Video Editor Job Titles

Since the dawn of cinema, video editors have become one of the most important fields across the entertainment, news, and marketing fields. Video editors take raw unaltered footage recorded by cameras and turn them into cohesive videos or films with a proper narrative matching the visions of the director or client and it can be a very lucrative career to get into. Video editors need and employ lots of different skills for their job and have to be efficient in that. let us know about that the Video Editor Job Titles.

Video Editor Job Titles

A career in video editing

A video editor requires both technical hands and creative eyes to churn out a visually enthralling video out of raw footage. A video editor also requires the requisite knowledge of the video they are editing like news, the subjects the video’s being made of, and many more. They also need creative skills to plan something interesting and not bland for the viewer and technical know-how to make that into reality. Video editors are involved in a variety of fields to educate or entertain people in topics like product advertisements, news, education on different topics, and also in short films, cinema, or web videos.

The work of a video editor

Now let’s talk about the job of a video editor in detail. A video editor is supplied with the raw footage. They then go through each one of them, select the shots that best work for the narrative he needs to tell or the director’s vision, and remove the ones that they don’t need to finalize a shot list. Then the selected shoots are arranged in a video editing software and other things like voice-overs, visual effects, and additional texts are added to improve the scene value and meet the requirements of the client. The client then approves everything and might suggest some changes he might demand which the video editor needs to work on. Then they have to develop the final cut and deliver it before the deadline.

Skills needed for video editors

A video editor needs a plethora of skills to be efficient in their work including,

  • Fluency in video editing software like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, etc.
  • Knowledgeable in filmmaking skills and video editing techniques. 
  • Organizational and time—management skills to get through deadlines
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills to properly weave out a narrative from raw footage
  • Communication and interpersonal abilities with clients

Different fields in video editing

Video editors can work in a variety of fields depending on the tasks you need to do. Here are a few ones,

Film Editor

The most popular field for video editors is film editing. They typically work on the set of motion pictures or other forms of film. They work closely with directors, cinematographers, and sound editors to edit scenes to serve the story of the project they want to convey. Film editors need to have detailed knowledge of the script, understand the film’s message, and communicate with the director so that the final product aligns with his vision. Along with that, they need to understand how different cuts lead to different emotions, how pacing works, and how the visual language works in the movies.

Television studio editor

You might think that a film editor can work as a television studio editor but the reality is different. Television studio editors work for production companies that make a variety of TV shows like sitcoms, soap dramas, documentaries, etc. They need to couple the video footage with sound effects, explanatory text, music, and other special effects to tell the story needed for the program, like a documentary needs supplementary text to introduce the interviewees or graphics to paint the idea that cannot be filmed in real life. As TV shows air faster and is made quicker, television studio editors work under very tight deadlines to deliver perfect final products. 

Education video editor

These kinds of video editors are mainly hired by companies who are contracted by universities to make course videos for their students. Education video editors need to understand the subject as much as they need to make cohesive videos that will be educational.

Broadcast engineering technician

A broadcast engineering technician operates tools to regulate live television shows and news stations. They manage the scenes in shows like debates, interviews, news channels, and sports broadcasts and also afterward edit audio clips, and b-roll to inform the people of the news.

Marketing video editor

Marketing video editors make educational, informational, and interesting product promotions for their desired audiences. They might capture the raw footage on their own or they acquire the footage from the client. They need to create different kinds of marketing videos ranging from advertisements to product demonstrations to ensure the client’s products get showcased accurately.


An animator uses tools to develop videos out of still images to tell stories for entertainment or infotainment. Animators are required in a wide variety of projects including television shows, video games, or promotional material. Most companies employ animation to make videos for children or use it to make educational videos for all ages.

How to learn to be a video editor?

To become a proficient video editor, it is essential to acquire a strong foundation in video editing software. Some widely used video editing software includes renowned tools like Invideo. These software options offer a wide range of features and capabilities to enhance your editing skills and produce high-quality videos.

You can find various courses on websites like Skillshare, Udemy, or even YouTube. You can also practice your skills by making sample videos on YouTube or finding an internship in video editing. 

The additional software skills you might need are audio editing, motion graphics, Photoshop, or any other image manipulation software. Along with that, you might need to learn about the psychology involved in editing, how different cuts evoke different emotions and how cuts flow into each other seamlessly by keeping the pacing in mind. For that, you can inspect different movies, music videos, and documentaries, watch interviews with editors and practice a lot to develop your skill. 


So as you can see, being a video editor can be a very interesting career choice and can lead to lots of different opportunities in the entertainment field. It is a good option if you are looking for a career in it.

Video Editor Job Titles

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