay of a VP in mining operations is $120,000
  • PIPEFITTER: Also known as a steamfitter, the pipe fitter is a very skilled individual who fabricates, assembles, maintains, installs, and repairs mechanical piping structures which include tanks, boilers, and pumps. A pipefitter should be physically strong, and tenacious and should win the trust of clients by producing quality products daily. A pipefitter’s annual wage ranges from $46,512 – $72,858 depending on the skills and experience they have.
  • AGRICULTURAL CHEMIST: Often in a lab setting, and exposed to chemicals, Agricultural chemists study the growth and variation of organisms like insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. They work to preserve the quality of the soil and also improve it by investigating ways chemicals can be used to reduce environmental hazards and improve crop yields. As an Agricultural chemist, your annual wage ranges from $41,110 – $125,450 depending on your skills and experience.
  • DRILLING ENGINEER: A labor-intensive job but very lucrative and vital in the basic industries. Drilling engineers support petroleum geologists in management and the supervision of oil production and natural gas. Additional services offered by drilling engineers include designing and drilling construction, production, and maintenance of systems, and personnel supervision. Drilling engineers work in alternative energy also by installing and maintaining equipment that converts wind and solar energy into usable electricity. Annual wages from drilling engineers range from $47,306 – $118,267 depending on your skills and experience.
  • HORTICULTURIST: This professional is knowledgeable about growing fruits, plants, vegetables, and ornamental trees, and designing landscapes for parks. Some horticulturists study patterns to improve the yield and quality of fruits and vegetables, while others work in indoor farms or greenhouses to find the best conditions for plants. The average annual wage for a horticulturist is $73,060. 


There is no doubt that basic industries possess some of the best-paying jobs and also ideal career paths for individuals who love using their hands and equipment. The basic industries include manufacturing, construction, mining, and agriculture-related services. Best paying jobs in this industry are Health and Safety Officers, Petroleum geologists, Drilling engineers, Agricultural chemists, Metallurgists, and horticulturists with annual wages ranging from $40,000 – $150,000.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • ·  What do basic industries jobs pay?

Although individual rates would vary due to department, location, and experience, An hourly average wage in the basic industries ranges from $47 – $63.

  • What are the basic industries? 

The basic industries are known for the manufacturing, development, and processing of raw materials like chemicals, wood, paper, metal, and steel so other industries can manufacture goods. 

Best-Paying Jobs In The Basic Industries

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