Latest Youth Pastor Job Description 2021 – Duties & Salary

Youth Pastor Job description

Have you ever taken note of the fact that most people who are Youth Pastors are often youths in their prime? More often than not, they fall within the age bracket of mid-twenties and early thirties. You would be right to think that there is a reason for this. From the term and title Youth Pastor, it is quite easy to guess that the title-holder’s responsibility is to a group of youths that belongs to a specific organization. In this case, the organization would most likely be a church denomination or any other Christian religious body. However, what exactly are the specifics of the role expected of one that holds this position? We will discuss Youth Pastor Job Description here.

Knowing exactly what a job description entails is essential because it becomes one of the parameters with which anyone who holds such a position can be appraised. Think about it for a second; if there are no job descriptions, then there can hardly be an expectation. If there are no expectations, how can you determine whether or not one is doing excellently well in an occupied position? The point here is that even though a Pastor in a religious context is not always by a random appointment but a ‘special call from God’, there is still a job description that forms all that is expected of such a pastor.


One of the essentials that determine whether an individual in question would fit into the description of a youth pastor job is the personal qualities that such possess. A pastor is considered to be a shepherd because he or she plays the role synonymous with one. Hence, those under the care of a pastor are often referred to as the sheep of the shepherd. If one is ordained as a Youth Pastor, it most likely means that most (if not all) the sheep of such would be youths. Now, what kind of a shepherd would you be if you cannot relate properly with your sheep? In other words, before considering whether or not a person can fit into the job description of a youth pastor, such has to have the personal ability to connect with youths. It makes no sense to appoint an individual that is not comfortable around youth as a Youth Pastor.

The personal quality of connecting with youths ranges from an ability to easily identify yourself with them in terms of dressing, mode of speech, etc., to understand their way of thinking. The essence of this is to ensure that the sheep are comfortable around their shepherd anytime and any day. It is not easy to find this kind of quality in just any aged person. This is why more often than not, those called to take up this role are not as advanced in age. As important as it is for a Youth Pastor to be able to flow and connect with his or her sheep by being young, it is more important that he or she walks in the discipline. The responsibilities that come with being called into a leadership position demand that the shepherd plays the exemplary role for others to follow not vice versa.

Youth Pastor Job Description

The description of a Youth Pastor may vary in different Churches and religious bodies. While it may be titular in some places, it could be a call into a special task full of responsibilities in others. However, in most places, the Youth Pastor is not independent hence, cannot take major decisions at all or without the consent of a senior Pastor. Nonetheless, the job description enumerated below is common expectations in most churches or religious bodies.

  • Organization of the youth members of the church.
  • Communicate the vision and mission of the church or body to youths, especially new members.
  • Get youths actively involved in all activities that are carried out.
  • Stand as a direct counselor to the youths and report weightier matters that need more attention to a patron/matron or Senior Pastor.
  • Play exemplary role for others to imitate and follow.
  • Preside over teachings when necessary.
  • Moderate activities of gatherings at all times.
  • Give report often to the senior Pastor (matron/patron) about the conduct and welfare of the youths.
  • Be available as needed to carry out representative errands
  • Communicate and be the voice of the youth to senior Pastor, matron, patron, and or higher authorities.
  • Represent the interest of the youth in meetings with higher authorities.

The above-listed job description could be more or less; however, those are what are commonly found. Another important variation is the time commitment to this job. In some places, occupying a Youth Pastor’s position is a part-time role that could still permit your engagement in several other personal activities. This implies that you could have a secular job while you simultaneously serve as a pastor. In a few other places, once you assume a Youth Pastor’s role, the time commitment to this job is full-time and not part-time. The implication of this is that the job is not expected to be done with levity but taken very seriously. More so, since it is a full-time engagement, then you would also most likely earn a living playing the role.


To tailor a potential employee into a job, there is always a need for training and orientation. The significance of this cannot be overemphasized as it greatly reduces the errors to be made if such is left to learn on the job by his or her experiences. While it is important to communicate the job description to a potential employee, it is also essential that the prevalent applicable technique to tackle challenges is also communicated. Even for a Youth Pastor’s role, it should be clear where strict guidelines must be followed and where personal discretion can come in.

Conclusively, the fact that there are outlined descriptions for the job does not eliminate the probability of initial mistakes. The point here is that there should be enough room and time given to an individual to allow such gain mastery of their job tasks.

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Latest Youth Pastor Job Description 2021 – Duties & Salary

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