Associate Project Coordinator Job – Know More


Job opportunities keep rising each day. With an increase in numbers, there is also an increase in roles. The smallest yet significant tasks also require separate titles. These titles have their prerequisites for a degree, skill, and so on. Even duties like coordinating, updating, informing, and assisting have specific titles attached. Although they may be secondary, they’re very much crucial for many companies. Let’s look into that of an associate project coordinator. Let us know ‘Associate Project Coordinator Job’.

Associate Project Coordinator Job

Associate Project Coordinator Job

Anyone can oversee the work going on. It’s easy to simply send in a member to evaluate and monitor the project. However, a special title is set aside for this job; a project coordinator. The name itself gives away the most important duty. However, while there are Project Coordinators, monitoring a project is not that easy. There are many departments to look into and a lot to work with within a deadline. Therefore, associate project coordinators come to the rescue. Here’s a read to understand their duties, salary, and more.

What is an associate project coordinator?

While many may have heard of a project manager and project coordinator, an associate project coordinator is usually left out. The position is rare and is seen in big projects. Their main task is to work closely with the project coordinators. They may also communicate with the project assistant manager or project manager. This depends on the hierarchy of roles prevalent in a company. It also depends on the= duties assigned to the associate project coordinator. A person who is willing to go about understanding the project, communicating with its members, and so on. However, there are other responsibilities attached as well. 


An associate project coordinator has a standard job of assisting the project coordinator. However, the same can be divided differently based on the type of project and the project coordinator’s way of working too. The following tasks are common for associate project coordinators.

  • Multi-tasking

Whether it is getting paperwork done or attending to the employees. The associate project manager has the duty of multi-tasking alongside the project manager. Moreover, in many companies, there may not be assistant project managers. In such cases, the associate project coordinator may be given the duty of handling the project manager’s subordinate tasks as well. They have to constantly be on the go and ensure that work doesn’t stop midway. 

  • Updating and informing 

Any updates or changes regarding the project are to be taken to the project coordinator through the associate project coordinator. The coordinator can’t have his eyes in all departments as well as on the main field. Therefore, project coordinators stick with the project managers and heads and leave the other simple tasks with Associate Project coordinators. The entire process of the project has to be in check with the project coordinator at any given time. This is made possible with the skills of an associate project coordinator. 

  • Communicating 

Whether it is from the project manager to the team or the team to the project coordinator. In most large projects, the associate project coordinator carries out all communications. They are responsible for noting queries and challenges and sending them across to the superiors. Other than this, they must also take instructions to the team. They may additionally also take updates and report to the project manager. 

  • Checking and inspection

To ensure that every department’s work is in check is another duty. They have to keep a constant look over the working of each stage. The project must be carried out as per the instructions of the superiors. Therefore, an associate project coordinator will look out to run the project smoothly as per the requirement. Additionally, their duty may include checking on supplies and equipment and informing the superiors of any other necessities. 

  • Confirmations and scheduling 

Often during the working of huge projects, the project coordinator tends to meet with each department. This could be to check on the progress or to instruct them personally. Not just departments but the project coordinator are answerable to the project managers, project director, and many others. Meeting one after the other and handling work is heavy. An associate project coordinator handles the scheduling of the project as well as that of the project coordinator. To maintain a balanced schedule and inform about any changes is another role of the Associate project coordinator. 


The salary of an Associate project coordinator varies and depends on various factors. The project type, budget, the project coordinator’s salary, the duties given, and so on. The list of factors is vast. One may derive the salary based on experience too. Considering that associate project coordinators are taken only for huge projects, the salary range is quite common. The range is usually between 30,000$ to 60,000$. The range usually is the same. However, the amount may vary greatly within the range due to the aforementioned factors.


Many factors decide whether or not an associate project coordinator is needed in a project or not. However, one must consider the pros of being an associate. It offers much credit and experience which can be helpful in the future. With the information in place, if you get an opportunity to be an associate project coordinator, don’t miss out on it!


  • Is an associate project coordinator a common job?

No. an associate project coordinator is required only when the project is very large or is expanded over a large area. Generally, most companies and projects stick to project coordinators alone. They can manage all the duties given the size of the project.

  • What’s the difference between an associate project coordinator and a project coordinator?

An associate project coordinator assists the project coordinator. A project coordinator is necessary for a project whereas an associate may be required only for big projects. Moreover, there has to be a project coordinator and then an associate and not vice-versa. Additionally, the duties also differ. While associates may do work, project coordinators may oversee most tasks. Also, a project coordinator is more experienced than an associate and has the skills to manage the entire project on their own.

Associate Project Coordinator Job – Know More

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