Is Marine Transportation Good Career Path To Follow?

Marine transportation involves the transportation of passengers, goods, and mail by sea from one place to another. It includes providing support services required in sea transportation, moving passengers and cargo to the required destination, and transporting trains, cars, buses, etc., over the water. All the workforce in carrying tasks related to marine transportation has numerous job opportunities which they can avail and develop a career in marine transportation. Here we will see about Is Marine Transportation Good Career Path To Follow.

Is Marine Transportation Good Career Path To Follow

Marine transportation also provides services for transporting yachts, commercial shipping, fishing trawlers, and trade vessels of the navy. This creates vast job opportunities for marine employees.

Marine transportation is a good career path to follow. For those who have a curiosity about marine travelling, this field is ideal for them. This is a growing field and has great opportunities for marine job seekers. The average annual pay of marine transporters is more than the national average. Marine engineers, port engineers, captains, naval architects, deckhands, food service workers, stewards, motorman, wipers, oilers, ship fitters, water vessel captains, etc., are some available jobs in marine transportation. This career path pays well and has good growth opportunities, so it must be adopted as a career by people who have no issues with marine travelling and like exploring work through waters.

Entrance to Marine Transportation

This is a vast field, and you can gain entrance into the job description of your choice. You can check your growth prospects with time and choose which best suits you. Marine transportation requires workers in marine shipping responsibilities and on land to work in sales, marketing, logistics, etc. You can choose an on or off-the-water marine transportation job as a career, depending on your interest.

Education Required

Advanced education is not required for entry-level jobs in this field. Certifications might be required as you proceed with your job in the marine sector. Bachelor’s and master’s degree is required for higher-level jobs.

Initial requirement

The initial requirement is to have a high school diploma which is a very basic requirement.

Trade or technical degree

You must have a trade or technical school degree in the related field of your interest so that you have the chance to grow in your selected job.

Transportation, distribution, and maritime logistics certificate

This certificate helps you move up in this profession because it gives you the base of knowing the basics of marine transportation, supply chain functioning, and the functioning of various aspects of marine shipping.

Marine science bachelors

This degree gives you an edge over your colleagues because you already have gained enough marine hands-on experience while studying in college or university.

Other certificates

Other certificates like TWIC and MMC also play an important role in getting better job opportunities in marine transportation career.

Jobs in Marine Transportation

Marine Engineers

A professional with studies in maritime engineering, which is responsible for the maintenance, operation, and repair of all equipment on a ship, is known as a marine engineer. Marine engineering has growth opportunities of 4% between 2020 and 2030. The average annual salary is $93,370.

Marine Data Scientist

Marine Data Scientist studies the marine data and reveals the data findings with the help of on-site and remote sensation methods. Their job is to utilize their knowledge and help suggest marine transport routes. They suggest optimized operating in a way that least affects the marine plants and animals. The average salary of marine data scientists is $120,399 per year. This is a handsome amount and shows the growth opportunities existing in the market.

Port Captain

All vessels should be fully prepared to begin their marine destination journey, which the port captain checks. He makes sure that the vessels are all ready to go on board. They must ensure that the ship is equipped with the necessary equipment and crew for its successful voyage. 

They have a huge responsibility which they learn after completing marine qualifications and gaining practical experience for years. This experience makes their job a highly paid job. Their annual average salary is $60,000.


A deckhand maintains the ship as a part of the deck crew. Their expertise is not of an engineering or mechanical nature but they maintain the ship’s physical appearance as a part of their main responsibility. This job does not require any specific education, and the job holder should be industrious. The Average Annual Salary of a deckhand is $40,000. 

Food Service worker

The marine ships also have restaurant jobs for interested candidates. The crew on the ship eat together in the restaurants of the ship, and the restaurants require staff to serve the crew and other people on the board. The people working for the restaurant are responsible for cooking, serving, washing, cleaning dishes, and all other tasks related to food restaurant maintenance. The Average Annual Salary of a Food Service worker is $26,000

Why Marine Transportation and Why Not?

Long Holidays

Marine transportation job holders must continuously work in marine transport for a long period. They stay away from their family for a long time, so they are compensated by giving a hand to long holidays, which consist of nearly four months a year.

Good salary

The salary offered to different job holders of marine transport is usually on the higher side because their job requires them to be hardworking, and they have to stay away from a normal job routine compared to other industries.

Job security

The demand for marine transporters remains steady because products travel by sea continuously. So marine transport job holders do not have to worry about their job as they have many other options available if they leave one.

World travelling

This job gives a great travelling opportunity to the job holders. If someone is familiar with sea life and wants to travel the world, then marine transport jobs are the right choice for them. You can see different countries and explore their foods as well.

Dangerous jobs

Coming to the cons associated with jobs in marine transportation, they are considered jobs of dangerous nature. Crew members might get injured on the vessel board. The crew members are prone to be caught by pirates as well.

Restricted family life

You cannot communicate with your friends and family members because of hectic working hours as marine transportation employees. Your family life is very restricted as you are on the board most of the time.

Unpredictable circumstances

Bad weather and Unpredictable circumstances are meant to be faced by marine transport job holders. They must be mentally and physically tough to cope with such situations. They might get caught among the pirates as well during their marine journey. So they should be well prepared for all sorts of circumstances. 


There is no doubt that marine transportation jobs are hardworking and demanding jobs, but this is also a fact that these jobs have good prospects. The salary offered in almost all sorts of jobs in the industry are satisfactory. The chances of a pay increase are also high because of the high demand for experienced marine workers. Through this article we have learned about Is Marine Transportation Good Career Path To Follow.


What are the qualities required for marine transporters?

The marine transporters should be mentally tough, hardworking, and physically fit health-wise.

Is marine transportation dangerous as a career?

Yes, adopting this as a career is dangerous because you are prone to attack by pirates and you can also get injured in maintenance activities performed on the vessel.

Is Marine Transportation Good Career Path To Follow?

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