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Job opportunities are vast across the globe. Some multiple sections and subsections have their own set of duties. While we know careers by their broader names, there is more attached to them. Each section is further divided and requires different sets of skills of its own. For instance, we look at social media marketing or hotel management. We consider architecture or content writing. However, there are many categories under each broad field. It’s always advisable to look at all the categories rather than just checking the field on the whole. This helps in directing a clearer path and preparing accordingly. Let us learn “Jewelry Job Titles”.

Jewelry Job Titles

Jewelry Job Titles- Overview

The jewelry industry has its field. When we think of jewelry or jewelry making, we think of the salesperson or the designer. However, there are many more titles under this field. Each requires its skill and careful knowledge. This article aims to identify the various types and provide a short description of the same.  

List Of Titles And Descriptions 

Jewelry Store Manager

From the name itself one understands, the one who manages the store. A jewelry store manager has many duties. Moreover, being a jewelry store, all the more caution in carrying out daily duties. A jewelry store manager is required to supervise the work of his subordinates. Right from recruiting to purchases, a manager needs to be aware of everything that takes place in the store. Checking security, stock, adhering to customer’s issues, and so on are also involved in the store manager’s responsibilities. 

Jewelry Designer

The art behind it all, a professor of high skill. Molding the stones into luxurious and elegant accessories is the work of a jewelry designer. They could be general designers creating jewelry of all kinds. They can also be specialized designers who work only with certain metals or gems. They may also specialize in creating a particular type of jewelry. A jewelry designer has all the knowledge about his metals and knows the exact treatment and procedure required to turn chunks of metal into lavish wearable designs. 


Think of your customized jewelry. All your name-etched chains and matching ring bands and more. This is all thanks to the engraver. Jewelry engravers are professionals who can engrave or customize your jewelry with names, designs, images, and more. They require careful skill and the exact knowledge of temperatures and materials to do the work well. Moreover, they require talent and flow to create their fonts and designs the way customers want. While there are machines that do the work now, nothing compares to experienced professionals who can give you exactly what you want!


What do you do when the traditional gold pendant seems dull? Or does the sparkling bracelet get a scratch? You won’t go and buy a new one just yet. All the more if it’s close to your heart. In such cases, jewelry polishers come to the rescue. They have the exact tools and techniques to get back the luster and texture of your jewelry. Not just that, even after the new designs are made, they are sent to polishers to give the glossy and vibrant look! Making jewelry dazzle and sparkle is kind of their job. 

Bench Jeweler

A bench jeweler is an uncommon term. Many confuse it with a designer or molder as well as a polisher. However, when I say repairer, a lot makes sense. That’s right, a bench jeweler attends to damaged jewelry more. They focus on fixing jewelry as well as custom pieces. That’s where the confusion occurs. While they may have a little to do with customized jewelry, they don’t design the pieces. They mainly work at the finishing stages where assembling and placing happen. 

Jewelry Consultant 

When we think of this term, you may recollect people who show you what would suit you. That’s not the entire description of a jewelry consultant. Their duties also include suggesting reliable stores and products. Advising about payment. Apart from that, they have their knowledge on pieces and can tell you what would be best and budget-friendly based on your needs. From the side of the company, they may work to promote products and sales. Not so much in strategizing but more in persuading customers i.e. consulting them.


The value determining professional. An appraiser mainly gives out the pricing and value of the jewelry. By weight, material, skill, and all users, they calculate the ideal value that is best suited for the customer and company. Other than the pierce, they are also equipped to give metrics and details of a piece. They have the skill and experience to understand by merely holding the jewelry or even looking at it. Moreover, accuracy is necessary here. They need to be precise about each milligram and dot while doing their job. 

Sales Associate 

The common title that we all recognize. These are the sparkling and cheerful faces that greet and assist us in our jewelry buying. Their duties include increasing sales, giving descriptions of the jewelry, and also assisting customers in any suggestion or query. They may also travel with jewelry for trade shows and to clients and more. 


Also sometimes known as a lab grader or quality checker for jewelry. A gemologist is the one who accurately gives details and studies the metals. He is the one who classified metals so they can be sent out for design. Other than that, he also checks compatibility, temperatures, reactions, and other small details to give the designer an idea about how the metal or gem needs to be molded. This requires a high degree of knowledge in metals and gems. Additionally, it also requires experience in the field to be able to distinguish metals and state their characteristics. 


Now we have Learnt “Jewelry Job Titles”, There are many more titles that are associated with the jewelry industry. Each has its craftsmanship and requires its degree of skill and knowledge. Not all stores or companies have the same personnel. Many work individually too. It depends on whether you work in the marketing side or the creative side of the jewelry industry that deciphers your role.

  • What are some specialized job titles in the jewelry industry?

Diamond expert, earrings fabricator, pearl restorer, silver chaser, and so on are some specialized titles. While there are numerous titles like these, each may be associated with working with only s type of metal or gem. Similarly, they could be specializing in a type of jewelry like only rings, brooches, and so on.

  • Is a goldsmith the same as a jewelry designer?

More or less, yes. It must be noted that there are different names given to the same titles across the globe. A goldsmith and jewelry designer are similar but not the same. A designer may be specifically related to carving and designing in the first place. A goldsmith may just mold the gold. Moreover, a goldsmith works mainly with gold but a jewelry designer could be generic. The duties and names differ based on place and other factors. 

Jewelry Job Titles -Know More

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